Green Tea Ramen!! New Cup Noodle Flavor by Nissin! 抹茶ラーメン食べてみた!≪字幕付き≫

I’m Oz and I’m a poor gaijin! I live in a poor gaijin house. And unlike central heating in North America all I have is this heater here. So it gets pretty cold. And as a typical poor gaijin for meals I stick to yakitori, bentos or ramen noodles Also a lot of people say “Why don’t you just cook at home? It’s cheaper!” And to that I answer “This is my kitchen!” That’s all the space I have for dishes. That’s all the cooking space I have And I only have one burner. And I have a fridge over here and it’s also pretty small. And that’s my dog. But thanks to Nissin’s new cup noodle combination, I can have ramen noodles with green tea. Step 1 is to boil some water. Here’s my electric kettle. I’m gonna put some water in here. Let’s wait for the water to boil. While we’re waiting for the water let’s open up this cup noodle! Looks like it has noodles with some green tea powder and also freeze dried carrots, egg and possibly some seafood in there as well. There you go! It’s done! Step 2 we take the boiled water and put it in the cup. We put the water all the way up to the line. Once the water is in, you close the cover. And you wait for 3 minutes. That’s what it says. So let’s wait… It’s hot. I don’t have a table so here’s a poor gaijin life hack. You take an Amazon cardboard box, you get a cutting board and for ambiance a nice towel Funashi There you go. You have a nice table. I’ve also got my Star Wars light sabre chopsticks as well. So the force is strong, ready to eat. In Japanese we say “Itadakimasu” Mix it up. Make sure all the seafood and all the other vegetables mix well with the soup. It kind of looks like green curry thai ramen. But definitely smells like seafood ramen. Pretty good. It’s a little salty I like the seafood flavor, it’s really good! And I guess green tea doesn’t really have much of a taste. But you can kind of taste the matcha powder feeling. It’s a little powdery. Let’s try the soup. If you’ve tried the cup noodle seafood version, it’s a very similar taste to that. If I didn’t know this had green tea in it I wouldn’t have noticed but once you tell me it has green tea, I can kind of taste the powder. And this was only like 130 yen so it was cheap and filling. This was actually released yesterday so not a lot of places have it yet I went to the grocery store and I looked around and all the regular shelves didn’t have it. But up above they had a box that wasn’t opened yet. And it had the green tea matcha mark on it so I asked the staff and they opened it up and I grabbed one. So I think I was probably the first person in that store to buy one or know one even exists! So I feel pretty special! So there you have it! Cup Noodle Matcha flavored with seafood. It’s probably only here for a limited time so if you have a chance I recommend you grab one and try it. Also thanks for watching my video and I hope you liked it. On my channel I do a weekly show called TWIJ, This Week In Japan. On that show I do a lot of different things like go to different restaurants, show different parts of Japan, and just have fun in Japan in general. So if you are interested in Japan or anything Japanese, you definitely should check out my show. Thanks for watching! Thumbs up if you liked this video, share and if you haven’t already subscribe because my videos are awesome, Ozzy Awesome! Take care, see you next time. Peace!

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