Foreigners that Japanese want to spend time with

I can’t say anything or get close to that! If they are too perfect you don’t dare speaking to them When talking about tall people, it has to be Europeans. Thick eyebrows and strong eyes, and then their fringe… styled up. Hey guys and girls it’s Cathy Cat. This time we’re gonna go and ask Japanese people on the streets of Tokyo which foreigners they would like to meet. Maybe you are among them, let’s go and find out. Don’t forget hit the subscribe button, and the notification bell, and also give us a like before we move on and let’s go and Ask Japanese. I like the friendly types. The type that when you speak to them, they talk a lot with you. I want many foreigner to come visit and have a fun conversation with me. Do you have an ideal of a country and it’s inhabitants? Things like “I want to talk to a tall, white haired Swedish person” I would be too nervous! I could not talk or go near such a person! If they are too perfect you will NOT speak to them? I would be too nervous. If they started the conversation?
– I would try to speak! They’re are like “Sorry sorry!”
– I’d be like “Yes yes!” I would need a lot of courage to start the conversation with a foreigner. Foreigners just go and say “Hello!” That’s my image.
– They’re so relaxed. Just like I came up to you first saying “Hellooo” “Would you like to take part in this interview?” Italians seem so fun and freedom loving. Do you have an ideal image of them? Italians seem to be singing everywhere and always are in high spirits. What would you like to do together with an italian person? I want to sing together. Karaoke? – Karaoke or just sing together in town. I am into tall French boys with pale skin who are super tall. I like handsome tall boys from France or the UK. I want to meet a man who is even paler than the pale boys in Japan. My thing. I admire couples where the boy is a lot taller than the girl. So when saying tall I think of Europeans. Where does that admiration come from. From reading Manga. What do you want to do on a date with such a man? I want to get a hug from behind by such a tall man. How passionate! – I would like to have that experience at least once in my life. I want him to hold my hand as if it was not a big deal. When I was in school there were students from the Philippines, China, Korea, Brazil and Peru I want to meet foreigners who are NOT from any of these countries. You just checked the other ones off and want to check of other countries. – I do. What was fun when spending time with those international students? When it was lunchtime, they would bring their lunchboxes with their foods. The foods tasted completely different, and had different colors, I found that interesting. I am learning Spanish in school right now. I hope I can meet and talk with a Spanish person some day. I am learning Chinese in school right now. I want to talk with a cute Chinese girl who has the same hobbies as I do. Spanish boys are really cool. – They are! My ideal has thick brows, strong eyes and their hair… is styled upwards. Sounds really manly.
– Yeah I like that. I can only think of the Terminator. I want to meet Schwarzenegger one day! You want to meet someone like Arnie?
-I would love to meet a wild foreigner like that. Looking from afar is fine, I just wanna see the real deal one day. Like “I will be back!”
– Just like that! Why??? – When I watched the movie, he was just too cool! He does so many things as well. I have never seen a wild man like him in Japan. I wish I could meet someone like him. Especially in Harajuku, we are getting more and more cute boys here… You can’t find a cool manly man like that in Japan. I want to see a lot of girls from a lot of different countries. What is your ideal? – Female athletes. I would like to see some of them. I would also like to see bodybuilder girls.
– Muscular girls? Where would you both take your muscular dates? Since they are so muscular, maybe to a hot spring. Those were all our questions. Thank you so much. 5 types of foreigners I would like to meet this year… Let me tell you about those. First of all, the Olympics are coming to Japan So I would like to meet some athletes. I hope I will just randomly be in the same train with them… Or maybe just bump into them in town and maybe recognize them… I never had the chance to speak to a real Olympian… Olympic Athlete… That would be very cool. Number 2 would be influencers, I always like experiencing or meeting other influencers and generally I find it very inspiring cause every influencer especially those who have been around for a long time, they have their own stories, they have their own background, they have their own, hard working skills and it’s always very inspiring and interesting to meet them and learn from them. Number 3 …. da da da…. What was it… yes… Since the eyes are gonna be on Tokyo there is also a lot of international media coming And I hope maybe I get the chance to peak over the shoulders of some international media And just see how they run their shows there or reports and how they maybe different from the way they report on Japan with the eyes from a different country. Number 4 as I am always dressed in Kawaii fashion, I hope I will meet lots of more kawaii fashion people, People dressed up, people being themselves, people going out, I am really excited To meet more people like that. And number 5, my absolute favourite is I hope I get to meet YOU guys! The people who are watching our channel, thank you so much for your Support, for being there for us and watching us. If you should ever see us in Town, please don’t just walk past and go “Hi Cathy Cat” Hold on, wait until the interview that we are taking is over, I will definitely love to talk with you I will love to take pictures with you. We always get so much energy from you guys. And especially if it’s a very long shoot, and we are standing there in harajuku for a long time Just having that interaction with you guys, reminds us every time why we are doing this. Cause we are doing this for YOU guys! If you take your time and if you see us, Please be sure to say Hi, it always makes my day, please! And if you are coming in advance and you maybe would like to see if you find out where we are located or if we are shooting, you can find that out on my Instagram Stories. I generally have a post in my Instagram Stories, Saying “Hey we are shooting right now” and usually there is also a location tag so if you would come and say hi you are very welcome to. So don’t forget to subscribe to my Instagram, the link is in the description box down below. So you don’t miss us, when we are shooting here in Tokyo! I hope you enjoyed this video, I hope you subscribed don’t forget to give us a like And tick the notification bell. And I catch you soon for more stuff here from Ask Japanese. Bye!

