100 comments on “Green Chicken with Nom Nom Paleo”

  1. CatcherOfBass says:

    You can use weed too, right?

  2. fernando gilares says:

    I can't help but giving this video a like because i know how much it does for people like her

  3. Rad Penny says:

    Everything about this is adorable! 😀

  4. bluh gurg says:

    these look sooo good

  5. aceviewier says:

    Fish souce – everyone who try this i know Your pain bro.

  6. S S says:

    So nice to see Michelle on here!

  7. WulfCry says:

    Nom Nom Nom

  8. AE OE says:

    Chicken is full of antibiotics and other shit. Such healthy.

  9. Face Meat says:

    If you have captions enabled, at 0:48 it says "filled with your mommy" instead of "filled with umami".

  10. LouisHazRice says:

    I dont eat white rice, bread, and other carbs…how do u live

  11. DrewsDailyRants says:

    This lady is fucking adorable I'm in love

  12. ArbJunkAgeG says:

    oh wow… i meant to buy her book but then totally forgot about it… what a reminder… thanks

  13. Juan Faraco says:

    Woah, this was so funny. Loved that woman and how she talks.

  14. Amy Rene says:

    Yaas. I've got to try that marinade.

  15. Will Mandel says:

    how can people hate on this?
    miserable bastards

  16. Supmotto says:

    yo give her a cooking segment instead of that fat lesbian prince

  17. Jackie Tran says:

    Lol I think she's so sweet. And I don't eat off the bone either… 😛 I'm with you kid!

  18. movingforward says:

    wtf is wrong with people who don't like cilantro?

  19. Alan L says:

    Cool video, the chicken looks delicious

  20. AP Tartan says:

    food looks great, I don't like how she says "we like to eat paleo" when her kids clearly didn't have any desicion in it

  21. Nathaniel Palmer says:

    I liked her cooking, simple yet scrumptious.

  22. MUNO1004 says:

    Wait so what is paleo?

  23. ChrisLegendary says:

    wait, so wtf is paleo? It looks pretty normal to me.

  24. RaZoR says:

    I will have a wife like her one day.. and then i'll wake up.. :'(

  25. Kevin Bullard says:

    I like this one

  26. Joshua Todd says:

    fish sauce is paleo huh. the movement often makes sense and isn't original and often makes zero sense and gimmicky. this recipe looks great. why use the ridiculous label 'we're paleo moderates' dumb, super dumb. its just good food, processed food is not good (avoid it long enough and it actually tastes bad too), too much of 'this' is bad, having 'this' is good. the limes used in this recipe have undergone selective breeding, they are relatively easy to grow, they are the less bitter, probably less aromatic and yet juicier variant, by looking at them. Currently, native Australian limes (or finger limes or caviar limes) are much harder to grow, they are currently being selectively bred to be hardier and less susceptible to farming difficulties. they will be better than the previous iterations because it will be less risky to grow, they'll be profitable and reliable. there is nothing too bad about corn, i love corn tortillas when fresh and warm soooo good.

  27. Chris Alfstad says:

    @3:20 that kid XD

  28. caveman861 says:

    This looks good! What kinda grinder is she using though?

  29. Oas718 says:

    Umm does anyone know when were gonna see Huangs World on this Channel, been waiting forever?

  30. b4liquez says:

    Will try some variation of that, but I prefer to make a deep cut on the drumsticks inline and close to the bone, this way the drumsticks cook evenly to the bone. There is nothing worse than a crispy skin and moist meat with bloody bones. Also, cavemen did ate grass and cereals, otherwise they would not have invented beer and thus civilization. But then again, even taht prehistoric time were some who were on special diet with ideology.

  31. jj ww says:

    i get a crazy vibe from her. kids seem nice though.

  32. Mikko Sirviö says:

    Vitamix, pfft. That is one expensive blender. But awesome, ofcourse

  33. NgoYes says:

    She's funny. Mo Nom Nom Mom

  34. Xavier Jones says:

    action figure??? come on lady……….

  35. Xavier Jones says:

    "you really can't overcook drumsticks" WHAT??…. bulllllshit

  36. Alex Cesarz says:

    "I don't eat off the bone". Raising a prissy little fuck.

  37. lel says:

    "no processed foods"
    "Fish sauce and apple juice"

    u wot m8

  38. Lisa Lee says:

    She is so cute! Love the recipe!

  39. spidaminida says:

    Is she really tiny or does she have oversized utensils?
    Lol I liked her kid control tip – same way you get someone to down a pint – just chant and point.

  40. Maindrian Pace says:

    Not really sure about the fish sauce, but it looks good.

  41. Jerry T says:

    No rice

  42. franciman2 says:

    Great stuff

  43. kpbrian90 says:

    Isn't Fish Sauce considered processed food and so this is not truly paleo?

  44. Vichael Ho says:

    no one should take any comments on youtube seriously, even this one. flies away

  45. Paul Taylor says:

    she's adorable

  46. Max Beamer says:

    What's the first pepper she uses the one before Blackpepper

  47. Calum Collins says:

    Soso looking good after Litchfield

  48. sayari says:

    Eat it! haha.

