Frito Pie & Walking Taco Recipe – You Made What?!

Greetings my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another “You Made What?!” where I recipe-test unusual recipes. So this video is actually a response to the last “You Made What?!” episode in which I made Dorilocos or Crazy Doritos which involved a bag of snack-sized Doritos, and you put all kinds of interesting condiments and toppings on top; and I mentioned in that video Frito pie — which I had never tasted before — and I got tons and tons of comments and responses from all you guys saying: “Please make it! Please make it!” All right, and if you like these kinds of videos be sure to subscribe for more eatin’! All right, let’s go ahead and get started. I whipped up a little batch of this chili — I found a mix called Two Alarm Chili in my grocery store — and I was dying to try it. And it’s Texas style that means there are no beans, and it’s like a red chili. So I’ll show you how I put that together…. So, here are all the spices that come with the chili mix — it also includes some masa if you’d like your chili a little bit thicker. So in a large pot, you’re going to brown up two pounds of ground beef. When your meat is all browned, you’re gonna dump in all the spices. Mix well, and then add one eight-ounce can of tomato sauce, and then two cans of water. Mix well, and then bring everything up to a simmer; and then reduce the heat and allow it to boil for at least thirty minutes. And that’s it — Two Alarm Chili. You can also just use a can of chili if you like, and water it down a little bit so it’s a little bit soupy…and that’ll work too. So besides the chili, you’re going to need a bag of Fritos — I’m just using a little snack size here. And this is what I find that’s really helpful with this: roll it down… once; and then twice — not too far, because you want to leave enough room for your toppings. And that way it strengthens the top, and it also keeps your bag open. All right, so there’s that. And now we’re going to add a generous dollop of chili on top of our Frito chips. And then I’m going to add some shredded cheese. I’m going to use the pre-shredded orange stuff, because that seems to be traditional. I’ve got a good amount of that on top, and then I’m going to add some onions, but I’m using green onions — these have a nice color to them — and then, because I like things spicy, I’m going to add a few jalapeños. Yum! I’m going to kind of crunch everything together, so I can get a manageable bite. Itadakimasu! Mm-hmm. And that’s really good: the chips soften up a little bit in the chili; the chili is warm, and then you’ve got the spice of the jalapeño which is great — a little bit tangy and pickled — and then you’ve got the creamy cheese in there, too, which kind of just holds everything together and makes it kind of rich. It’s great! Mm-hmm. And the oiliness of the chips goes really well with the chili. That’s a great combination! So I’m gonna make another version — and this is gonna be more of like a walking taco version. So, again, take another bag of Fritos; a generous dollop of chili on top… If this was a true walking taco, this would be seasoned with taco mix rather than chili — but I think it still works. I’m gonna add some shredded lettuce on top; cheese; then I’m going to add some tomatoes, sour cream; and green onions; and, for good measure, a squeeze of lime. All right, let’s give that one a taste. So same idea. We’re going to mix it all up — crush it. Mm-hmm! I really love the crunch of the lettuce, and the freshness of the tomatoes, and the added lime in there as well. Delicious! All right, so that was a Frito pie and a walking taco. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever had these before, or if there’s any other unusual recipes that you’d like me to try. All right, I hope you guys enjoyed that; I hope you guys learned something; don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe; and I shall see you in my next video! Too-da-loo! Take care! Byeee! So I’m gonna add a generous amount of that — Valentina — and then we’re going to add some chamoy. Chamoy is a fruity kind of sour/sweet sauce. I really want to have some avocado on this, but my avocado is not ripe. I have four avocados in this bowl, and I can’t have any of them. What a terrible torture!

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  1. Effen Chango says:

    what im getting 3 family packs not those puny 25 cent bags

  2. Stefano Gomez says:

    I wanna try the Fritos pie

  3. Kianturada says:

    I know I just commented on the prison burrito, but that's why I'm here.

    … I wish walking tacos at my school resembled these more.
    Also as old as this video may be "Nothing like an avocado massage to feel invigorated".

  4. Leticia G says:

    I always close my eyes when Emmy bite the fork with her teeth lol Just in case

  5. Libby Jay says:

    i used sunchips sour cream with this recipe and omg it was so good.def try it emmy 😁

  6. Tobie Smoke says:

    what college did you go to

  7. space creator says:

    wow your beautiful

  8. Sally Lmao says:

    2:13 aren't those chives? not green onions

  9. william043 says:

    ball park style ,wolf chili ,nacho cheese ,Fritos and onion

  10. victor 2012 says:

    These are so popular in Texas.

  11. stabulous Koda says:

    in the south you would use hormel canned chili usually for Frito pie

  12. Helen Schott says:

    Just a reminder, traditional tacos do NOT have lettuce, cheese, sour cream or tomatoes. Just has meat, onions and cilantro.

