Giant Bounty / Mounds

(upbeat music) (dog barking) – Hey everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. I say that a lot, but I
genuinely do hope you’re well. Not just in this video, all the time. Because there’s a lot of
bugs about at the moment and that is not good. Today we are making a giant Bounty bar. I’ve had so many requests
for giant food this year I’m gonna just try and do as many as I can throughout the year, if
that’s okay with you. A giant Bounty, if you
don’t know what it is, it’s a slab of coconut
surrounded in chocolate. They do a milk chocolate one,
they do a dark chocolate one. In other countries I think
it’s called a Mounds, or an Almond Joy, possibly
the closest thing to it. And about, I nearly said mountie then. (people laughing) Like a Canadian bloke. We’re not making a mountie. He was a wrestler in the
’90s I think as well. (wrapper crinkling) So this is a Bounty, there’s two of these that come in a packet. But as it’s a giant food, you know, it’s all about portion control, I’m just gonna do one of these. I think that’ll be quite enough. My jolly old mother, I think
we should call her Mummy Barry, I spoke to this morning, she was like, “I’m gonna do a coconut cake today.” I’m like, “no you’re not! “I’m going to make you a giant Bounty.” So hopefully if we can make this in time, I’m not sure how long it will take, we’ll be able to deliver it to her, or she’ll come here, I dunno. Whatever happens, she’ll
be caked in makeup, I can guarantee that. It’s my mum, she wants to look good. She was born on the same day
and year as Michael Jackson. I don’t know why I told you that. Oh, and before we get started, on the giant Toffifee video
there was a bug on it for a week I’ve already took it down, but YouTube were aware of the problem where apparently all of a sudden, the video would turn
into a chipmunk voice, And I’d talk really really high pitched and I don’t know why that’s happening. So I’m really really sorry about that But we stuck by it. I was engaged with you
guys by emails and comments but hopefully we got it sorted. That’s in the video. Hopefully a thumbnail and
by the end of this video there’ll be a picture of me going, like that or something with something that looks bigger than this. So it’s basically, let’s
say, a chocolate log? A bit flatter than a log. Just take the front off it. And look, see you can
see you’ve got coconut. There we go. You see that? So there’s a big old wedge of coconut, and quite a thin layer of chocolate just holding it together. Essentially, it’s operation coconut slab. Now this can actually be made vegan and… (water splashing) I don’t know if you can
hear that, Amy’s drinking. As I was saying. So you can make these vegan if you wish using coconut oil and bits like that, but you can actually get away with a filling with two ingredients. I’m gonna use three. This is desiccated coconut, okay? If you buy sweetened coconut, you might not need to use this, which is icing sugar
and the actual kind of optional ingredient in the slab. Some people don’t use it, but I find that it kind of bonds it together. I’m saying this from experience, ’cause I’ve made normal sized ones before. That’s basically it. The other ingredient is
condensed milk, which I love! I could just drink
loads and loads of this. So, essentially you could get
away with just this and this, but I highly recommend using
the icing sugar as well. You also need some milk chocolate as well. I bought this budget stuff, because, well, it’s the cheapest, but also I’m actually getting
quite addicted to this over the more expensive stuff. Alright, Coco, I’ll call you right back. Coco, by the way, is an amazing film, loved watching it with
the family the other day. Any age, I think you’ll love it. Almost as good as Back
to the Future, alright? Fingers crossed this is gonna make an amazing alternative to a birthday cake. So if you know someone that likes Bounty, I really hope you try this. This is the biggest mixing bowl that I own and hopefully it’s gonna
help us form the slab. (bowl hitting counter) I thank you. Essentially what I’m gonna
do is take the recipe on for
standard homemade Bounty bars, and just kind of scale
it up by, around 8 or 10. Because that should work. (crinkling) Just over two kilos of coconut. (crinkling) You get the idea. I might need a bigger bowl. Oh my god, that’s so much coconut. It looks kind of like a
giant mountain of rice. And I think the dogs are wondering what the heck is going on. Wow. The icing sugar next, 700 grammes of this, we’re gonna mix it through, ’cause it’s gonna kinda cling
it and dry it out a bit. (laughs) It always goes everywhere. I weighed 300 grammes in
