Gordon Ramsay Eats Worms From a Cactus | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

[rock music] GORDON RAMSAY:
[inaudible],, you are crazy. OK.
(VOICEOVER): Over 30 years of working
as a chef has all been leading to this moment– catching a Peruvian
cactus worm with a lasso. Una, dos, tres. Ah. Yeah. [laughter] GORDON RAMSAY: Hey, Haresh. I’m going to kill you. You gotta get up here first. Oh, man. Oh! [laughter] Excuse me, that is not funny. Be careful. GORDON RAMSAY: This
is super dangerous. Uno, dos, tres. Oh! Yeah! [laughter] Si! Si, si, si! [inaudible] [speaking spanish] Hey, good job. [laughter] Look at that. Seriously? [bleep] [music playing] Going to be delicious. I’m proud of you. [inaudible] Ay, yay, yay. They’re like
giant caterpillars. How did he first
learn about these? [inaudible] Excellent. And how old were
you when you first started dangling off
the side of a cliff with your dad looking for worms? Six or seven. Amazing. I’m just going to get
them a little bit dry, just so it doesn’t crackle. OK, go. [sizzling] Whoa! [bleep] You OK? [laughter] Oh, bravo! [laughter] Thank you. GORDON RAMSAY: Stop it. [laughter] It’s like a– it’s like a crispy, uh– like a crispy cockroach. [laughter] [music playing] The taste was crispy
to begin with– fine. However, the inside? Nah. No bueno. But this is how they survived
so remotely– protein growing literally in a cactus. So an amazing secret,
and a big eye-opener.

100 comments on “Gordon Ramsay Eats Worms From a Cactus | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted”

  1. Lawi O'Connor says:

    Amazing how I'm learning more about my own country with a British Chef than taking professional cuisine classes. I've never heard about this ancestral dish until now. It looks disgusting but some countries eat snails, crickets, grasshoppers and those are delicacies. Where can I watch the whole episode?

  2. Clara Raimundi says:

    Gordon..so rude

  3. XionHosana says:

    Is Ramsay a Natgeo scientist now?

  4. Aracy Ile says:

    Where the cactus at? That's a flower smh

  5. Reckless says:

    As the whole mountain range is carved out to grow crops.

  6. CheeseOnTop says:

    It's so relaxing on how popular Gordon Ramsay is, they dont even know him

  7. Michael Moewes says:

    so Gordon tried to understand the Q'uero's culture. they haven't changed their way of living the last 2 millenias. just about some years ago they decided to share with the rest of the world. most amazing people in south america. amazing culture.

  8. Bryan Stewart says:

    Fuck'n spits it out in front of the poor guy. Grow a pear and eat it Ramsay!!!

  9. dinozero2 says:

    Is this a special collaboration episode with Gordon Ramsay and Bear Grylls?

  10. M Anime says:

    Wait. You can find worms in cacti's?

  11. Quantum Droid says:

    I would like to eat that….

  12. Gaby Cahuana says:

    Stupid !!!!

  13. BROONXX YT says:

    2:44 Gordon: Delicioso
    Also Gordon: spits out of mouth.

  14. Roy G Biv says:

    Anthony Bourdain isn't cold in his grave yet and this loudmouth fucktard sees an opportunity to extend his brand. smh

  15. Rodrigo Esparza says:

    As a South American,I'm sure that native people just do this kind of things to make a laugh out of the "gringos"

  16. Dũng Cầm TV says:

    I hope he will return to Vietnam and discover more

  17. Nassif Kazan says:

    Why didn't Klopp try worms too?

  18. nunca te rindas Rodriguez says:

    LOVE Perú 🇵🇪

  19. Ralsei Dreamurr says:

    Poor worms living it’s daily life ;-;

  20. RedGuardian787 says:

    My hat off to the Peruvian natives and their survival skills, regardless if their worms might taste like roaches 😁

  21. Alam Rabbani says:


  22. snakewynd says:

    If Chef Ramsey wants to know how to survive in the wild by eating what nature provides, he needs to have a wilderness experience with Bear Grylls

  23. Daughter of the King 777 says:

    they should have called this video "Fear Factor"

  24. Alan Ang says:

    Gordon Ramsay's words are literally something else.

