Felicia Day & Robin Thorsen Cooking Segment: Mondo Sushi Rollers! – The Flog – Ep 12

[MUSIC PLAYING] FELICIA DAY: Hello everybody. Felicia Day here. It is Flog time. I know what that means,
English people. This week I am cooking again
but first, a reminder. I’m going to be at Vid-Con
next week and I need you guys’ help. I’ve decided to do a Flog show
from there but I want to ask all my fans one question. The question is, what is that
question going to be? Que? Please leave your clever
suggestions in the comments and I will integrate
the winning one into the whole segment. And I’ll send you
something free. Ah! See! Now you’re typing. I understand you
people so well. All right. It’s time for Fave Five. Now. See. I was going to say now. I didn’t say now. No, I just said it
three times. Number one, Russian people know
how to make purses well out of felt. Or at least this Etsy based
Krukru Studios is. For Doctor Who fans, they make
this amazing Dalek purse. But I ordered this reel
to reel purse! How cool is this thing? Look! It’s got pockets. I can put my reel in here. Wacka, wacka. The cool thing was that it came
in this box with a lot of Russian writing around the sides
but I forgot I ordered it so I thought it was some
sort of terrorist thing. But it wasn’t. It was just a purse I
forgot I ordered. Russians aren’t terrorists
anyway, are they? Hmm. I’m stupid. Number two this week was linked
to me by my friend Jason Bergman. It’s a website called Fan
Write Fridays that’s for people who want to learn how
to write comic books. Every week you get
an assignment. You get six days to write six to
eight pages of your comic, and then you post them on the
forums for other people to give feedback on. I think it’s a really awesome
idea to create a safe, creative environment for
people on the internet. On another serious self-help
note, number three is a recipe for unicorn poop. Viewer BeanDemon linked
it to me. See this is why I love you guys
giving me suggestions. Number four is an iOS game that
I really enjoy called Rune Raiders. It’s a turn-based strategy game
where you hire heroes, level them up, and then hope
they’re in the right configuration as you proceed
step by step to defeat your enemies. I have this theory that playing
strategy games helps you improve your work process
by organizing your brain. I justify a lot of video game
playing like this so don’t you dare contradict me
with science. Scientist commenter peoples. Lastly, I decided to clean my
house up after a year of neglect, and having my
priorities straight, I organized my dice collection. Look. I went to the craft store and I
bought little boxes for each color and then I organized
them by color. This is my fire mage, and then
we’ve got my ice, and then we’ve got the warlock
which is purple. Am I missing any? No, don’t tell me because
then I’ll have to buy more little boxes. I’ll have to get more
little boxes. Yes! In our segment this week, me and
Robin try to cook sushi. How’s it go? Not well. Hey we’re back with Robin. ROBIN THORSEN: Hey. FELICIA DAY: Hi. ROBIN THORSEN: Hi. FELICIA DAY: And we’re going
to make sushi today because neither of us have
ever done that. ROBIN THORSEN: Nope. FELICIA DAY: I found this
really cool blog on Marisabaggett.com, and the name
of her blog is In the Kitchen with a Southern
Sushi Chef, which I thought was kind of cool. ROBIN THORSEN: We are making
tuna sushi roll with bacon and apples. We have some nori, some apples,
some scallions, dried apples, sushi rice, bacon,
and our tuna. FELICIA DAY: We need to cut
the tuna into quarter inch wide strips. Whenever you touch the
sushi rice, you need to put your fingers– we should probably wash
our hands, right? Always be sanitary. We’re going to take the rice as
instructed here and we’re going to put it on here. But we got to dip our
hands in here. ROBIN THORSEN: Dip it. Let’s pound. FELICIA DAY: Let’s
try to aspire– ROBIN THORSEN: To be like
the southern sushi chef. FELICIA DAY: We can pat down
anything together. ROBIN THORSEN: All right. FELICIA DAY: Oh, that is handy
to have a rag here. ROBIN THORSEN: Yeah, you’re
welcome for that idea. Flip seaweed over. FELICIA DAY: How is that
going to work? OK. Flip it over. ROBIN THORSEN: One,
two, three. FELICIA DAY: No! Wait! Listen. How is this not going
