Grade A Sushi & Handmade Pasta: Chef’s Night Out in Philly with Marc Vetri

Well, it is my favorite
thing in the whole world to make, spaghetti
with clams, that’s it. I could make that,
I could eat that every single day the rest
of my life. Squid ink spaghetti,
zucchini, lemon. Life is the combination
of magic, and pasta. My name is Marc Vetri and I’m chef-owner of
The Vetri Family. Vetri just kinda started
off with my vision of what food from
Italy looks like. I never liked
food that was kinda too complicated and
too thought out. I always liked to
simplify things. It’s all about product
and technique, and that’s it. So this one is
spinach gnocchi. This is all spinach. We actually just
blanch it off stick it in a robo tube. Just hold it together
with a little bit of flour, egg, little bit
of bread crumb, little bit of parmesan, nutmeg,
and you know, that’s it. That’s why we have to
make them to order because it’s just like,
like otherwise they’re, they’re just
gonna fall apart. My family’s from
Italy and you know, I was raised on that
simple type of food. You know, you just
take two flavors and like, that’s the dish. We’re highlighting
one ingredient. Vetri basically was
the first restaurant, this is, you know, what
my whole life led up to. I started off working
in restaurants when I was probably 15 years
old, washing dishes. In 1990, I actually moved
down to Los Angeles to go to music school. In order to make
a living out there, I used to work evenings
at a restaurant. I was actually
working for Wolfgang, he was like the hottest,
really, chef in the nation. And sometimes
I’d skip school, head into the restaurant
a little early, just to watch and learn. That was really my
restaurant school, you know like,
I never had formal restaurant
school training. The music thing was you
know, sorta not heading anywhere and I was really
liking restaurants. So I had this opportunity
to go to Italy and I just went. That’s where I really
started to think that, wow this is, you know, this is
really something that, that I would love to do
the rest of my life. I worked all over the
place and then in 1998, I was 31 years old, and
I was like, this is it, I’m ready to open up. So I looked around
a little bit in New York but I ended up coming
home to Philadelphia, cuz this is my home. The restaurant scene
when I opened was spotty, here and there. Nobody was really talking
about Philadelphia as a restaurant city. When I opened up Vetri,
that was like, the goal, that was like I had,
you know, sort of reached the mark. And I was like, well,
I have my own restaurant. As the years went on, it got a little bit
more refined, and it was a little bit, not
accessible to everybody. And I decided, well,
let’s open up something a little bit more
accessible, you know? And that’s when we, the Osteria concept
started to happen. And after that it
was just like, it was a roll out,
you know, started, and we were like, wow, this
is kinda neat, you know? I liked to opening
up restaurants. The pastas have changed, the pappardelle is off
the menu this evening. Adam Leonti started with
me eight years ago now, he was like,
21 years old. He just kind of stopped
in here and he was like, hey I’d love to hang out. And I, you know,
saw he really loved it, he really thinks like I
do about food, and work. He’s actually been
the head chef here for the last four years. It’s a really
awesome you know, relationship we have. We’re all about
evolution, we’re all about learning. This place is
ever evolving. And I think to keep
the restaurant at a high level, you have to
reinvest not only the, the money, but
you also have to reinvest the thought that actually
goes into the restaurant. So last night we started
off the evening here, at Vetri. Me and Adam decided to
head over to Morimoto. All right. Sitting at
the sushi bar and just like letting
them make whatever. That’s awesome. I never even order. I just like,
make me some, some sushi. You’re gonna get
something that like, there’s no way you could
ever have here otherwise, you know? I think it’s right
up here on the left. Yeah, there it is. That’s pretty good. Morimoto is one of my
favorite restaurants in Philadelphia. Since it opened, I’ve had a lot of my most
memorable meals there. Sitting at
the sushi counter, that’s always where
I like to sit. And those guys, man, they
just always blow it out. I’ve been waiting for
this. They just always have
the freshest items. Some sushi, sashimi,
whatever, yeah. Chef’s choice. Salud. So I think he actually
started us off with like, the baby eels with
a little bit of the egg yolk and a little bit
of soy sauce on there. So fresh. And after that, we went into like
a steamed abalone. We went into some
Japanese mackerel. I think we had some
Japanese snapper. All right, boom. Boom. Oh, fantastic. Mm, man that one’s for
the races, it’s like a little warm. Fucking unbelievable. Everyone talks about rice
when they eat sushi, but this rice is just, like,
a little bit warm, and it’s just like the
perfect texture of rice every time. I love just,
like, sitting and just watching how they
use their knives. When I was in LA, I worked at a sushi bar
just to learn all about like, knife work
from the sushi chef. And man, they just
taught me everything. They were so immaculate
with everything, so precise with everything. They always like,
make a slice, and then they wipe
the knife down, and they always like, place
it in like the same area. I often tell my line
cooks to just head over there, sit at the sushi
bar, not even eat, just like learn, just watch how they work,
you know? That’s the right
way to work. How are you doing? Good, how are you doing? While we were
eating there, Adam’s friend Steve,
from high school, just happened to be rolling
in to Philadelphia. Have a seat. All right.