  25. Shaun Brown says:

    Eating Worms from a Cactus?! As you do!

  26. Sophia Statis says:

    Does Gordon really understand their language?!? Is he multilingual?!?

  27. Pratish Vishwasrao says:

    did this people ever taste "normal food" ? poor gordon

  28. Farid says:

    this place called Cusco, some people doesn’t have electronics or some, that’s why the guy said “you must be the chef”

  29. Farid says:

    Guy: you must be a chef
    Gordon Ramsay: you never heard of me before?

  30. Aky's Life says:

    Gordon Ramsey becoming vegetarian real quick 😂😂😂

  31. Never Give Up says:

    Big shoes to fill in Gordon…

  32. Tony Esquivel says:

    I wanna see behind the scenes lol

  33. werewolfx51 says:

    Gordon Ramsay: THIS WORM IS SO RAW, IT'S TRYING TO…oh it's alive, sorry wrong place…..

  34. Señora Antero says:

    Cactus I’ll eat, but the worm 🐛… mmmmm no!

  35. Brianna T says:

    Boooo. All for show. Ramsay is a city guy. Zimmern was doing this over 10 yrs ago.

  36. Cha Cha Girl says:

    A delicacy…of delicate worm poo 🐛 💩

  37. Rolando Jack Flores Chuctaya says:

    un honor ser PERUANO
    LIKE si tu también

  38. Emilio Perez says:


  39. YouToob says:

    He doesn't "Eats Worms" tho, he just puts one in his mouth, then spits it out :/

  40. Mark Yaske says:


  41. Oh Baka says:

    Gordon Ramsay’s face is levitating my finger to the dislike button

  42. Jesus Leon says:

    Gordon Ramsay u have to eat Ceviche after get out of Peru 🇵🇪

  43. tomato peel lemons says:

    Omg omg don't eat it 😐

  44. Jason Bui says:

    Who else got a Gordon Ramsey ad lol

  45. Cherry Kamino says:

    1:03 I thought he'd be left hanging by that high five , i got anxious for a.sec there 😂

  46. Dzintra says:

    He cooked them wrong. The native even made fun of that.

  47. Momona 7 says:

    I miss Anthony bourdin so so much .whenever I think about him my eyes will filled with tears. may God rest his soul.

  48. Ryan Anilafa says:

    doing all that rope throwing just to spit those things out. hgkfhk

  49. johann Cruz says:

    I really idolized Gordon Ramsey as a chef but I know there is still a soft heart inside him.

  50. Alexis Cou says:

    Guy he ate ant in chutney and liked it. Don’t forget

  51. सचदेवा पांडे says:

    I thought first… Mike taison having breakfast with Ramsay


    2:37 no kidding

  53. Gatot says:

    2.55 it's like a crispy cockroach hahaha….

  54. Douglas Morales says:

    Can’t believe he spat it out. What would Andrew Zimern have done?

  55. Jim83 J says:


  56. Sheikh Abou says:

    Gordon Ramsay is going full Toriko mode now

  57. rossana ramirez says:

    Delicias silvestres de peru

  58. Angela Maritza says:

    I wanna watch the whole episode …….POR FAVOR

  59. Rude Valve says:

    Certified Gold!!!!!!

  60. Lucian FD says:

    es hoy, es hoy¡ jpg. :v

  61. Esmeralda Graciela Melgarejo Jara says:

    En Perú se preparan las mejores comidas 😍

  62. Lepani Takala says:

    Worm Looks familiar to ones in mu country,it's also a delicacy we bring it then fatten them up by feeding it with coconut flesh
    Very tasty

  63. saqib ali says:

    being a chef of 30 years and last he end up with eating worms. What a insult.

  64. DoubleDoubleUSmoky Mirror4Demention says:

    2:27 no Chet

  65. Không rủ nữa nhé vlog says:

    passion for food….

