4 comments on “Fixing a Car Dent with Ramen Noodles! Will it Work?”

  1. Akira Maruyamam says:

    3:34 typical IKEA shelf

  2. Akira Maruyamam says:

    I feel like you could’ve got a screwdriver and hammered it in to make the dent. The concentrated pressure would cause it to make the dent. Because it’s fiber glass when you hit it with a wide object it has a trampoline effect and distributes the pressure throughout the whole bumper of course this is ideal for a car accident.

  3. SimpLee Beth says:

    Missed that trend…fortunately 😂🤣😂

  4. Unsupervised Experiments says:

    Check Out These Long Eggs : http://bit.ly/2qRkRgB

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