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I wanted to eat grilled fish sushi with teriyaki sauce and subtly flavored with shiso and wasabi. Here is the recipe. Start by cooking sushi rice. Take 300g of sushi rice and wash it 3 times. Cook with 30cl of water. Meanwhile prepare the Teriyaki sauce. Put in a saucepan:
10cl of soy sauce, 10cl of sake for cooking, To have a little sour flavor, add 5cl of white rice vinegar, 30g of sugar, ½ teaspoon of grated ginger, ½ grated garlic clove. Combine and boil on low heat for 15 minutes. Mix 1 teaspoon of wasabi powder with 1 tsp of water. We need 3 nori sheets. They have a wider side, perpendicularly to this side fold and cut them in half. Cut a mackerel fillets into strips. Remove the bones part. Keep the skin, it helps to maintain the flesh and it is delicious. The sushi rice is always seasoned with a vinegar sauce, prepare it with:
15g of sugar, 5g of salt, And 2.5cl of white rice vinegar.
Mix. The rice is cooked, gently break-up it. Add the vinegar sauce.
Mix. Cover to prevent drying. Now we can cook the fish. Preheat the pan on medium-low heat. When it is hot, put a little olive oil. Spread it well. Put in the pieces of fish. Leave 30 seconds, Add 2 tbsp of teriyaki sauce, Let them grill for 1 minute, Flip them, Add another 1 tbsp of teriyaki sauce, Leave another minute. Check that nothing is missing before starting to roll the sushi : The ingredients, 1 sushi mat, 1 bowl of water, 1 wet towel, 1 half cup for the rice, And a sharp knife. Put a shiny side of the nori sheet against the mat. Take one half cup of rice, Wet your hands, Spread the rice on the nori sheet, Leave a strip of about 2cm without rice. Add some wasabi, A few drops of teriyaki sauce, Some shiso leaves, And the fish To roll, raise the back of the mat, At the same time your fingers hold the pieces of fish, When the shape is rounding, take out your fingers and roll, Gently press to make the roll firm, Lightly pull the mat with one hand while preventing it from moving with the other, Roll the sushi in the mat to close it. Gently press. First cut the roll in 2, After each cut, wipe the knife on the towel, Cut each half in 3. Eat them as soon as they are done! Eat your sushi with your fingers. Just deep one side of the sushi in the sauce. Each sushi is eaten in one bite. All the flavors will be released in the mouth. Pickled ginger is eaten after and alone, without sauce, it prepares the mouth for the next sushi. Bon appétit! Thank you for watching and sharing my video. See you at the next homemade dish.

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