there so I know that 700 is here. (laughs) Oh it went into a tower. Oh my gosh. We will need to mi, (coughs) we need to mix this through now. Nothing too crazy. Do it gently, otherwise
it’ll just go everywhere, like a sugar cloud. But just wanna mix it right through, but we’d have to make sure that we work our way to the bottom to make sure that the icing sugar coats all the ones that
hidin’ down there as well. There we go. Uh, conclusion, this
looking rather good already. That’s a lot. I’m mulling over dividing up into two to make it look like the
proper Bounty as it comes, but, I think you guys’ll just
want one big slab, right? We’re not there yet, let’s get it wet. Two things, I’ve just lined it, because I think this could get
potentially messy eventually. And also I’ve just ate the Bounty. So what I was gonna use
as my thing to copy, I’ve just kind of put in my tummy. I’ll go get another one. Okay, Barry, do not eat this Bounty. Do not eat this. So I’ve got quite a few tins of this, and if we’ve got any left
over we could do fudge. Giant fudge? Ooh, nice. But we’re gonna add it
a little bit at a time ’cause I really want it to cling. If you put too much in it’s
probably all gonna fail. And it’ll just, like, flop. We need it to be like big fish little fish cardboard box, you know? (fast paced electronic music) (record scratching) Another thing, when I said to Phoebe that I was making the Bounty this morning, she was like, “What? Like
Dog the Bounty Hunter?” I’m like, no, Phoebe. People do not wanna see that. Condensed milk. Ohh. (giggles) Oh my gosh that looks
gorgeous, look at that. See that fallin’ in? Oh my god. This is so cool. It’s gripping it. (crunching) Oh no! Look, see, you can see how it’s sort of clumping
together a little bit? We want it like this. Hopefully you can see the top layers now are noticeably more lumpy. We’re gonna try and get that
effect all the way through. I’m now thinking I might not
have had enough condensed milk. Could always go to the shop. (lighthearted music) Homer, I think I’m nearly there. What I’m gonna do is take out the chunks that I think are worthy of being a slab, so I can really get to the
coconut that’s hiding away. (lighthearted music) Um. (laughs) It’s a little leftover Chinese. I think I’m nearly there, so what I’ve got is a baking dish and I’ve lined it just a little bit, and I’m gonna sort of shape it in there. This won’t be the final shape, but it’ll help to kinda
start that process, you know? (crinkling) (laughing) It doesn’t look much like
a Bounty at the moment, but it will. (grunting) One two three. (laughing) (clinking) Just dropped my wedding ring, but I’d rather the wedding ring was on the floor than in this. (grunting) Tell you what, having the baking parchment in there is amazing. Oh yes. Ooh! You can see we’re getting there. (crinkling) Or we were. But the good thing is now
it’s nice and condensed, it’s nice and compact. I can really shape it. So I’m gonna use more baking parchment to kinda, yeah. (crinkling) Then putting the water on
it is making it stronger but it feels like I’m kind
of christening a Bounty. (pounding) (crinkling) I tell you what. I think that’s it. Yeah, I mean, I mean that’s pretty good. You’ve got the round edges either side. I’m gonna stick this in the
fridge now, just to firm up. (crinkling) (nervous laughing) That beep is my fridge being left open ’cause I’ve done that. Alright, I’m just gonna
gather my thoughts. Get it in there to set. Tidy up ’cause there’s coconut everywhere, and then we’ll work on the chocolate. (groans) I should have done
that first, shouldn’t I? Just ringing Mummy Barry. (phone ringing) – [Mummy Barry] Hey Bar. – Alright, just to let you
know, it is going well so far. – [Mummy Barry] Oh good. – You might get your coconut cake. – [Mummy Barry] Did you know
my mum loved Bounty bars? – Did she? – [Mummy Barry] Yeah but she
liked to put them in the fridge so they were nice and cool inside. – Well mine’s in the fridge right now but it’s a little bit bigger
than a normal sized one. – [Mummy Barry] That
didn’t take you very long. – Well, I’m good at this. So what I’m doing right now is
microwaving up some chocolate and obviously the base thing
is really freaking me out but I’ve got another chopping board here with some bark, barking parchment? That’s what you do. We’re gonna put some
of the melted chocolate on there and push. (beeping) Oh it’s starting to melt. We’re push the slab onto it, and then we’ll just do a
very light coat of chocolate around the rest of it
before doing a final pour. Right, melted chocolate. 30 seconds in the microwave blasts okay? Otherwise you’ll burn your chocolate, stinks, tastes horrible. It’s so big. Look at that. This is one of those
moments that in the comments you’re gonna be like,
why didn’t you do this? And it’ll be an amazing idea
