Genki Sushi at Ala Moana Mall a fun family dinner 🍣

Alright Cora, what are we doing today? Going to have sushi. Where at? The mall. At the mall? We’re at Ala Moana and we’re going to Genki
Sushi. Great! Alright Cora, what are you going to get today? Tamago! Yum. Tamago. Hey Cora, what are you making? Some yummy sandwiches. Chicken sandwiches? Seaweed and chicken, so how does it work? Chicken sandwiches. Hey that’s not bread, that’s seaweed. Is it good? Yeah! Seaweed chicken sandwiches. We’re eating Ariel’s flowers, did you know
that? Oh yeah, Ariel loves seaweed too, huh? My favorite color. Is it good? Your face says otherwise.

4 comments on “Genki Sushi at Ala Moana Mall a fun family dinner 🍣”

  1. Macoosy TV says:

    Great video, my friend!!!

  2. Natalie & Luna carrot says:

    hi guys😊

  3. StevieJoes says:

    👍👍🐓👍👍 nice

  4. Audra Unicorn says:

    Sushi is not our favourite, but this looked so colourful. I think we'd eat the egg one ❤️

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