  49. Matt Laface says:

    Super delicious, super easy, super good, super healthy. Why so Super?

  50. Chris Fitzner says:

    Id kill for that setup she has for her kitchen. Clean up must be a breeze

  51. Daethaqt3000 says:

    He needs his little ass beat………

  52. Mantrousse says:

    Love this!

  53. Actual Pancake says:


  54. Tae Wan Kim says:

    wait how is this paleo if she's using apple juice and fish sauce. did cavemen have the ability to grind up fish juice and concentrate in to sauce form? same question goes for apple juice. please some ONE PLEASE TELL ME

  55. Healthy Recipe Channel says:

    I think a lot of the Paleo diet ideas are great. Not a strict follower but for the most part I agree with a lot of their ideas and methods.

  56. ToastAndCereal9921 says:

    Cool Mum

  57. Almac x says:

    This makes me want to make pesto chicken, thanks so much for the inspiration.

  58. Zaccai Ra says:

    My green chicken is literally marinating in the fridge. Can't wait to try it out.

  59. LilGamez21 says:

    1:07 My mother and I in the kitchen 13 years ago. haha

  60. Kieran Janczur says:

    great video

  61. Dashawn Merriweather says:

    Yes the fish sauce ranked but them cane out great. Great recipe.. This helped me so much its been hard since I began my paleo journey due to thyroid illness. But I'm looking forward to healthier days through this new lifestyle of eating.

  62. Kamal Ahmed says:

    @ 6:28 kid just told us how good it was

  63. Rizky Octavianto says:

    she reminds me of my college lecturer, she is also a dictator…

  64. shamol baroi says:

    I Like it but Which Country is Nom Nom Green Chicken? Pls

  65. Recide 1 says:

    "filled with your mommy" im done

  66. Kira Simoné says:

    West Indians call that green sauce and there's a jar full at the ready in the fridge at all times. 🇹🇹

  67. magno172 says:

    no grains = healthy

    explain what type of damage grains do to your body

  68. devilgloom says:

    I don't think she understands Paleo. paleo means not using processed food. she used fish sauce and bottled apple juice.

  69. Ethan Fan says:

    What's a oomami

  70. Nur La grande says:

    Lool the kid was like "you didn't tell them about the no-carbs" like bitch tell them what you're doing to us!😂😂😂

  71. Drum bum says:

    yo this chick has a pudgy double chin …not really displaying all the great things paleo diet has to offer now is it?

  72. DailyLGS says:

    Woah cavemen had blenders! TIL

  73. Omar Gomez says:

    Fuck the Paleo diet and everything it stands for. Long live whole grains and beans

  74. Crazy Villarruel says:

    shes such a milf 😋
    and she can cook😊
    i need me a asian wife😣

  75. Duan Torruellas says:

    nice family

  76. jcfartson says:

    how about fuck no

  77. hi says:

    what blender/flood processor is that?

  78. Dr. Carissa Alinat says:

    Yum! I will have to try it!

  79. LivingTwice says:

    Yoo her necklace is so sweet!

  80. winterystorm says:

    You are so cool!!! And this looks delicious!

  81. hi says:

    Anyone try it? How'd it turn out?

  82. Ramesh Ayyapuraju says:

    You got great sense of humor! Loved your video!

  83. OWL says:

    i don't eat off the bone?……that kid is not going to enjoy high school.

  84. Karen Alaniz says:

    How do I get more of her (you)? When I click on Munchies, you aren't there. Boohoo. I like you!

  85. Leyla P says:

    adorable kids

  86. Harrrgh says:

    I'm not even Paleo and I've been in a webcast in this lady's kitchen, I think we've all been there. She's great. Now I'm looking into maybe being Paleo though.

  87. vineofthedead says:

    yeah immediately ruined the meal by adding cilantro :p

  88. Beckala67 says:

    One out of 2 kids like it. Works for me!

  89. Urban Outdoorsman says:

    Natives ate breads and grains..I don't get why Paleo leaves it out

  90. Coco Cabana says:

    "Cant overcook drumsticks"


  91. Illegal Influence says:

    1/4 cup of the worst fish sauce ever. Still looks bomb though. I dig Paleo!!!

  92. thisisyaren says:

    she looks good. paleo is actually a good diet if you have a good life

  93. thisisyaren says:

    LOL brushes ghee on a fucking wire rack. lol good one

  94. thisisyaren says:

    notice how she marinaded the chicken overnight… thats what you need to do. maybe even 2 days if you want a real good one

  95. comic630 says:

    She sounds exactly like Cheryl David from Curb Your Enthusiasm

  96. Joshua Kim says:

    She reminds me of an asian Pam Beesly

  97. AsterBeats says:

    I made this (with chicken thighs) and deadset it was bloody delicious! THe whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts!

  98. chewchew74 says:

    I like your video

  99. Lex Porteus says:

    it's clear that the children do not want to be part of the paleo diet…

  100. 3kour says:

    Is it even a munchies video if the chef doesn't say umami at some point….

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