  13. Alexys Norris says:

    anyone else think she looks like lucy lieu

  14. Kaitlyn cakes says:

    Im definitely going to do the Taco one 😌

  15. Diego’s Life says:

    try tostilocos

  16. Te Fu says:

    The frito pie was the last one.

  17. Kaitlin Ski says:

    I'm so hungry now 😩😳😂

  18. Neil patel says:


  19. Pokechu13 says:

    Ain't Frito pie without wolf brand chili

  20. Kenneth Johnson says:

    Where I grow up in Pennsylvania this is where it originally began. And I see some Asian chick ruining it.

  21. rosyjjj says:

    I think walking tacos are a midwest thing! So salty and delicious. We have them (I'm from Ohio) at pretty much every sporting event, fair and festival lol I'm not sure if this is a midwest thing or purely an Ohio thing, but try shredded chicken sandwiches. You won't regret it!

  22. Harry Potter says:

    What happen to the nacho cheese? Oh…I used to make this at my local 7-11 just pay the cashier a extra $1 for the cheese

  23. Julian Jamil says:

    Might sound weird, but I always hear you say "Mr. Tanaki Balls".

  24. Christine Jolene says:

    In Canada.. we make Indian tacos lol .. similar to that… Doritos, hamburger"Seasoned", lettus, tomatoes, salsa & sour cream. . jalapenos lol.

  25. Janet Hirakawa says:


  26. Slabby says:

    I was expecting a pie

  27. Steve 0 says:

    In California we call this Fritos Boats. Yummy. Try using can Hornell chilli with no beans. Sprinkle some cheese. Delicious!

  28. Tabitha Thomas says:

    Wish you would have made an accurate walking Taco though… You just had a Frito pie with lettuce, tomato and sour cream. A Walking Taco is made with Doritos.

  29. maggie scanlan says:

    A version of this was super common on camping trips for me growing up

  30. Joseph Charles says:

    Nothing like an avocado massage to feel invigorated.

  31. L. J. Bush says:

    I've never tried the walking tacos, but I think it's high time for a good Frito pie. I never tried jalapenos in Frito pie either, I'll have to try that too, thanks.

  32. Tesia Obrien says:

    make 'hanky pankeys' omg so friggin good!!!!

  33. Stephen says:

    They look very good! I Subbed and gave you a thumbs up.

  34. NatureLvr says:

    I had the Frito Pie at a huge fair/rodeo outside of San Antonio, TX. I loved it!!

  35. Tooned Link says:

    The only thing you missed was a dallop of sour cream!

  36. Dovie Dossett says:

    We used to eat Frito chili pie at the football stadium in wide awake Wylie Texas, but we slit it on the sides so as you held it together in your hand, it would keep your hands warm against the chill…also held more chili and cheese!

  37. Melody says:

    I really want some frito pie now.

  38. Archerinspace says:

    at school events they always sell frito pies similar to that but with nacho cheese and idk what chili they use but its p basic. and of course choice of heat or not

  39. Nanette O says:

    I always called it a frito boat! They used to sell them at my school growing up ( coastal Los Angeles). I made this for my husband’s family who are from
    New Jersey. They had never heard of it.

  40. Jannina_N says:

    That looks pretty good, much better than the dorito one

  41. John Williams says:

    2 Alarm Chili 😩😩😩

  42. moli1623 says:

    Nothing like an avocado massage to feel invigorated 😍

  43. Vanessa Feliciano says:

    Nothing like an avacdo massage to feel invigorated 🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑

  44. Andrew Scott says:

    Hey Emmy! Two tips on rioening Avocados… first is to put them in a paper bag with a banana for a day, day and a half, second is for emergencies like the video… wrap an avocado in tinfoil, & put it on a tray, and put in a 200°F oven for 10 minutes.

  45. Omar Andre says:

    I find her voice soooo relaxing

  46. Tuna Toad says:

    The 2 alarm is better if you let it sit after your finished cooking. Its all I use

  47. Sam LSD says:

    Boy that lime was so dry 😂😆😭

  48. Lilith Nox says:

    I love your videos! They are so entertaining!

  49. raiden stark says:


  50. Alice Gordezky says:

    The first time I had Frito Pie was in Santa Fe. They are famous for this and supposedly this where it originated. So delicious. It’s served at a counter in a kind of drug store.

  51. Squeegee says:

    cant wait to make this.

  52. Spines Brine says:

    They usually cut the bags down one side so you hold it horizontally. It makes it easier to get in the bag of good stuff.

  53. Shilo Harrington says:

    This is genius!

  54. Pearl the rebel says:

    We call it Walking Tacos where I live

  55. Christine Jolene says:

    We call those taco in the bag in Canada 😂 but we done use chilli, just fry up hamburger,season it with taco seasoning, use any type of Doritos & add Kerry’s,tomatoes, onion, jalapeños…sour cream & salsa lol & hot sauce. Well I like everything spicy. So mines different

  56. kster809 says:

    What a splendid pie! Frito Frito pie!

