Giant Human Chocolate Fountain

– Welcome to the internet, fam! (laughing) (upbeat music) – Chocolate might be one of
the greatest human achievements in history, therefore the next step in our evolution is, of
course, human chocolate. That’s why we’re gonna turn Link into a human chocolate fountain! – I’m not quite following the logic here. – Doesn’t matter, it’s time for the Human Chocolate Fountain Challenge. Link, before we get started,
do I have your consent to turn you into a human
chocolate fountain? – You have it. – Oh, wow, okay. Now, we have the chocolate
fountain, but we need a statue. That’s where you come in. – Take my glasses. Nothing like a good morph
suit in the morning. – Should be a face hole. Great. I gotta route this tube. – Oh! – Past your butt and all
the way down your leg. – Ooh, you going doing
the left leg I feel! – You want me to go down the right leg? – It doesn’t matter.
– Pick a leg! – Just as long as you don’t
go down the middle. (laughs) – Almost got it. – Did the hose breach? – Yes, we breached! – Pull it! – Now I’m gonna lock it in. – Goggles on. (laughing) – It kinda looks like I
may be pushing your eyes further back into your head, is it okay? You’re gonna have goggle marks for days. – Oh, it’s tight. – We’re gonna get you
to climb right up here, and step into the fountain, ready? – Roger, roger. – Take a step.
– Okay. – Now step right in the middle. – You already got some chocolate in there. Oh yeah! I’m a statue, get it? – You feel stable? – Am I decent? Is my fig leaf big enough? – First we gotta get the
whole fountain working, just get the motion and
the ocean going down here, so let’s turn that on. – Fondue it! Whoa! – Okay, nice, that’s real nice. – Whoa, oh, oh. – It’s like a bidet that does exactly the opposite of what it should do. (laughs) – That’s called a bi-don’t. – We are going to activate the head. – Oh goodness! Is it raining in here or is it just me as a chocolate fountain? – Oh, wow. – Look at me, I’m David. Have you seen this one? – [Rhett] Oh, that’s real nice. Yeah. – I’m thinking. – I got a little chocolate on myself. Mmm. – This is amazing! This is freaking chocolate amazing! Oh, it’s a Twinkie, didn’t see that. – Do you want a Twinkie? (audience laughs) Let me get a little pineapple. – This is great for weddings. But you know what? This fountain actually has another feature that you haven’t yet experienced. Let’s turn that on. – What’s that noise? – Oh, you’re about to find out. (laughs) Yeah, Link. – Woo! Look at me dad! I made it! – Alright, I hate to ask you do it but can you pee into my mouth? – Take a knee, son. Nothing wrong with this! Welcome to the internet, fam! (laughs) I win the internet today or at least for the next two minutes. – I’ve never felt closer to you. (laughs) Well, there you have it, quite possibly one of humanity’s greatest and
most delicious achievements right here on this show and I have no regrets about it whatsoever. Stick around to see more
Good Mythical Morning. – Are you in Australia
or know somebody who is? Well listen up because we’re
taking our tour of Mythicality to Australia. Get tickets and details on the VIP package at

42 comments on “Giant Human Chocolate Fountain”

  1. Luke Cavanaugh says:

    I can only imagine what their kids think when and if they watch this

  2. 481morda says:

    Ma’m 😂

  3. Alchemist says:

    This evokes some Jenna Marbles vibes and I love it.

  4. Tahlia says:

    Now children, here is an example of what goes on in two mature adults minds… 🙂

  5. Helgi Oskarsson says:

    Welcome to the Internet! hahaha the best thing ever!

  6. Lahoma Castile says:

    That was awesome!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Potato Tube says:

    Human to turd in 60 seconds.

  8. Casey Cicero says:

    …. This feels NSFW…BTW, I'm watching this at work XD

  9. LitMonkey88 says:

    Was this demonitized

  10. Burger Brain Games says:

    I feel like I’ve seen this vid on another site before

  11. Brayict G says:

    oh my heavens

  12. vickivintage says:

    Laughing SO much, I’m crying 😂🤣😂🤣

  13. ahmed ahmed says:

    so funny

  14. Pin-Wu Yu says:

    this video itself definitely should be enclosed in our history for years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. cooper hale says:

    1:49 when you eat Taco Bell for breakfast lunch and dinner

  16. H H says:

    "take a knee, son" im YODELLING

  17. Sophie Miller says:

    such an inspirational dad. Lily, Lincoln and Lando must be so proud.

  18. Rose Fong says:

    Holy not foodsafe, Batman.

  19. Gavin says:

    3:45 this is the quality content I subscribed for

  20. Marshall R. says:

    how do i undo this

  21. Savi savvy says:

    by far the best video on the internet

  22. flaminq -Nat the Wolfchild- says:

    3:47 DeviantArt in a nutshell

  23. Graz G says:

    If anyone asks what Good Mythical Morning is, show them this

  24. Cecilia Cooper says:


  25. TheSillyPepper says:

    Ah, Japan is leaking…

  26. Ashley Rayford says:

    Ah a classic

  27. Töte den Wolf says:

    I cried (Tʖ̯T) not in a good way

  28. ExtremeGamer says:

    If YouTube rewind were good this would've been a part of it.

  29. xcarmen says:

    This is like a weird fanfic

  30. Cymric says:

    i’m so turned on

  31. Dennis Day says:


  32. Gary Wease says:

    Two guys one fountain

  33. Kosta Koffe says:

    3:34 well thats someones fetish

  34. Paul Bagnoli says:

    A budont lmao

  35. Nebulus Nebulus says:


  36. Alicia FireSpear says:

    this is why that gmm is my favourite YouTube channel.

  37. Alicia FireSpear says:

    petition for rhett and links parents to see this

  38. Vivoxy says:

    Why yall chocolate so watery

  39. Love Peace says:

    What is this

  40. K Y S says:

    3:42 I’ve seen that somewhere else

  41. Jon Snow says:

    Why is the “welcome to the internet fam” quote not a widespread meme right now 😂

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