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– If you’re talking
to somebody and they say, where are you from, and you
say Rochester, New York, it’s like, oh, did you
ever hear of this thing called a garbage plate? We’ve had movie stars, lawyers, doctors, politicians, didn’t have
the queen of England yet, but we’re still hoping. – Rochester, New York, the city so nice they named it once. People forget that this one time boom town on the south shore of
Lake Ontario is actually the third biggest city in
the entire Empire State. And, while New York City
has the international cache, and Buffalo has the decades and decades of die-hard sports traditions,
Rochester has something arguably even better: the garbage plate. The goriest 3,000 calorie gut-buster of greasy lunch counter staples from macaroni salad to cheeseburgers. It’s a gluttonous point
of pride for Rochester residents old and new,
and it’s a meal that draws this rust belt city together across lines of class, race and generation. Garbage plate is part
heritage, part hangover cure and all Rochester, so
you know we had to come up here to get trashed. That sounds stupid, man. In 1918, an unassuming lunch
counter opened downtown. The joint would go on to
be named Nick Tahou Hots. Still operating today
under the watchful eye of third generation owner Alex Tahou. And, the dish, it would
go on to become the one, the only, the trademarked garbage plate. – If you want to say
you had a garbage plate, you have to eat it here. If you didn’t eat it here, you have not had a garbage plate. – So, obviously, we ate it there. And, to get the full
helping of Rochester’s historic garbage plate love affair, we ate with Chris Clemens,
the born and raised Rochesterian behind – This is a really historic
section of the city, and one of the reasons it’s historic with the garbage plate,
the story goes that, decades ago, a bunch of college kids were in here and said, “hey,
give me one of them plates with all the garbage on it.” And, so they created this towering plate, and the name, garbage
plate, kind of stuck. The classic plate is half mac salad, half home fry, two cheeseburgers, and then you’ve got a
meat-based hot sauce, chopped onion, and mustard. – Yeah, the meat sauce is really good. There’s like cinnamon in
it, like a sweetness to it. In your lifetime, how many garbage plates do you think you’ve eaten? – Oh my god, I don’t… – We talking hundreds? – Yeah, probably hundreds. At this point, it’s totally a symbol for Rochesterian culture. There’s probably been some discussion that people are saying, hey, we really want to be famous for something called garbage, and the rest of us are kind
of saying, yeah, absolutely. – The answer is yes. – We totally do. – [Dave] This is the
original, but now, all across the city, like there are
imitators all across town. – [Clemens] It doesn’t
matter if you go to a diner or a cafe or whatever,
someone’s got some sort of version or something that is an homage to the original. But, this is, without
a doubt, unequivocally, the original, iconic plate. As a dish, the plate is part of who we are as a people. Way back in the day,
this was land that no one really wanted. We kind of have this survivor mentality, and I think that the
plate has become a symbol of being prideful of what we’ve built. Sort of like the plate
itself, Rochester is made up of all of these small little parts that end up working really well together. – [Dave] Tahou’s may be the original, but, across Rochester’s culinary scene, there are dozens of delicious homages, including plenty that
reflect the city’s vibrant immigrant populations. So, we met up with Linh Phillips, blogger, Vietnamese American and
lifelong Rochesterian at Stringray Fusion,
the Dominican-Japanese food truck, who makes one
of her favorite plates in the city. I feel like one of the things about like the garbage plate itself is that, like, really anything can go into it. – [Phillips] What I like
about Stingray is that they blend the fusion of Latin
food and Japanese food. – [Dave] So, these are the trasher plates, obviously totally different
than what you would get as like a classic garbage
plate, but there are sort of representative elements in here. – You’ve got your bed
of rice on the bottom, and layered on on top
of that, the proteins you have is the
beer-battered panko shrimp, you’ve got grilled beef, you’ve got little bits of bacon in there,
’cause you’ve got to put the bacon in, you also have it layered with tomatoes, you’ve got
cucumbers, sweet peppers, there’s drizzles of sriracha, ginger mayo, and black sesame seeds. – [Dave] Man, look at
that, there’s so much color in this, this is beautiful. – [Phillips] I’ve lived
in Rochester all my life. My parents were born in Saigon in Vietnam. They flied out a fishing boat from Vietnam to Malaysia after the war, and they stayed in a refuge camp for eight months, and they got the good
news that two families in Rochester, New York,
would sponsor them, and they flew here to Rochester, and they started their lives all over again. Some people are picky about not having their food touch each other, but then the garbage plate is probably not for you. Or, the trasher plate, actually, in fact, it’s 100 years since the
garbage plate was invented. Local baseball team,
the Redwings, are doing a plates night, and you can get different variations of the garbage
plate, you can even rock a plates jersey. If you really want to embrace Rochester, I would say that’s the place to go. – Plates night.
– Plates night. – [Dave] So, full of
trash, but still hungry for more garbage, we left Linh and headed to the stadium, where the AAA Redwings were warming up for
their big night repping Rochester’s favorite food. – Sup, guys, Tim Melville,
I’m starting pitcher for the Rochester
Redwings, and tonight we’re the Rochester Plates. You know, the talk of the
town, everywhere I go, everybody’s talking about plates night. I heard on the radio this morning, that’s all they’re talking about, so
it’s a pretty big deal here. As a team, this is
something different that we’re come out here in different uniforms, have our name changed, so everybody’s looking forward to it,
and, you know, everybody has tried the garbage
plate, so we know what it’s all about. – [Dave] Tell me about
your first experience with garbage plate, it was recent, right? – [Melville] So, I prepared,
I didn’t have breakfast, I went with a hotlink and a hamburger, and little bit of
mustard on top, and I got kind of the original
toppings with the potatoes and the mac salad, so it
turned out great, man, I loved it. You got those extra fans
here demanding a little bit more action from the
baseball players here, and I think we come out
tonight with the win, that would be good for the Plates’ record, official record of the team
of the Rochester Plates. – It’s only Rochester. – It’s so Rochester. – Just get two cheeseburger plates, max out home fry, onion, mustard. – Double cheeseburger
plate with the mac salad, home fries, and then the meat hot sauce and all the fixing. – Home fries, mac salad,
two cheeseburgers, onions, ketchup, hot sauce. – Two red hots, home fries, french fries, onions, peppers, hot sauce,
ketchup, franks, no mustard. – Take me out to the (pause) ball game! (crowd cheering) – During the month before I got married, every week I would sort of make a solitary journey and get a double cheeseburger garbage plate and eat it alone in my room. – [Dave] You’re about to get married, this is a joyous time in your life. – And, so is the garbage plate, so… – [Dave] Did you fit
into your wedding tuxedo? – I did, I bought it three sizes too big. – You’re a smart man. – So, I could fit into it post-plate. – Many out-of-towners say
it’s absolutely disgusting, a heart attack on a plate, I think we all still love it. – [Dave] How many do
you think you’ve eaten over the course of your life? – Too many that I may die too young. – [Dave] I hope not. – When you have a city that is our size that can latch onto a dish
that is classically theirs, and it’s not Syracuse,
this is not Buffalo, Buffalo has their wings,
Syracuse has their salt potatoes, their spiedies, whatever, we’ve got this and we’re holding onto it. – [Dave] So, Rochester’s
got the garbage plate. And, for the third
generation restaurateurs, the first generation food truck owners and the capacity crowd
at the local ballpark, the garbage plate is more than enough. Yo, did you enjoy this
episode of Food Groups up in Rochester, we hope you did. If you did, please
subscribe to our YouTube channel right there, watch
this video right here, and, of course, like and comment below, let’s go, plates, we’ll see you next week.

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