to stick? Shouldn’t this be
on this thing? ROBIN THORSEN: Not yet. No. FELICIA DAY: OK. So this is this. So let’s just put this
on top of here. Just in case. Because eventually– ROBIN THORSEN: And then you’re
going to flip it? FELICIA DAY: No. I don’t think we
should do this. ROBIN THORSEN: What are
you talking about? So we lift this up. FELICIA DAY: This is
not a good deal. It’s going to stick. How is it not going
to stick on there? ROBIN THORSEN: Hold on. And then just solidify the
fact that we’re doing. FELICIA DAY: Why are you
patting it on there? ROBIN THORSEN: So now what we’re
going to do is place the tuna like this. FELICIA DAY: And that
horizontal in the middle of the nori. And it says to make sure
it extends to both edges of the nori. ROBIN THORSEN: Yeah. Bacon. FELICIA DAY: Bacon. So you can cut it into
little pieces– ROBIN THORSEN: Or
use the strips. FELICIA DAY: But I was like
let’s just use strips. And it says one piece. I want three. ROBIN THORSEN: All right. I think maybe not use
all that apple. That just seems like
a lot of apple. FELICIA DAY: You’re supposed
to taste stuff as you go along, right? I like to just save
it for the end. There’s a lot of vinegar
in that. ROBIN THORSEN: Now
let’s roll it. FELICIA DAY: All right. ROBIN THORSEN: OK. FELICIA DAY: Oh my god. ROBIN THORSEN: Oh, fu– shit. FELICIA DAY: Keep going. Keep going. Just keep going. Shove it. Now wonder sushi chefs have
such small– eh– ROBIN THORSEN: I don’t know. FELICIA DAY: No wonder sushi
chefs have such soft hands. I don’t know what I was
going to say there. ROBIN THORSEN: This
is a mean roll. Look how mondo that is! FELICIA DAY: It’s a burrito. ROBIN THORSEN: It is. It’s a burrito roll. Eh, OK. FELICIA DAY: Now we need to use
the bamboo mat and form this properly. The finishing move. It’s like when you hairspray
your bangs. ROBIN THORSEN: Yeah. OK. I think– FELICIA DAY: I think
that’s good. ROBIN THORSEN: All right. FELICIA DAY: All right. Look at that. What! ROBIN THORSEN: Mondo roll. FELICIA DAY: Mondo roll. ROBIN THORSEN: OK. FELICIA DAY: OK. So we need to cut it
in six pieces. You want some bacon? ROBIN THORSEN: Yeah. Crunchy. FELICIA DAY: Always
make extra bacon. ROBIN THORSEN: She said do
this, and then do this. To knock the water down. I feel confident. FELICIA DAY: OK. Root chug, chug! We need like a finishing
zsa-zsu. ROBIN THORSEN: I’m sorry? No. That’s exactly what she
said not to do. FELICIA DAY: Really? ROBIN THORSEN: Yeah. She said cut it like like
you’re cutting. FELICIA DAY: As far as
ingredients go I want all these in my mouth. ROBIN THORSEN: Yeah. Look at this. FELICIA DAY: I mean, this is
like, two inches tall. This is not how you normally
buy sushi. At the Robin and Felicia sushi
shop you get value. If you make your own, just
post your pictures. ROBIN THORSEN: Let’s see
if you can beat us too. FELICIA DAY: Yeah! Let’s see if you can beat us! First try. First-timers. You want to eat a piece? ROBIN THORSEN: OK. FELICIA DAY: You want
chopsticks? ROBIN THORSEN: Do
you have them? FELICIA DAY: No. See better with the
extra bacon. All right. Look. ROBIN THORSEN: Down the hatch. FELICIA DAY: [INAUDIBLE]. ROBIN THORSEN: It’s actually
pretty good. FELICIA DAY: So thanks to
Marissa Baggett for letting me use her Southern Sushi
Chef recipe. See you later! And check out Geek and Sundry
bonus Thursday this week when we upload an extra video
of me and robin cooking dessert sushi. Don’t get spoiled. It won’t happen often. All right. Our question of note from Lord
Michael who asks, I heard you could freestyle rap. Can you? Dear Lord Michael, I’m not sure
where you heard that. [HIP HOP MUSIC] Yo, yo, yo– I’m Felicia Day and here’s
what I gotta say. I’m in my garden. Here we don’t be cardin’. You come see flowers. This gives you powers. Yo, whatev! Here’s a blueberry
on blueberry. It’s two– I can’t do this. OK. But no, I can’t. Sincerely, Felicia Day. OK Lord Michael, your letter
is on its way. All right. That’s our show this week. And aren’t you glad I didn’t
mention The Flog shirt I’ve been wearing which you can
get on www.jinx.com or geekandsundry.com/shop. Did you get that? Did you write it down? OK. I’ll see you next week. Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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