FNAF the Musical – PIZZERIA SIMULATOR: Ground Zero (feat. CG5) [by Random Encounters]

Uh, hello? Is this, uhh, Eggs Benedict? Uhmm, no, this is Mike. You hired me two days ago. All right, ’cause Hank’s got bitten in the, uh… Well, never mind. Say, how would you like a bit of a promotion? Promotion? Yeah, I’ve just purchased a second store, but I’m, uh- -a little short-handed and could use someone to run the place. You want me to manage… …a new… …Fredbear’s Family Diner? Well, we’ve actually changed the name. This one’s got a broken jaw… …can’t really sing in a band, now can you? (sigh) I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Okay! Right! Nailed it! Yeah, what’s up? I, uh, emailed you some things I thought you might wanna order! You know, for the restaurant. Wait a second. …A chainsaw… …and a… …flamethrower? Uhm, yeah, you know how it is with Fazbear Entertainment, you can, uh, never have too much security. Ooh! -love you! Baby I looo- What is with these stupid ads?! What are you talking about? I would totally buy that! *rattle rattle* HaaAAHHH! *Scream* *Police Sirens* Foxy! How could you hurt that poor Michael kid? *Incoherent Noises* Well if none of us did it, then who did? Maybe it was that Springtrap guy! *Growl* Someone’s coming! We should get out of here! Oh boy… *sigh* that didn’t take very long. Ah, hello? Is this Mr…Wantstobattle? Oh, perfect! I’ve got some good news. A position here at Freddy’s just opened up. Eh, nothing too stressful or dangerous. “What is going on here.” “I feel dirty watching this…” “Uh, a little frisky, aren’t we-” “You want me to manage Fredbear’s Family Diner?” *The Realization* “This is my chance to clean a brand new mascot!” *Fails* *Laugh* Hey, yo! CG5 here and thank you so much this Random Encounters Musical. If you’re interested seeing more musicals then please subscribe to them. And you can also subscribe to me. Below here. And, uh, listen to my FNAF 6 Song called “Labyrinth” Pants Dance Solute! OUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!! Special Thanks to our Patreon Encounterers including Richard Bailey!

100 comments on “FNAF the Musical – PIZZERIA SIMULATOR: Ground Zero (feat. CG5) [by Random Encounters]”

  1. Galaxy ruby Army Of BTS says:

    Damn it STOP MATPAT!

    Edit: where is markiplier and Nathan

    Edit2: btw how did MatPat still alive he died from a fire accident

  2. Angelica Reese says:


  3. Brennan St james says:

    Web of lies glitchtrap

  4. golden freddy says:

    When he was sweeping he was using gotta sweep from the baldi's basics musical.

  5. golden freddy says:

    Again with arts and crafts.

  6. Bri Perks says:

    I Think he’s… I can’t tell you

  7. Chelsea Anglesey says:

    I didn’t notice till now but the phone guy asks him to order a chainsaw and a flamethrower which he then goes on and puts together to make the flamethrower chainsaw thing in the final night of fnaf super cut

  8. Molten Editer says:


  9. Leopard Green says:

    Peapole that could of killed Mike
    2.Pan Stan
    Which on do you think

  10. Changewing Kid says:

    Did anyone notice the tattletail at 2:21

  11. Mason Bell says:

    so phone guy is hiring people to open HIS place to kill them and the little kids he just kills them

  12. Matoskah Robb-malloway says:

    2 :30

  13. Matoskah Robb-malloway says:


  14. Matoskah Robb-malloway says:


  15. Matoskah Robb-malloway says:


  16. Matoskah Robb-malloway says:


  17. Matoskah Robb-malloway says:

    I accidentally said 222 I meant 4:22

  18. Matoskah Robb-malloway says:


  19. sarah says:

    Ha bonnie is so funny

  20. sarah says:

    Who kill poor mike guy 😢😭

  21. gavin crews says:

    0:32 brony much?

  22. YTP DanTDM Fan says:

    Heres A Really Small Theory: CG5 Is Nate And Bear/Matpat Says "Hello Mr Wantstobattle?" And Thats That Im Not Really Good On Theories So Yeah

  23. Angelo Audije says:

    Beard Man is 4:09 🙂

  24. Masters of Music says:

    The janitor thing is from kindergarten

  25. Blue_toadfan123 lin says:

    Mat pat:is this mrwantstobattle?
    Me:you mean Nate from fnaf musical?

  26. suryia huff sometimes asmr says:

    Your videos are so awesome

  27. Zachary NIEMANN says:


  28. savage gene says:

    Yall weird asf

  29. Night Ash Girl says:


  30. Brody Drum Lessons says:

    Is that the sock puppet from baldi the musical

  31. Alex Sage 2 says:

    Puppets been abused enough don't you think?

  32. A little ODD says:

    Didn’t CG5 make the Duolingo Song?

  33. Jacob Lemons says:

    It wasn't springtrap it was aj/purple guy

  34. thi nguyen says:

    oh no pan Stan is there

  35. Steven Scott Dubrowski says:

    This is my fav of the fnaf musicals. It’s so cute and hopeful you forget how sinister the story is, just like this game. Also cg5 is perfect, such a good voice and so adorable

  36. Paulo BNGD says:

    William:Hey is this eggs?
    Michael:No its mike.
    William:Oh is becouse eggs got bitted in the…

  37. Nicholaus terry says:


  38. Nikhil: DoesStuff says:

    Does this story relates before FNAF musical ft Mark and Nathan or takes place after the events of Fnaf Ft mark and nathan????

