Fresh Off the Boat – Delcambre Direct Seafood

ok so what did y’all come to the dock for
today shrimp and crabs what’s special about buying off of a boat? It’s nice. It’s fresh. You know it’s fresh, it’s everyday. We’re at the port of Delcombe at the bayou Carl and Cove facility, this is a This is a project that was a partnership of
Louisiana State University Sea Grant AG center and the town of Delcombe the port
of Delcombe, so we have now here a direct marketing program for the fishermen to be
able to sell direct to the public and so this was an economic development
project to help our fisherman survive so that the industry can survive so.. There’s
been so much problems over the past years with imports, the price, the price
being so low, this allows an opportunity for our fishermen to be able to get more
money for their product by selling direct. Delcombe direct is a is a tool
that we use, we have to have it we cannot get to all these people you know with
our own internet or Facebook so, or you’d have to have a million friends to you know to to sell the amount of
shrimp that we come in with so Delcombe Direct is a
God send to us I mean it’s they’re out there. They’re getting bigger and better
that’s Lafayette, it’s Youngsville surrounding area. Our main focus is to give the consumers
the best product they can so we make sure our boats are very clean, we do our
shrimp hand by hand to make sure there’s no by catch. you know everything is clean and pretty
we use a salt tank to keep the fish floating to get the shrimp so it’s
easier to handle them because you get so much fish in with it. And we take them and put em straight in the ice hole so we have the prettiest product for our
customers. We handle them as little as we can you know we put them in, we keep em iced and
when we get to our people they’re fresh out the water and look pretty much
straight like we caught em. So we want to go from the the nets to
the to the ice as quick as possible and that’s depending on your catch it’s
usually done within an hour. A lot of shrimpers use
chemicals to keep the shrimp fresh looking I can’t use that because I like, I
need to sell to the public and it’s I don’t want that odd taste I don’t
want the odd texture, and the way So the way that I do keep/take care of my
shrimp is keeping it iced and cold all the time. This world has gone more to profit than to quality and we
believe in quality and it shows. What’s special about the shrimp that you get off of the boat? Well what’s good about that fresh shrimp, it’s not like you’re buying at the store where it comes from overseas or anything like that. There’s a different taste in this shrimp I found Louisiana shrimp has a different taste. And it’s wild, it’s not farm raised. That’s a huge difference as well, in the taste.

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