J: Ok, Dean! Where are we going? You know I don’t like to be outside! D: Well I’ve discovered something amazing, and you need to see it! J: Oh, is it pizza? J: Because you know pizza’s been around for a couple years. J: sorry D: There’s something you don’t know about me D: Something I can do, that no one else can J: Annoy me? D: I mean, anyone can do that! J: Yeah, just not the way you do it! D: Aw, thanks. J: Not a compliment! D: Do you want to know what I can do or not! J: Go ahead. *trumpet music plays* J: That was both the most beautiful and the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life D: Yep! J: What was that? D: I can create pizza. J: With your mouth? D: With my mouth D: Try it *Jack gagging* D: No, no, no, no! Try the pizza! D: Idiot J: No, thanks. I don’t want any of your freaky mouth pizza. D: How dare you! That’s authentic Italian! J: Authentic- It came out of you, I watched it happen! D: Yeah.. well.. I’m one sixteenth Italian… more than likely J: You’re from Nottingham! D: Well you haven’t complained about having it until now! J: What? J: So just how long have I been eating that nasty spit pizza? D: How long have we been doing pizza Fridays? J: Five years! D: That long! J: So every time we order pizza- D: I keep the money, vomit up a large pepperoni D: and you are none the wiser! J: That’s minging! That is- that’s assault! J: I’m pretty sure that as- J: What do you mean you’ve been keeping my money!? D: I’ve been working on a project D: It’s all going to a worthy cause. D: Check it out J: This is an application to name a star D: That’s not it! J: You’re going to call it Deanisdabest? D: That’s no right, that’s private! J: Da best? Was ‘the best’ taken? D: I’ve been working on this D: It’s a costume D: I’m going to become the hero pizza deserves. J: But not the one it needs right now! J: Sorry, aren’t you lactose intolerant? D: Yeah.. but it’s going out, not coming in! D: And besides, that’s my curse. I can make the worlds best pizza.. D: But I can’t eat it. J: How did this even happen! J: Were you bitted by a radioactive… Italian? *Dean gags* J: Oh, don’t do it without warning, when I’m talking to you. That’s rude! D: Well.. now you know D: You can’t reveal my secret abilities to anyone. J: Dean, you can’t hide something like this. J: You’ve got to tell someone J: Think of all the good you could do in the world! J: You could solve world hunger! J: PIZZA FOR AFRICA! D: No.. no, no Jack! D: If people find out about this- if it falls into the wrong hands D: Who knows what will happen! J: What? Who’s going to want you? J: Joes pizza? D: Now you see you joke, but Joes been poaching me for a while now D: If he finds- D: THERE HE IS! D: Yeah, that’s right Joe! You better run! D: You’ve been after me for years but if anything, I’ll catch you in the end! J: Dean.. I’ve got to say J: Your filthy gob pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. D: Think about what this means for my future though D: My kids could inherit this. J: You could start a family business! J: Listen! J: I’ll manage it, it will start out small J: There won’t be much profit at first but then.. we’ll expand! J: We’ll make an app! J: Before you know it there’ll be restaurants all over Britain! J: And then the world! J: Dean, because of the weird little thing you can do J: You and I J: Are going to be MILLIANARES! D: And I can wear my costume! J: Step right up! The best pizza you’ve ever tasted! J: Out of his mouth, into yours! J: He conjures it up, you swallow it down! J: You sir, what do you say? Person: Sounds rank! J: Was that a no? *Dean gags* *Loud trumpets* J: Hello! J: Groovey people of the internet J: How’s it going, my names Jack Howard D: And I’m Dean Dubbs J: We want to thank Pizza Express for funding that video J: They gave us the money to make it so cheers! D: yeah J: They make pizza D: Yeah they do! If you like pizza.. you should eat it J: Yeah.. I’ve eaten it and I can confirm that it’s pizza J: Kiran? *Kiran mumbles* J: Yeah, its nice innit J:If you want to see some more stuff we’ve done there’s a video for you.. here! J: You can click that J: No, no, no! D: Wrong way! *Laughing* J: You can click that and watch it J: Also they can subscribe.. Dean J: We’re going to use your face as a subscribe button D: Well.. I mean are they less likely to click? D: If its my face? J: Probably! So I think I’ve made a mistake D: What about all our faces J: All our faces! D: Click either! J: And also like! Why not? D: And.. um J; And favourite! D: And favourite J: Tell your mum D: Send us an email J: Where you going Kiran?

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    Wait. Your from Nottingham!? So am I!

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    Rewatching these videos, still hilarious

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