  66. Douglas Morales says:

    The Peruvian said when you eat the worms, you’re not hungry all day bc of the protein. I say because you just ate worms.

  67. JeSuS•iS•mY•SaViOuR•aNd•ThE•wAy! FearNoEvil says:

    Here thinking that anything that moves wasn't safe in china. 😭😷
    You would…😨😰🤯
    Me: NEVER 🤢🤮

  68. Kathia Maribel says:

    Técnicas y tradiciones, cuanta maravilla, en algo que parece simple. I love it.!

  69. Eeshaan Kukreja says:

    Bear grylls and ramsay shud do a series together

  70. Applehead Defender says:


  71. punky blake says:

    That was insulting Ramsay u spit then out like that !! Bruhhh

  72. Kitty City says:

    I saw this on TV national geo Dubai, and I got scared

  73. nice _l4d2vn says:

    it needs some hot sauce

  74. Ludwing GonzalezArroyo says:

    National Geografic presents:
    G.R. Eating Worms from a cactus🌵.

  75. Alex Telegramax says:


  76. Edith Anyoza says:

    Pucha tantas comidas y le das a mi Gordon gusanos. Así no es

  77. JBJ Ally says:

    That's disgusting idiots

  78. HOC Consultores says:


  79. Black Nigg4 says:

    what if bear grills and gordon ramsay go in the wilds

  80. Leyva23 says:

    Anthony bourdin the best RIP

  81. Selena Liu says:

    Hmmm let's see what random stuff we got today sees "eats worm from cactus"WhAiT WhAaAaAaT HBIDYKRKGDYSYRHD

  82. CHRIS says:

    THAT'S NOT TRUE, SORRY RAMSAY, SOMEONE LIED TO YOU. Guys like this one, are not accepted by his community because they are vicious, alcoholic and lazy.They live isolated and survive with bizarre foods like worms, usually their parents were like him too. Native Peruvian Communities are really hard working in agriculture and they consume their produce. They have 3 principles like a law since their ancestors : "Don't be lazy. Don't be thief. Don't be liar.". Guys like this one broke this law into their community.

  83. Ed10 E says:

    Hey Gordon, You were scammed by that alcoholic native guy. Vicious guys like this one survive with bizarre food. His community doesn't eat worms, they consume what they produce. They are farmers. You can ask tourists, investigators who lived with them, and they will confirm You are wrong. Worms are Not part of their diet or menu. Worms are eaten by certain tribes in the jungle, specifically at border between Peru and Brasil.

  84. gabriela rodriguez says:

    Hacen pasar vergüenza carajo, después el mundo nos insulta q traigamos gusanos 😠

  85. Lix Lux says:

    Finally some good fkin Food!

  86. Nha Doan TV says:

    Đó là 1 trải nghiệm thật thú vị

  87. Edwin Jimenez says:

    Gracias Perú por recibir a Gordon

  88. lightfighter25TH says:

    Weak eat it

  89. Sharpshotz Gaming says:

    It's so raw it's actually wiggling.

  90. YouSeeLive says:

    Exelente video…saludos…youseelive

  91. Paul Mamani says:

    Good appetite chef! 😀
    Welcome to the Land of Ancient Inkas

  92. Shin Chan says:

    Gordon Ramsay should try eating suri worms lol

  93. Anthonio Martin says:

    I'm from peru that is la selva aka the mountains

  94. Sebastian Tam says:

    Glad that he came to my country, he should have tried anticucho though (cow heart)

  95. Diana Joyo says:

    Al guia se le veia asustado, pobre 😅

  96. A.R Cahyadi says:


  97. Yani Gv says:

    Cusco magnífico.. Lo visité 2007 pero no pude ir hasta Machu Pichu a causa de la fuerte lluvia era riesgoso por el tema de los huaicos😔 espero volver a Cusco.

  98. odiosaaa flores condo says:

    Me encantó pero😍😍😍

  99. Choi Yat Lam says:

    I slowly questioned who I’m watching. Gordon or Bear.

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