These are the maestro
chefs right here. That’s unbelievable. Yeah, and
they’re no joke. Look at that. The beef, that the belly? It’s tuna belly. No. Cheek. Look at that. It looks like kobe beef. Holy shit,
I gotta take a picture. Hold on. It does,
I mean look at it. Fucking ridiculous. Super toro. Or, holy fucking
shit toro. Oh, this is like
a piece of gold. Dude, that was
ridiculous. Holy shit. Jesus Christ,
this is like-,. Yeah.
The best meal I’ve ever had in my life. Just by accident. We gotta eat after this,
just saying, so. I don’t even want
him to stop. I know.
For fear I’ll throw up or something. Shit fuck balls. There’s just nowhere
like it anywhere. I think that we’re so lucky to have that
here in Philadelphia. Thank you so much. We asked the chef,
Hiroki San, to come hang out with us. He was happy, you know,
he hadn’t eaten yet. Man, that super. Supertoro?
Man. Too greasy, but… But for one piece… Yeah, but for one piece. Yeah, that’s great. Now we are heading
over to Kanella. Yes. That’s a lovely place. Have you ever eaten
there before? Have you been to Kanella? No.
Oh my God, dude, really? Oh yeah. Oh, you’re gonna love it. Cypriot food,
not Greek, Cypress. Kanella, another, you
know one of my all time favorite Philadelphia
restaurants. It’s all Cypriot food,
food from Cyprus. The chef owner there,
Konstantinos, is just an amazing friend
of mine, and I’ve known him since he’s opened up
his restaurant there. And he’s just like,
the real deal. You know, that guy,
he’s there every night, just making
incredible flavors. Kanella I started
about seven and a half years ago. Kanella means cinnamon
in Greek, Portuguese, Italian, French,
you name it. Being from Cyprus, I’ll say it’s a Greek,
Cypriot cuisine. Cyprus is in the eastern
Mediterranean. 12,000 years of history. We’ve been conquered
many times by different nationalities. With the Turks,
the Venetians, French, the Arabs
were there, all those influences came all
in one plate, at Kanella. That’s what I explore. But at the same time,
I keep it simple and I keep it as traditional
as possible. I have the lamb
dumplings, Mediterranean style. Holy shit, lamb dumpling. It was just like lamb, kind of sausage meat,
with some yogurt. What’s the spices
in this? Aleppo, sumac… Sumac. Cayenne, paprika. Cayenne I saw. Mint. Mint. And something else. Woo, that’s spicy. Yeah. It was just like,
the right amount of heat, the right amount of lamb, with the right
amount of noodle. It was amazing. After that, he put out
some, some octopus. Which was just like, as
tender as you’ve ever had octopus before,
and has flavorful. Octopus here,
we serve it grilled. As I’m doing that I’ll be
sauteing the giant beans. Octopus is forming
up now, you can see. I’ll finish it up with,
guess what, oil and lemon. I’ll add the giant beans
there, simple as that. The octopus is still
the best ever. I like the octopus here. Bobby? Yes.
Adam. Nice to meet you. And also, Steve’s friend
Robert showed up. Welcome to Philadelphia. Yeah, thank you. I never actually
spent time here, so it’s kinda cool. I have the lamb short
ribs with tabbouleh. Once he starts bringing
out food it’s just like, one thing is always just
more amazing than last thing, it’s unbelievable. Oh, man. And then, it was like
there’s one more thing, wait for it. And it was this
wood pigeon, which was like, I don’t
know what it was, man. It was just like, you ate
it and it was just like, melted in your mouth. It’s flavor. Oh my god dude,
mm, my God. I don’t know what
the hell he did to it, it’s just unbelievable. We’d love a little
something sweet. He makes this incredible
semolina cake, which we just fawn over. And then obviously
you know, you have to have
the baklava. Awesome way to end
the meal there. That was good. And then after that we,
since Vetri’s about four blocks away, we just
walked up the street. Man, that is
one snowy city. Hi.
Check it out. We got, we got the like
clarinet for this guy. Thank you. You got a clarinet? Is this, this-
Oh my God. I’m sure this is
a serious clarinet, too. I know. Luckily man, we had these
amazing musicians stop over with their
instruments. And we had a little
bit of a jam session. They were eating
here earlier, so I invited them. We still have to make
some food first. You play, and
I’m gonna make food. I decided to make a
little fresh noodles for everyone. I had some flour
that you know, was actually milled
that afternoon. I just made a little
fresh egg dough, rolled it out with
the hand roller, sliced it up into
tagliatelle. I made pistachio pesto
sauce, you know, to go with everything. You have the flavor
the wheat, you have the texture
of the noodle, and then you have like,
one strong, prominent flavor with
the pistachio nuts. I think that’s
the way to eat. Bon Appetito, everybody. Everyone started
to show up. Whole bunch of folks
from Morimoto and from Kanella showed up. Still some folks here
from Vetri you know, so we were all just
hanging out. It’s really nice,
I like that. It’s really nice and
light… Simple. Yeah, okay. I’ve been playing the, the guitar since I was
probably nine years old. And I never stopped, it’s
a huge part of my life. It’s always nice to
just kinda sit in and sort of hang out and just
kind of see what evolves. Yeah man. Yeah man. Thank you guys,
for coming out. It’s a great night. I really like Brahms. Yeah, I like Brahms. It’s coming back,
it’s gonna take a moment. A few moments.

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