  57. Maura Beach says:

    I had walking tacos for my graduation party! We also use nacho cheese Doritos for it!

  58. Shane Ricketts says:

    Your recipe is Soo good!!And you are Soo cute to!! Subscribe 🙂

  59. Jackie Lupian says:

    Nothing like an avocado massage to feel invigorated!

  60. Clark c says:

    I wanna see her on Hot Ones!!!!!

  61. Aimee Rockwood says:

    Great video!!

  62. Ol Saint Lit says:

    I like your hairstyle

  63. William Free says:

    When I worked at the factory we used those little cans of Hormel chilli you bought in hot can food machine dumped it in a bag of corn chips. Yum

  64. Solar Prophet says:

    I use a very similar chili mix, but omit the onion powder, substitute fresh diced white onion, and add some diced green pepper. I then let it stew for about 12 hours in a crock pot. I add beans around the last half hour or so, but only because other people like them. I prefer no beans, but majority rules. Either way it comes out great.

  65. Elaine Kain says:


  66. Angel Avila says:

    Mexicans always making delicious food✌😌

  67. John Sadler says:

    Yeah they both are quite delicious

  68. The Witchiest Woman says:

    I could watch Emmy’s videos all day. She just radiates such good energy and her voice is so soothing. She’s just the cutest.

  69. MonsterDrool says:

    WHAT, Ive never seen frito pie made like that.

  70. K B says:

    Texas Frito Pie is delicious. It reminds me of my childhood; my mom used to make it for dinner in a big glass bowl.

    Have you made courtbullion before? That's another memory from my childhood. Louisiana cooking is the best!

  71. assassintwinat8 says:

    Huh. Any time I had a walking taco, it was made with doritos

  72. jessica capizzo says:

    oh yes I have had very popular to have Frito pie in Texas

  73. von junzt says:

    yes frito pie is the convenience store special since they have those easy dispense cheese and chili for nachos and hot dogs.

  74. Misty Archer says:

    Walking tacos are unusual? I like to think I'm relatively wordly but I really thought this was a widespread thing. It's a staple in central Ohio at lots of festivals and the like.. and now I'm really craving one lol

  75. Shaney Waney says:

    The voiceover was very ASMR 😍😴

  76. tjs114 says:

    Wow. Flashback to childhood and playing little league baseball. The snack shack sold a 'chili bean boat' that was Granny Goose brand barbecue corn chips (it was the 70s, they didn't call them Tortilla chips, yet.) Chopped onion, and one of the parent's home made chili with a handful of shredded cheddar cheese on top. Jalapeños weren't around in force yet, but I'm sure the later versions probably used jalapeño cheese sauce.

  77. Jabaone Lsn says:

    Had Frito pie allot in high school. The walking taco is a new one for me. Going to give it a try. Sometimes Fritos are to salty. Eh. Emmy have you tried a hot Cheeto burrito? It's just a flour tortillas and hot Cheetos crunchy. I've seen someone put nacho cheese on or in it too.

  78. Morgan Bays says:

    I loveee Armour chili with beans and sour cream in my frito pie😛

  79. cat 3rgrl says:

    interesting Frito pie is entirely a different thing here,more of a casserole

  80. Levi Ackerman says:

    We used have walking tacos at school for lunch

  81. Personal_Rarity Duchess says:

    You're So Classy💯😎

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    Omg this looks soo good. We used to make something similar with hot fries and the free chili and nacho cheese from the 7-11

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    Looks fun

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    Omg this looks delicious ❤️❤️

  85. Marsha Loneagle says:

    Have you tried cold southern fried chicken (leftover, bit greasy) and a bowl of cornflakes cereal in milk for breakfast?

  86. Dixie H says:

    I'm from Texas a Friday night high school football game wouldn't be the same without walking Frito Pie or Walking nachos – chips, cheese, jalapenos.

  87. Brian Quillo says:

    Add sour cream!

  88. Roby Love says:

    I have eaten Frito pie for over 40 years. It is awesome with a little bit of mustard on top.

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    This-is a clever recipie idea. I'm gonna try it for a bunch of college kids .thank you l

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    Love it.🍀👏

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    I forgot all about Frito Pies. Now I am dying for it.

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    This is great. But where is your sour cream lettuce tomato and taco sauce? I do this with Doritos.

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    White onions, Emmy. But nice touch going the extra mile to avoid using canned chili.

  97. Carla Tate says:

    Where I'm from, this was a casserole — layer fritos, chili, cheese, and top with cheese, bake until browned and bubbly. 🙂

  98. J. B says:

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    I like mine with a dash of mustard and some pickle relish. Sort of a chili dog ambiance.

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