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  1. Klevis Sotaj says:

    Hello guys. Good videos as always. Im trying to learn japanese because of my career and i started watching anime drama and japanese interviews a lot. I got to a point where i can understand almost 90% of what they are saying in the video but its hard for me to speak it and read it. Can someone help me with this. Like a course or smthng. Thank you

  2. everthinka says:

    What do Japanese think about homeless people. How do they feel about volunteering and donating to charity.

  3. Tobias Falekulo says:

    I know an Italian guy that plays the piano

  4. Karynria says:

    I actually hoped to meet you when I was the first time in Tokyo (May 2018). Sadly had no luck. I don't have instagram so I didn't even know that you tag your current location until now. Well, next time I will definitely check out your instagram profile first! xD

  5. Skyline Fever says:

    I'm not sure how likely you are to meet an Olympic athlete in the open. Security had to be tightened after the tragedies of the 1972 summer Olympics.
    Don't give up. Since you are in the media business, maybe you can get permission to interview athletes.

  6. Esther says:

    Lol those who wanted to see french guys are too delusional, make a stop there you'll be pretty disappointed.
    I mean we're fine but Handsome,pale guys aren't that common either

  7. Indojin AK says:

    What about an Indian?

  8. Symphonia - chan says:

    "I want to meet a man who's even paler than pale boys in Japan"

    Miss, may I introduce you to Dracula-sama? He would like to have a chat.

  9. Alucardchild says:

    Na ja, ich werd das nächste Mal vermutlich erst 2023 oder so nach Japan kommen. Und die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dich dort zu treffen, dürfte wohl nicht allzu groß sein. 😀 Aber sollte ich dich dann doch erspähen, komm ich vorbei. 😉

  10. Suki :D says:

    3:30 Finally, someone said Spain, almost all the answers r "UK, USA, Italy and France". I was surprised in the preview, like: Oh! Spain flag!

  11. sasha mocni says:


  12. HolyMith says:

    4:30 dude there is like "oh okay I guess I'm not standing right here then" haha

  13. johnmann says:

    “We want white men” basically xD

    imagine this sentences in the U.S…
    Media would literally go crazy.

  14. Baepsae says:

    I guess Finland ain’t that known among Japanese people either.

  15. Patrick P says:

    None wants to meet a danish guy 😭😭😭😭😭

  16. nero says:

    Literally all the other races are obsessed with Europeans. I wonder why.

  17. Mahiru Nyoko says:

    I find this question very funny but i have the feeling if you whould ask germans this question they whould look at you like "what…?"

  18. Nelis van Wieren says:

    Do Japanese people know about South Africa? White people (we are basically europeans) here too you know….

  19. Jorge Luis says:

    – Her: When I was in school there were students from… Brazil and Peru…
    – Me (Peruvian): Yeeey!! Cool (^_^)
    – Her: I want to meet foreigners who are NOT from any of these countries…
    – Me (Peruvian): WTF ?? (ಠ_ಠ)

  20. Ms Spears says:

    Since the Olympics 2020 are coming soon do many Japanese students want to meet other foreign young students?

  21. Syl says:

    2:04 she's gonna be so disappointed when she lands in Paris XD

  22. Antoine Christiane says:

    Hope to see you in Tokyo in April 🙂

  23. Silvia Berecká says:

    I'll be in Tokyo for the whole month of July, I'd definitely be happy to meet you! 💛

  24. Yoshi says:

    2:05 Ok j'arrive !

