Hey guys We’re standing outside Tsuta Which is the first Michelin Starred Ramen Restaurant in the world (I meant Japan) This was a must go-to on our itinerary We even woke up 5am in the morning to get here at 7 to grab our tickets So with the ticketing system here at Tsuta You get here you grab the tickets which are allocated a time So if you’re here first thing in the morning you actually pick the time you want to come back for the ramen We chose 1 o’clock When you pick up your tickets you actually have to put down a deposit of 1000 yen That’s just so that they know you’re gonna come back and if you don’t come back that 1000 yen is actually refundable Which is pretty good So then you don’t have to wait in line all day and you know exactly when to come back We actually have waited over 5 hours for a meal in Japan before You can Watch it up here Oh yeh! I remember we waited 5 hours for for sushi Not doing that again Yeh, so this system here is excellent I think everyone should just adopt it It’s pretty cool So it’s nearly 1 o’clock Come with us and we’re going to have the first Michelin Star Ramen Let’s go So Tsuta only serves around 70 bowls apparently and they open between 11am to 4 pm or when they sell out of ramen Tsuta is actually really close to the station So you can get here in about 2 minute walk from Sugamo Station on the JR line We just got some information Even though we have tickets you still have to line up We just got some information before we enter the restaurant Some things you should know before coming here Please line up in a single line Don’t spread your legs What do you mean ‘don’t spread your legs’? Oh, I mean like when you’re sitting down Apparently inside is really small They want you to Y’know not take up so much space If you have a big carry bag Space is limited for your bag Don’t take pictures of the kitchen Try not to block any entrances or Emergency exits So I’m guessing it’s pretty tiny We’re going in! Everyone is eating very quietly in here Hey guys so we just had a fantastic lunch at Tsuta Those noodles were Bombbbbbbbbbbbbbb! So good! Definitely If you’re in Tokyo make some time and go there So just one day Wake up early, get your tickets and don’t miss out because it’s one helluva bowl of ramen Yummy Yummy! Yummy! Right now we’re on our way to Rikugi-en Park to see more Autumn leaves This is one of the top places to see autumn leaves apparently it’s Really beautiful Only about a 5 min walk from Tsuta as well So not that far from the station Ri-ku Gi-en There’s this one bridge in the park and we’ve got to line up to get past it We’re in Roppongi! Just going to do a bit of exporing in Roppongi Ooh, Ichiran! Yum! I love Ichiran You can see Tokyo Tower from Roppongi We’re at Harry HedgeHog Cafe I’ve never seen a hedgehog before so I’m pretty excited You know who else is a hedgehog? Who? Sonic! Yah Sonic the Hedgehog So there are various animal cafes in Japan You’ll find cat cafes Dog Owl cafes rabbits and hedgehog and we’re gonna check the hedgehog one today Harry the Hedgehog We get to choose a hedgehog each Feed it and pet it for about an hour Awwww They’re all sleeping Except this one He’s just eating everyones food Hedgehogs like sleeping so You cover with hand he’ll calm down and sleep Mine’s a fat lazy one I can feel him breathing on me This one’s the hungry one What is this one doing? That’s the hyper one that’s the hungry one Mine’s the lazy one Your one’s eating the tissue paper Why is your head in your butt? Omg your one is still going for the tissue You can purchase hedgehog snacks Worms! So for about 540 yen we got a little cup of worms Here you go He can smell it, he can smell it omgosh oh wow Good boy! It actually hurts It doesn’t It does! omg it’s curling up in a ball Aw sorry Wake you up I’m scared It’s spiky there you go! He’s sleeping Your one is so white Once it goes into your palms, it goes to sleep Oh, it is spiky Go the other way, hurts more Look how spiky that is man Dude, he’s so spiky I’m sorry buddy Aw, he’s not looking at your though It’s not looking AH! AH! AH! AH! What’s happening? It bit me Naughty So cute they have all these hedgehog stuffed plushies Look at them That was fun We just left the hedgehog cafe a totally unique experience Would you recommend going there? I would I probably recommend going there once just to experience it I did feel bad though It felt like They were all sleepy and we were disturbing them but when you pick them up It bit me! That’s because you guys picked the big ones I pick the baby one But yeh, it was fun, I’d recommend it We’re still in Roppongi Right now we’re in Tokyo Midtown So all around Tokyo they set up illuminations so just a bunch of pretty, pretty lights everywhere but the one in Roppongi in Tokyo Midtown is amazing Let’s check it out Whoa Those lights were so cool We’re going to head back now back to Shinjuku Gonna have dinner now We’re having CoCo Curry House I don’t know, I just had an urge to have Japanese Curry It’s really cold at the moment I’m really looking forward to this There’s so much variety on this menu At CoCo Curry you can customise your curry Depending on what you want Have beef curry or pork curry and how much rice you want? How spicy you want it How thick you want the curry to be and what kind of toppings you want About to head home and stops by for some waffles What flavour did you get? They had a sweet potato one I want to try it! What are you doing? I’m busy Why do you always take so long in the bathroom? What are you doing? I’m busy What are you doing? What do you have on your face? *Mui mui* What is it? Panda Mask You look ridiculous I want one! Eyebrows on FLEEK! Hope you guys enjoyed the vlog today if you like these face masks I can’t really talk properly It’s like I have botox If you like the video Make sure to give it a BIG THUMBS UP! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! I can’t take you seriously and guys as always Thanks for watching! Byeeeee! Sayonara!


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    Awesome video guys! I was wondering exactly HOW EARLY was early to be at ramen place?

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