Female Sushi Chef Miki Izumisawa is Pushing the Boundaries of Tradition

I’m doing fusion sushi,
that’s why I don’t stick to traditional
sushi rules. Traditional sushi
chefs may look down on my sushi, saying,
you don’t know sushi. Some chefs, you know,
are like, knife. Oh famous. Woah, woah, woah. I don’t care. Your food is ready. Don’t touch the middle
plate, it’s hot. Traditional Japanese
sushi is about preserving an old-fashioned style. Is about preserving
an old-fashioned style. However, if there
is room to grow within this
traditional cuisine, I believe we should try. Catherine! Oh, thank you! This is the Spanish
mackerel. Thank you.
Nice. When I first considered
being a sushi chef
I hadn’t seen any women in the role, which motivated me
to be the first one. I felt like a pioneer. And because that was
the case, when I thought about opening my own
restaurant, I thought, why not only hire women? I have a restaurant. See, it’s
different parts. So, we are the same,
dishwasher and owner, and it’s just we’re
working together. It’s a really well
oiled machine. Yeah.
Everyone has their part and they do it well. And if not, we’ll jump on to any
other part of the line. I have been working here
a little over five years. When I started,
there were the boys. But they just don’t last, especially if
they’re Japanese. Taking orders from
a Japanese woman, they don’t like that. Or if they’re not,
it just. Men are weak. They couldn’t handle
it in this kitchen! You said a foie gras,
right? Yes.
Okay. With the toro. Hai. When I see here,
she’s so dedicated. She has no partner. Like, when I see that, it’s a lot of dedication
and hard work. She sacrificed her,
this is her life. Susan loves to talk
to customers, so that’s her role. And she comes to pick
me up from dinner. I’m liking that. I don’t really
like to talk, I’d rather focus on
making delicious dishes. And Megumi makes
beautiful sushi. I try to create
a workplace where everyone is equal. The people who resonate
with the harmony of this place are the people
who stay. That’s why I don’t do,
you know, you should do! Work! Prepare!
That! That!
That! I don’t do. People have to find
their, you know, something by herself. Then people,
you know, grow. I’m originally from
Fukushima, Japan. I’ve always followed
my intuition, and that’s how I ended up
backpacking in the U.S.. After that, I realized
I wanted to stay, and I would need
a visa sponsor. That’s how I started
working at Sambi of Tokyo, a restaurant
in Downey, California. One day, I got a phone
call asking if I’d like to work as a sushi chef
at the Grammy Awards. It was on that job that
I met Nobu Matsuhisa. While we were working
in the kitchen, Nobu approached me. He said, you will
work for me someday. I immediately said,
thank you very much! At the time, his new
restaurant was opening at the Hard Rock Hotel
in Las Vegas. So I moved to Las Vegas. I was passionate about
working for Nobu, it was my dream
to work with him. Nobu really
looked after me. I didn’t really get along
with the other chefs. Maybe they didn’t like
a woman making sushi, or, I don’t know. My spirit started
to get crushed and I ended up leaving
after only one year. Honestly, at the time
I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do. But my friend told me,
Miki, you can do it. I visited Laguna Beach
in 2000, and I thought, I can start my own
restaurant here. A friend of mine dragged
me to a tattoo parlor. I chose my favorite
symbol, a yin-yang. That’s what I
had tattooed on my upper back. Three months after I
opened my restaurant, I was walking along
the sidewalk and in front of the park next
door I was amazed to find the exact same mark
in the concrete. To me, this was
a sign that I had come here for a purpose. It was confirmation
that I have a mission to pursue
in this place. When I opened
the restaurant, I realized I wanted to
connect nature and food. Out of all of the rolls I
make, from the beginning, and even now,
one of my most popular rolls has been
the Laguna Canyon roll. In 1993, there was a massive
wildfire in Laguna Beach. It was a tragedy,
but it inspired me. I was making a roll and
I noticed, laid in two rows,
it looked like a canyon. I sensed a connection. When I’m making the roll, I sprinkle it
with fish eggs. Then I use my torch
to sear the top, Then I use my torch
to sear the top, and the fish eggs make
a sizzling sound. After that,
the rain falls and the plants
are rejuvenated. In the same sense,
people can grow stronger. I tried to express all
of that in the roll. Inspiration comes
from awareness. I make myself open to
receiving messages. Hiking is the same, the low impact exercise
helps me think. I can clarify my thinking
about new dishes. And as I’m walking,
I’m surrounded by nature. I look up at the clouds,
for example. Look, it’s changing! That cloud is turning
into a heart. When I’m taking
pictures… I often notice heart
shapes in nature. Another one. Hello, heart-san! I wish everyone could
see nature the way I do. I think there is
a meaning in the shapes I see. I’m very happy that I’m
here today to see this. Thank you, nature. When I go out there I
become more creative. I take pictures to save
the messages I receive. I am devoted to my
photography and I don’t want to
keep it to myself, I want to share
it with everyone. I draw inspiration from
the photos I take and turn it into dishes to
serve my customers. Ever since I started
making fusion sushi I have felt like I
need to do something to differentiate my food. When it comes to cutting
the fish, honestly, I wish I could have
the fishmonger do it. I can shape,
I can cut, but really the whole
process is a grind. The time I would spend
doing this could be better spent
inventing new dishes. My boss teach to
me this recipe, so I started out
using this one. Yeah, it’s from Japan. But now I’m just thinking
about a little change, maybe add vinegar or
something like that. I’m not picky
about anything. I’m doing fusion sushi. I work with
an international staff, I have customers from
different countries. That’s why I don’t
stick to traditional sushi rules. Every day there’s
something new. And every day she’s like,
oh, I wake up, I thought of this. And she’ll come
in like wait, wait, look, this is
what I thought of. There’s more than 100
items on the menu cause Miki is so fusion
and all the sauces that are made here are made
with a French style. I have 47 sauces
I use regularly. Unfortunately I can’t
fit them all here, so this is just
a portion of them. For example,
this is a green sauce. Then there’s a mango
flavored sauce. This is the first
sauce I ever made. I use it for many things. This is the purple sauce
for my Jacaranda dish, which will turn
pink on the plate. I use them all to achieve
a variety of different plating techniques. Thank you! When we first opened, of course we served soy
sauce with our dishes. But my customers were
all drowning their sushi in it. So the dishes I was
working hard to create all ended up
tasting the same. And it wasn’t healthy,
either. So, I wanted to put
a stop to it, but I had to think of
a way to do it. I decided to create
sauces with flavors that complimented my sushi,
with flavors that complimented my sushi,
and added them to the dishes
before serving them. That seemed to me
a good way to do it. Thank you so much! Thank you, guys. Bye. Have a good night. Thank you. Sushi found me, and that’s why I
became a chef. All my life, I’ve never
chosen my own path. And in the future, I’m sure the same
will hold true. When I keep my mind open
I can receive messages from the world around
me that guide me and lead me to take action. That’s what happened
when I became a chef. I had a chance to learn
to make sushi when there weren’t any female
sushi chefs, so I realized I needed
to become one.

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