Genghis Khan BBQ – MUST EAT Japanese Food in Hokkaido, Japan!

– Hey everyone, I hope you’re having an amazing day or evening. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in
Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido in Northern Japan. And tonight for dinner, you’ve
heard of Japanese barbecue, Japanese barbecue is very
popular, it’s amazing. But in Hokkaido, in Sapporo,
they have a special type of Japanese barbecue which
is called Genghis Khan. (upbeat music) So actually, I’m on a
family trip in Sapporo, but Ying and her sisters,
they’re off shopping, and so I thought this
would be a perfect time to go eat some Genghis Khan barbecue. Again, Japanese barbecue is wonderful, it’s amazing, I love Japanese barbecue. But you won’t typically find lamb cooked, used as Japanese barbecue
except in Sapporo. So this is gonna be a first for me, we have just arrived to the restaurant. And we’re gonna go have
some Genghis Khan barbecue. Kay, this is the spot I believe. (door creaking) Hello just one, yeah. (mutters) And then draft beer please. Okay so you immediately
step inside of here, you can smell the lamb
smoke, it’s all lamb, Genghis Khan, they serve lamb barbecue. Some say because it is lamb,
and lamb’s not typically eaten in Japan, but it’s typically
considered from Mongolia. And then number two, some say it’s called Genghis Khan
barbecue because of the metal grate that they use to grill which resembles a
Mongolian warrior helmet. As soon as you step inside, you sit down, they put a metal grate on your table, they fill it with onions,
they put a piece of fat on. (meat sizzling) And you gotta beer with me a little bit, it’s really kinda tight in here, and I’m trying to like only film myself so that everybody can eat in private, but this is an amazing environment. It’s so smokey, it’s so warm in here. (meat sizzling) Dip it into the sauce, you can eat it half
raw, I think it’s fine. And it looks like a soy sauce, but there’s also sesame seeds in it. (distant chattering) Wow, it’s so tender. It’s so smokey, and that’s
actually quite lean, and then that sauce is like,
it’s like soy based sauce, but you taste the sesame seeds in it. Oh that is stunning, oh wow that’s tasty. (speaking foreign language) I put some of the chili
and some of the garlic into the sauce. I’m just blown away by the
tenderness of that meat, it’s unbelievable. And I think you can even
cook it just rare as well. Plus I’m gonna try my
next piece more rare. (meat sizzling) Okay, this is more of a
rare piece of the lamb. That’s stunning. It’s so flavorful, the sauce
is amazing, this environment, like the whole like, smokey
lamb grill atmosphere. Okay, the onions. Mm, oh it’s delicious too. Oh, she is chopping up an
entire piece of lamb over there. Can I have a plate with the bone? (speaking foreign language) That first plate went
down so fast and so easy, I immediately ordered another plate, this one I got with the rib. (meat sizzling) Okay, that’s definitely a fattier cut than the first plate that I had. The first plate that I had, it tasted juicy, and it’s so ultra tender. (meat sizzling) (upbeat music) Okay time for my rib, and I love how they wrap it in a napkin so that you can hold it by
the bone like a drumstick. (upbeat music) Wow, the juicy tenderness
is almost unbelievable, it’s so good. Okay, one more plate. Can I have one more? One more bone, thank you. (speaking foreign language) (meat sizzling)
(distant chattering) One more plate of lamb joy,
I just couldn’t resist. It’s just as good as the plate before. (meat sizzling) Every bite is spectacular. It’s all good, but this
drumstick is just unbelievable, it is, you have to get the
lamb drumstick, final bite. It just bursts with, the ribs have a little bit more
of a lamb pronounced flavor, the rest of the meat is
just so neutral tasting. So juicy, so tender, so
like ultra flavorful, that is spectacular. And one of the reasons why it’s so good is because she slices
it right in front of you before you grill it, it’s so fresh, it’s so clean, it’s so unbelievably good. Oh, to drink like soup? – Soup.
– Okay, thank you. Thank you very much. She takes your sauce, she actually like dumps out a little bit if
you have too much stuff, sauce left, puts in some
hot water into your sauce, and that makes the soup, that’s
the final thing you drink to wash it all down. Mm, oh yeah it’s very light. She did like take out a
little bit of my sauce so that it’s not too strong. But that’s good, that’s like, it has a little bit of
lamb residue left in it. You taste the sesame seeds, you taste the soy sauce base kinda I think flavor of it, but then very light
because of the hot water, it has (stammers) diluted it, and that’s a good way to end. (slurps) Ah! (speaking foreign language) (door creaking) Oh wow, I’m just blown away. That was one of the most memorable meals I can think of
that I’ve had in Japan. So good, the meat was so good, the atmosphere was just
absolutely spectacular. I loved the entire like smokiness of it, the lamb, oh man, that was amazing. The bar counter seating,
you get to see everything that they do. They make your fire, they
put the Genghis Khan helmet grill right on top, they
fill it with onions, it happens so fast, as
soon as you sit down. And then yeah, that meat wow, it will blow your taste
buds off your tongue. This place is called Sapporo Genghis Khan, and this is the main branch. A couple things to know,
it’s all bar counter seating, it’s really small, it’s
only about 10 seats. But luckily, I think if
you come at a non-peak hour or time, you usually don’t
have to wait too long. I got right in, but
luckily I got right in, and then right as I got there
it just filled up completely. The plates of meat are 1000 yen
each, so I got three plates, they go down so easily. Yeah, this is an amazing little place, I love it, it’s on the upstairs floor. But you walk in, it
looks like a warehouse. More and more people are coming in now, but such a, such an amazing place. My mouth is just, it’s
rejoicing now with flavor, and with smokiness lamb-iness. And also I filmed a few more videos on the Sapporo Hokkaido trip, some amazing seafood, so
I’ll have all the videos in the description box
below that you can click on and watch if you haven’t already watched. And I wanna say a big thank
you for watching this video, please remember to give it a
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and I will see you on the next video, oh
I’m so happy right now.

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