  25. Cain Kobain says:

    2:07 – 2:14 , yep… definitely moving to Japan, i'm 6'5 and English

  26. Slyder81 says:

    I'm going to tokyo near the end of March, on vacation. Which district are you mostly in? I'd love to be on your show! 🙂

  27. Campbell says:

    I’m coming to Japan in April and I am so excited! Hopefully I’ll be able to see you guys!

  28. Alex Ferhoven says:

    I'm Italian and i can confirm that we love to sing alot, even in random times, wether we are at home or outside in town or wherever else, we just love to sing and have an high and happy/involving spirit. We like to be ''lively'' if the term is right, even in an annoying way, but to bring joy.

  29. Rue M says:

    I've never watched Japanese women mention black men and yet there are so many half black and Japanese people. Seems like they want anything tall and manly 🤣.

  30. alberto CR says:

    mediterranean Triumvirate…
    all people, even germanized people: anglos, dutch, and so on want to spend time with mediterranean/latino people.
    fun fact: the first ethnic group in USA is the german (ancestors), not the british or irish.

  31. Erik エリックRyan ライアン says:

    4:35 The poor guy lol.

  32. Chino MTB says:

    So no Mexicans.. 🙁 no one likes us.

  33. Noval alifiando says:

    For your 2nd wish.
    Have you see "Nihonggo Mantapu" channel? Maybe you can meet Jerome in tokyo. He is an influencer from Indonesia that has an amazing story.

  34. fuego09esmeralda says:


  35. Ninja Lee says:

    I would love to meet you guys. But i wont be there during Olympics, (might be a little too crazy) ill be there BEFORE the Olympics though lol March through April. If i see you guys ill def say hello and stop for a sec.

  36. mix xim says:

    Finally heard about the Philippines and it was a negative thing😅

  37. WATCHMAN 117 says:

    Cathy Cat, I really like your videos. But I must say, you look even more beautiful in this video than usual. Whatever you are doing, keep it up.

  38. pablo sanchez says:

    @4:50 I see there’s a man of culture lmao

  39. po po says:


  40. grey momo says:

    It's so funny and weird how it's absolutely unusual for them to see a foreigner.

  41. Poxi says:

    She: "You can't find a cool manly man like that in Japan."
    Guy next to her: WTF???

  42. Saifo Wahsh says:

    Broo everyone hates arabs

  43. Killy says:

    Kathy: Spanish boys are cool.
    Girl learning spanish: Yes they are.
    Me, a spanish boy: Man, I posponed my trip to japan for too long. Ok, plane ticket cost? I need to practice my japanese so…

  44. The Blazin Braixen says:

    I'm Mexican and would love to visit Japan lol

  45. Gian. says:

    4:51 Man of culture

  46. Daughter of Namjin says:

    Okey so people with dark colored skin are out of question lmao 😂 I would like to see a manga having a princely guy with dark skin. Should be the protagonist you know…

  47. はっとりみのり says:

    1:43 Here I am!! 🇮🇹

  48. CobourgRailfan says:

    Is there a location that would be appropriate? Chatting people up is not a good idea but maybe there are areas where it is appreciated? A lot of foreigners seem to have an impression that they can just impress anyone but that isn’t necessarily the case. I am sure there are places for this. It would be great if you would ask the girls where they would like to meet foreigners so that they can narrow it down. A lot of girls don’t like Nanpa after all but they won’t do anything if you don’t make a move either.

  49. Hi Director-san and Cathy-Cat.

    I have a couple nterview question ideas for you.

    What do Japanese people recommend foreigners try and experience in Japan during the Olympics?

    What do Japanese people like to do for fun?

    What do Japanese people like about Japan?

    Happy New Year! 👋

  50. Mia Par says:

    Dam people love white people lmao

  51. キリト says:

    i was waiting for the part N E X TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙁

  52. Gnome Sane says:

    I hope the lefties, sjws and globalists don't conquer Japan as they've already done most European countries, Canada and the US.

    Keep lefties out of Japan. If they get control of your women, your culture is finished. Look at places like Sweden and the US for proof.

  53. Drnkn Priest says:

    What in hell did they all say?????

  54. jukijunk says:

    Man how do Japanese people get such clear skin

  55. PulverizerA says:

    None of the girls said anything about wanting to meet fat, middle aged, unemployed, white guys.
    They must be fatist, ageist, NEETIST, elitist girls.
    Or, perhaps they are just sane.

