Good horse sashimi in Shinshu Inn 下諏訪温泉の梅月の自慢料理は馬刺しだ:Gourmet Report グルメレポート

Nozawana. What is this ball? Rice-ball. Why? An aperitif is Chinese quince liquor. I eat horse sashimi. Red. Not garlic, but ginger. Yummy! This is also Horse sashimi. With yam. It’s already seasoned. I eat this a lot at once. Yummy! Mizuna and scallops. All food is tasty. Whichever is eaten, I feel well. Myoga and Soba. Beef and Shiratama. Do I eat this by a bite? It’s very good, so I want rice. This seems to be tuna sashimi. I think so, too. Soft shell. Why do you cough? Soft. Powder of green tea and salt. Shinshu cow steak. On the eggplant. Miso-flavored. Beef steak miso flavor. Well-done. The eggplant is good. On, the eggplant. Why do you laugh? On, the eggplant. It’s rare for me to eat miso-flavored beef. Miso-flavored eggplant. Vegetables are good. Rice. This was miso soup. This is rice. Plum steamed rice. Tofu. What kind of miso is that? This is Shinshu miso. I don’t care. Without eating horse sashimi, I left it. Large. This inn is recommended to the horse sashimi lover. There is no beer. Nozawana ball. It have rice in the interior. Rice. That is Mehari-sushi. I wanted to say so. Please open an eye widely.

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