  39. Susanti Yustianto says:

    4:38 Hahaha

  40. tracey smith says:

    Random person:is this the crusty crab Patrick:no dis is Patrick!!?!?

  41. Kevin Scott says:

    OH MY GOD the breum did it. RUN the breum did it!

  42. Blue Skye says:

    I feel like this is one of their most underrated Fnaf songs but honestly its my favorite.

  43. Mercat100 says:

    Wait. CG plays Michael. that means he- he’s Adri/Elizabeth’s missing brother.

    Edit: Also, Mike is clearly not AJ/Purple Guy. So why did they choose to give him a purple shirt & hoodie? I know he’s the nephew of Mat/Phone Guy, but is he related to AJ? I kind of doubt it, maybe I’m looking too much into it. I have no clue. But my mind is kinda putting a timeline together.

  44. Bongo Cat says:

    Hands high pitch why are you shaking

  45. eat.play.create. says:

    afton {buys another location}
    also afton "im short on help your premoted

  46. fun ajgamer says:


  47. GoogleGanerGirl 2002 says:

    anyone imagine Michael Afton singing this?

    Exxcept he would say stuff that he'd know more then the character in the musical

  48. Mitchell Mitting says:

    I Think?

  49. Angelica Figueroa says:

    Why is this almost as inspiring as an episode of Pokemon. When was fnaf upbeat like this lol

  50. David Morrish says:

    To be continued in…


  51. Elise Taylor says:

    Why isn't this or Web of Lies on the FNaF Musicals playlist? I completely missed this one.

  52. Jack Color says:


  53. FriskyChan # says:

    I’m a simple human

    I see Ground Zero and instead of thinking of FNAF….

    I think of BNHA and Bakugou

  54. Subigya Raj Pandey says:

    0:36 bendy In 1987??..??

  55. GAforts Olama68 and Noonecares21311j says:

    CG5 you are awesome

  56. {!Molten Freddy!} says:

    slow claps ohhh shit, here we go again.

  57. XxWolfy LunaxX says:


  58. thank toon says:

    I hate that guy face

  59. golden freddy says:

    Mr.Wantstobattle? I thought it was natewantstobattle.

  60. Zach RBLX BACKUP says:

    Um Springtrap Died

  61. joshua webb says:


  62. Jack Moseley says:

    I thought springtrap killed this guy, but web of lies makes me question if it was a member of the trash gang…

  63. Kelvin Del rosario says:

    It's like fnaf simulator

  64. Kiwi Productions says:

    A chainsaw and a flamethrower.. sighs in fnaf the musical

  65. Official Shadow says:


  66. Mr.Froglito says:

    Video: 1987
    Also video: proceeds to show a modern computer monitor

  67. Cecilia Tippenhauer says:

    Do you know Rowan

  68. Dude is the name says:

    guys put it on captions on english auto generated

  69. MiloMakesMusicCovers says:

    His voice is so good (:

  70. NeoExpr says:

    Weird seeing cg5 acting in a musical

  71. Arian says:

    Ground One?

  72. Kelly Fields says:

    Chain saw and flame thrower? That sounds like something from night 5

  73. claudine Gallardo says:


    Sign: Caution Automatic Door

    Door: Has A Door Knob Lock

  74. Luke Skywalker says:

    Im not judging but wheres mark?

  75. Kayson West says:

    CG5: grabs keys with bendy keychain in a fnaf music*

  76. Mia Kim says:

    Are you saying the plate killed him
    The true killer?

  77. The Cool Kid says:

    I love the fact that this was uploaded on my b-day

  78. Camelia Elena says:

    Acer unapartj2

  79. Flame Pixel says:

    cg5 always has that fabulous voice

  80. Martin Jones says:

    1 like to kill brown bunny in web of lies

  81. Proton_ 13 says:

    As much as I love MatPat

    CG5 is literal god and I love his voice-

  82. D E says:

    Matpat needs to stop killing people. Instead make theories

  83. Gacha Cube .k. says:

    Can you make more??

  84. Eun Young Park says:

    There is a toy s r us box in the back round 🏢🏀⚽️🎾🏐

  85. Valentin Grimaldo says:


  86. LolMax Gaming says:

    How is there email in 1987?!

  87. NotShotgun says:

    Feel bad for C5G he was so innocent! D:

  88. тангл Аниматроник says:


  89. Tom Boi says:

    If he needs money then he should do the money glitch

  90. Chase Ciorciari says:


  91. Austin Rayner says:

    I am just saying are you going to yose those aminchronic because I want to have them plese ill give you $10 for all of them

  92. Aurora Marie Korsmo Andersen says:

    It’s so weird That people say that That’s nate or markiplier since it says Feat. CG5 ._. [EDIT] Like literally it is You can’t see any Diffrence. {+~<^>~+}

  93. Dariel Diaz says:

    MatPat has gone crazy over Fnaf theorys. Change my mind.

  94. Cooper PlayZ says:


  95. Ryder Penrod says:

    This is the best song😎

  96. Duane Amezola says:

    How can springtrap have hair he's not a hare.

  97. Rose Gold says:

    I love MatPat and cg5

  98. Eletron Electric says:

    Slappy slap puppet

  99. Lances Links says:

    More more more

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