Gacha – The Girl fantasizing about Sushi shop, Hamburger shop

The Girl fantasizing about Hamburger shop (all 5 types) The Girl fantasizing about Sushi shop (all 6 types) Cucumber Roll, Tuna Roll Salmon Roe, Sea Urchin Roe Tuna, Boiled Shrimp

18 comments on “Gacha – The Girl fantasizing about Sushi shop, Hamburger shop”

  1. Laughting Jill says:

    Im a girl!!!!

  2. kênh phụ mimi chanlle says:


  3. poro says:

    Where can I get one? Those are really cute

  4. Pedro Oviedo says:


  5. Baka girl says:

    I have a tempura

  6. Palm Pam CH says:


  7. jillains says:

    They pointed out where the ketchup and mustard is😂 it’s funny only when RR 🍒 🥧 does it❤️

  8. crishtian trip says:


  9. Amerie’ss 1801_2007 says:

    Really ?

  10. 跡辺昇 says:



  11. Avery Martin says:

    This is probably somebody's fetish

  12. little demon girl says:

    I want these

  13. GamerGhosty Pls pls sub me says:

    W…why are they…naked?

  14. Rainbow Sparkle says:

    😂 love it

  15. OmAgAwd I sTilL HaVen'T foUnd mAh BeRRieS says:

    We have the machine in our local toy shop 😂

  16. wbmeyu says:

    Is it really called gacha?

  17. 우쥬에은하슈 says:

    잼이있어요 좋아 꾹꾹!

  18. Iqbal Hussain says:

    Gacha community were you fooled by the first word Cause i was and yes i am a Gachatuber Channel : Gacha Roses Pose

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