Fried Shrimp Recipe

(applause) (instrumental upbeat music) – I was washing my hands. I love when my next guest drops by. She’s become one of my
favorites. She’s here today with some delicious recipes, from her cookbook. It’s called Korean Food Made Simple. Say hello to my girl, Chef Judy Joo. (applause) – So good to see you. You look amazing. – Judy, thank you, Judy. – Thank you. – Alright. Now this is
gonna take some time. – Yes. – So let’s get started cooking. What are we making? – Today we’re going to make
three different things. We’re gonna start out
with my fried shrimp, with a hot hot garlicky pepper sauce. (murmurs of audience approval) Because we are saucy girls here. And then we’ve got a little
Koreon style Philly cheesesteak. That’s made with pork belly. (murmurs of audience approval) Little nod to Philly there. And then I’m going to zen you out with some roasted corn tea. (exclamations from the audience) Yeah. – Judy is so good at what she does. Pay attention. – And so, this sauce,
you’re eating it already. I hope you enjoy it. It’s a different sauce, I
know you love my other sauce, but we got to you know– – It’s called “the sauce”– – change it up a little bit, you know. – But this is good too. – For diversity. It’s going to start out
with some tomato paste, and then of course some gochujang, that’s my fermented cream
chili paste, and some water, and you know great Korean aromatics. We’ve got some vinegar,
apple vinegar, rice vinegar for some tangs. – How’s your mom? – Mommy’s doing well. She’s in
Jersey, maybe she’s watching. Hi Mommy. (audience chants greeting) – Hi Mrs. Judy Joo. – Yeah, Momma Joo is out there
somewhere watching in Jersey. And I’ve got some garlic
and some ginger in there. – Now, you’re very rarely in New York– – I’m coming here more often. I’m spending about a month
here now, I’m moving back. – Explain to people about
how your life is as a chef. – Life as a chef is hard I have to say, especially as a female, you know. It’s such a misogynistic field,
and the men still really do rule the roast there, but
I’m trying and I’m thriving. (audience applause) So, it’s getting there,
it’s getting there. Yep, it’s good. – Now, what are you going to
be doing here in New York? – Hopefully hanging out with you more. Coming on more shows. (audience applause) – Judy. – Yes? – You need more exposure. – I do. I do. – Like, you need a show
on the food network or something like that. – I do, I do, I totally do. (audience applause) – She’s got a great personality,
her food is really good. – Yeah, I’m going for it, so I am- – You should be a judge
on one of the shows. – Yeah, so I got to
get back on the circuit and this is the double fried shrimp. We’re going to put this in. – It’s really good. – It’s really good, this is kind of a Chinese, Korean style
dish, so this is called a– – Is that sauce this sauce? – It is this sauce, you like it? – Mmhmm. – It’s kung pao sau, so it’s a bit of a Chinese Korean thing. – Uh-huh. – Just toss it, then do you like it. – Mmhmm. – It’s good, so that is
the finished product, serve it with some rice. – Okay. – Yeah, you could use your chopsticks too, not just the skewers. (audience cheering) – Okay. Mmhmm, mushrooms. – Mushrooms, so this is a
little bit of a derivation of a regular Philly cheesesteak, so– – What’s this? – Provolone cheese. – Ooh. – You could use Cheez Whiz,
you know that is like the, the normal thing. – That’s what Philly does, mmhmm. – Exactly, so we’ve marinated
this in a very classic Korean style, so that
just sitting you know, with mirin, some of course
chili paste, and soy sauce, and some sesame oil,
and garlic, and ginger. You can’t get away from
garlic and ginger here– – You know. – And we just sauteed it up here. – Judy is not just all cooking everybody, she’s a graduate of Columbia
Ivy League University. (audience applause) And, she did the commencement speech. – Yeah, oh, yeah. – How’d you get that? – You know what it’s the
biggest honor of my life. I’m honestly a nerd at heart and so– – Were you number one– – I was like super nerd– – In your class or something? – Yeah, you know when
you’re in high school, you kind of, when you have Asian parents they like make you do that. All the Asian girls in the
audience hear me out on that one. I see a lot of Asian
sisters out there, but you know it was the deans, they
all come up with a shortlist and then the students vote. – Wow. – So, I was so incredibly honored to give the commencement speech,
I mean it’s such a big deal in this country, and to
come back to campus in such a glorious way, especially
doing this weird route where you know, I was an engineer,
and then I went to finance, and then I became a chef,
it’s totally bizarre, and I’m sure that a lot of
people in the audience were like, “Why is this girl giving this
speech and telling our kids, “where we’ve just spent
half a million dollars “to go to school to become a chef?” – Right, right, right, right. – But it was great. – Cheffing is lucrative though. – Yes, it is, it is. (audience applause) follow your passion, follow your passion. And you can always reinvent
yourself, you know? – What is this, what is that? – So, this is pork belly, so this is the base of
the Philly cheesesteak. And so, I’ve marinated it in all these great Asian aromatics here– – I’m going to skip the
pork, but I like the belly. – Yeah, that’s great. And then you’re going to put
some melted cheese on top. And you put some spicy
jalapenos, which is great. And some spring onion scallions
and of course sesame seeds for some nuttiness– – Did you bring me a little
tupperware of the sauce to take home? – I will send you some,
this is a new sauce. I know you love my different sauces. That’s your favorite
hot sauce, but this one, you’re going to love too, which it goes with the shrimp really well. – It’s very, very good. – Yep, and then to wash it all down– – What do we have? – We’ve got some very zen
holistic roasted corn tea. Which is great. – Mmhmm. – Oh, do you like the cheesesteak? The cheesesteak’s fantastic, yeah. When I made that on set for my book shoot, everybody devoured this,
it is such a crowd pleaser. It is good in every way. It’s not a purist recipe,
but I think these little Korean twists makes it
extraordinary and so memorable. – And the bread is very fresh. – Yeah. (audience cheering) Cheers, so this is good for
you, good for your digestion. – How’s your love life?
I always have to ask. – Love life? You know, I need
to take lessons from Lunelle. I swear to God, I need to do that. I need to know how to put myself out more, but it’s going well, it’s going well. – Don’t you love her? It’s Chef Judy Joo everybody. For more information,
all of these recipes, go to (upbeat cheerful music)

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