and I’ll be like (sighs). You should be here with me. All of you. I’m not doing that. I haven’t got enough tea
and coffee to go around. I’m not gonna do the
top because if I do that and then flip it over it’ll go all minion and it’ll probably crumble. I wanna keep it as solid as possible. Chocolate on here. (crinkling) Needs more. I think that’s the best I can do. Now I’m gonna try something,
and if it works, do this. (gasping) (laughing) I can’t believe that worked! I feel like I’ve cut my toe
on coconut or something. It’s firmed up enough to
hold its state already, so I am, with a little
bit of leftover chocolate, just gonna brush it out. A very very thin layer. Just a very thin layer. In fact, you can see I’ve
raked that a bit too much, it moved the, the caramel? Ooh, caramel. I need some more chocolate. (joyful orchestral music) If there’s one thing that all the giant foods have taught me, is never make it overcomplicated. So I don’t know if I’m
gonna temper this chocolate. I’ll tidy up that, and
whack it in the fridge. Yeah, so if I just scrape away like that, I’ll get a nice smooth edge to it. I’ll melt up those extra bars, whew. Boston you got coconut
on your head. (laughing) Sorry, mate. Amy, you probably have
as well but I can’t tell. I am rather happy with that, indeed. It’s going in the fridge
for a very long time. (banging)
(laughing) So, the cool thing is now,
that’s setting in the fridge, it’s gonna take quite a few hours. I can start to edit you and get you up a lot earlier than I was planning on, on the internet things, so you can watch it and
hopefully give it a try or just go, wow, that’s a cool thing. So whilst we have this interlude if you are enjoying this video, don’t forget to subscribe
for our regular videos. I’m uploading about three or
four a week at the moment, including some behind the scenes videos on this very camera right here. Thank you for all the love recently. Remember you can follow me on
social media @myvirginkitchen and there’s also a giant food playlist for all the ones made to date before requesting any new ones. Cheers. Don’t worry about the
wig, it’s a long story. I’ll take it off in a minute, but I’ve just taken this out the fridge. It’s been two and a half hours. My mum’s gonna come ’round in
about another hour and a half so the light might not be amazing in here, but the Bounty will be! A taste of paradise, or
whatever the catch phrase was. Put palm trees there, Barry, palm trees. (crinkling) Look! The base worked! Back on there. Paper’s off it, it’s back in the fridge, and I’ll see you in a jiffy,
I’m gonna keep editing you. I guess when I was
editing this video, Homer, I thought to myself, this
video needs more mullet wig. This actually exudes confidence to me, makes me feel that
everything’s gonna be alright. I might wear it for
all future giant foods. The giant food mullet. Mumsy has arrived. You look nice. – Thank you. – Get quite dressed up for us. – No, I just went out with my friend. – Oh of course. Alright, are you ready
for your giant Bounty? – Yeah, I’m excited! (giggling) – [Barry] Leave the
chocolate, a spare that is! – Spare? – [Barry] I’m gonna do
something with that. Open the fridge, have a look. No, it’s not a prank, it’s not a prank. – Oh my. (laughs) Have you seen the size of it? – What do you mean have I seen
the size of it, I made it. Taste the paradise, mother. Oh that’s the point, yeah. (mother laughing) Oh you can’t even lift it up. Go on. Don’t you dare drop that. Oh my god. Hang on. – [Mummy Barry] It’s so heavy! Oh it’s hurtin’ my wrist! (both laughing) That is, so how much does that weigh? – Dunno, there’s a few kilos in there. (clanking) Geez, Mum! Thought we were gonna go
easy on the worktop today. – Ohhh. (grunting) Do you know how many calories are in that? – Oh it’s a delivery driver turning up. It literally is a
delivery about to arrive. (grunting) (gasping)
(laughing) Oh my gosh. (smacking lips) – I need some. – Right. I wanna take a few pictures of this. Then you’re gonna try some. And take it with you. – Oh good, good good. – Right there’s plenty to go around. Mum’s gonna share a little bit. I’ve just cut off a little nodule. How are you gonna take
the rest of it home? – I don’t know. (laughing) With difficulty. – We’ll carry it on
one of the pug’s backs. Alright. Oh my gosh. That tastes so fresh. Aww. – Ooh you need to try this. – Right that’s it. I think Mummy’s gonna destroy that and share it amongst
all of her fitness pals that do sit ups and all stuff like that. – Mmm, so good. – Hope you enjoy the video. If you give it a go let
me know how you get on. Send me pictures on social media. And I’ll see ya next time.

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