  56. Mary Osegueda says:

    They really like Europe.
    I come for Spain 3.32 ❤❤

  57. Rayyan A says:

    gib some love to dark skinned ppl like me as well :(((

  58. SeBass_92 says:

    I hope I can go to Tokyo on July…

  59. Alex BOU says:

    For some reason I find it odd that they don't see many foreigners of white ethnicity. I'm pretty sure tourism is doing pretty well in Japan, I cannot believe non-asians are that rare…

  60. SPIDER LILIEZ says:

    I wanna see Cathy Cat and your crew when I come back!!!! Wooooooooo!!!!

  61. shrill Mark says:

    You want tall? Date a Giraffe…

  62. Francisco Monge says:

    Her japanese Is seek.

  63. Francisco Monge says:

    Pobres peruanos por todo lado reciben hate 😂😂

  64. Scottlyn Stilson says:

    I am Italian so I am a foreigner but I would say I would want to meet a American guy

  65. bekasibego says:

    the title sounds desperate and cringe af

  66. Spanish Patriot says:

    I would LOVE to meet the gorgeous girl with the yellow sweater at 1:41😍

  67. OKIIR says:

    I actually saw in November Cathy Cat walking next to Harajuku station with older german couple (maybe her parents?). I didn't dare to say anything and just walk past in the station.

  68. Aizawa Shouta says:


  69. King African says:

    They can have em..

  70. alberto CR says:

    Is Cathy Cat german? What is her nationality or ethnic group? I can tell she's not from the south of Europe, that's for sure

  71. TD V01D says:

    Japanese girls sure have a complex!

  72. Stupid Television says:

    Trust me, you don't wanna meet me. 😂

  73. 私はアカリ says:


  74. Razuki says:

    I wonder why they think France guys are tall while holland has the tallest people on the world even though I'm quite small for a dutch person 笑

  75. Mélanie Cute says:

    damn, to that girl who wants an italian person to sing along with, i'm here sis!

  76. Ronald Thomas Ecklund says:

    very cool interviews..!

  77. Tsuria Dragon says:

    Definitely hope to visit japan someday ^_^

  78. zike zakwan says:

    Can cathy do video about southeast asian foreigners…?they are fine af too.. or they never acknowledge the existence of southeast Asia?

  79. 5thSuit says:

    4:02 Nice lol, those are the first two people who seem like muscle

  80. Hayden S3 says:

    1:55 girl on the right.. Damn, time to switch nationalities.

  81. xperia Spectre says:

    Japanese are interested exclusively in white people and white culture. (Europe, America and Australia)

  82. Percival Hans says:

    I feel like this channel is pushing foreigners onto the Japanese people. That's like some kind of social engineering manipulation propaganda, isn't it?

  83. Hans Müller says:

    They should have said german.

  84. OwaslashGaming says:

    Filipino weebs dreams Shattered 😂

  85. Beliye Kolgotki says:

    The levels of shallow are harsher than the atacama desert….

  86. Michael Anderson says:

    I am tall, pale, Swedish and friendly … 🙂

  87. Marc G says:

    When I think of cute boys I think of Europe
    America : You know these videos come with English subtitles right ?

  88. Wallace Hardin III says:

    Swedish person?!

  89. Wallace Hardin III says:

    @1:22 please don't be discouraged. Trust me, we foreigner's think the same thing when we try to learn a new language!

  90. Wallace Hardin III says:

    @1:50 you want to sing together………OK! @2:50!

  91. Wallace Hardin III says:

    @3:39 I would be your cute Chinese girl anytime. Wait, that was creepy and stupid. I could pleasure you for free!

  92. Wallace Hardin III says:

    @4:41 he wants to see any chic with a vagina! LOL. But OK?!!!!!!!

  93. Wallace Hardin III says:

    @4:46 is she cumming?

  94. QuezadaーケサダGenaroーヘナロ says:

    Man that one chick named my traits but I'm Mexican. I feel like allot of Japanese (that I've met here anyways) don't know Latins from the Americas speak Spanish too lol

  95. Li1190 says:

    If I, being a black person, said “Hello”, most of these chicks would run away lol

  96. Italian Soldier from WW2 says:

    1:50 hey I'm right here 😗

  97. Unknown Frvr676 says:

    It's funny how they like white men but don't live among any white men 😂 just probs that western movies really do brainwash non westerners

  98. Napoleon I says:

    Ok I got largely chances compared to other countries

  99. Junior Huacho Guisado says:

    Brazilians and Peruvians in Japan are compatible with Japaneses who love Football because of their language (Portuguese and Spanish)

  100. Top Shelf says:

    Love it, you live it. Male fashion

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