Gudetama Pudding Kit – Whatcha Eating?

*Fairydusy and Fairy’s Jig music* Hello my beautiful lovelies, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another “Whatcha Eatin’?” Today I have this little kit for you! And this little fellow is Gudetama — he’s a very lovable, kind of pessimistic, sad egg. He always seems to be in a little slight bit of suffering. But that’s why we love him so. In case you like these candy making kits, I shall put a playlist down below — I have tons and tons of videos of them. All right! Let’s go ahead and get started. So here’s the back. So it looks like we’re just gonna need a mixing vessel, and some milk and a microwave. And let’s go ahead and see what’s inside! Here’s the little kit. So it includes two packets — one for the white, one for the yolk. And here’s a little mold. This is gonna be our measuring cup: we’re gonna fill that with milk. And add our milk to our glass. And then add our egg yolk mixture. Hm? It smells sweet. And kinda eggy. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised about that. All right! So now we’re gonna microwave that at 500 watts for one minute. Be right back! Okay! So after one minute, I have my gelatin. Other one as well. All right, so now we’re gonna place these in the refrigerator and let them set up. Okay. C’mon guys! Doo, do, do, do…. So while our little puddings are setting up, I thought I would open one of these. So these are pretty common to find in the Japanese supermarket, when you go down the candy aisle. These are just little toys that come with a little stick of gum or some kind of candy. Of course, these are collectible — these are all the different ones that you can get…. All right. Looks like this one’s a number three! So it should be this guy right there. Perfect, let’s see! Yup! And indeed, there he is! *laugh* And there he is, sitting in his little eggshell. It’s made out of a pretty tough plastic. It smells a little bit like vinyl. And it comes with a little piece of gum. And let’s give that a taste, see what it’s like. Mm-hmm! And I have to say, I adore Japanese style gums. Particularly the ones for kids. They’re just super silky smooth, and have a really great flavor to them. This is fruity, and tangy, and just tons of flavor. This has a candy coating like a Chiclet or something, but the interior is nice and smooth. And delicious. And while the flavor is intense in the beginning, the flavor does kinda subside and fade, pretty quickly. But, just a little piece of gum, after all. So this is really more about collecting, and trying to get the entire series of toys. All right! Which one would you pick? So now, after these been chilling in the fridge, we’re ready to unmold our little Gudetama. So, with all jellos, it’s always nice to, kind of, pull it back, from the edge. And there he is! Oh my gosh! Look how stinking cute! This one too. We’re gonna give it a little sqwoosh. And there we go! *laughs* Look at that little bum! Hello! So now we’re going to make the white portion of the egg, and we’re going to put milk into a cup. And add this packet. Mix that well. Now we’re gonna spoon the egg white mixture all the way around to make it look like an egg. Oh my gosh! So cute! This little butt shot reminds me of the Crayon Shin-chan *laughs* butt pudding — if you haven’t seen that video, I’ll put it down below. Super funny. But these turned out great! Cut into this. Get a little of the yolk — and the white. Itadakimasu! Mmh! And it’s pretty good! It taste just like Japanese pudding. It’s vanilla-ed and eggy; sweet; and it has a really nice Jell-O-y texture: soft, and creamy. Similar to something like flan. Let’s try them separately. The white part tastes vanilla-ed, and nice and milky. And sweet. While the yolk part…. tastes more custard-y. This kit turns out beautifully, and it’s really, really simple, so, really great for little ones! Let me know in the comments who your favorite Sanrio character is! And, yeah — hope you guys enjoyed that one! I hope you guys learned something. Don’t forget to leave me a comment; subscribe; share this with your friends; follow me on social media; and I shall see you next video! Too-da-loo! Take care! Bye! *booty shake music*

17 comments on “Gudetama Pudding Kit – Whatcha Eating?”

  1. Delia Isiaho says:

    That looks odd. Don't think I would eat it.

  2. Huy Le says:

    Oooo mmmm gooooodddness. This is the most adorable and brilliant thing. I wish these were in the states.

  3. Peony Sng says:

    Can you swallow the gum

  4. Classified Czygamer merry chris says:

    I like Gudetama's butt.

  5. Georgia Lee says:

    I just watched the but pudding one

  6. Yamile Zamora says:

    This was very cute

  7. Memento Mori says:

    I'm a little late to the party but I adore Gudetama <3 definitely my favourite Sanrio character

  8. Molly Mayor says:

    Perfect little butt

  9. Dog Demon says:

    Love how she told us about the gum

  10. Pearl the rebel says:

    Aww that intro music is so cute

  11. Bobbie Sings says:


  12. :o says:

    I love him! I have a gudetama bracelet and book! 😂

  13. Hina Mohammed says:


  14. Prickly Pickle says:

    Couldn’t find him for sale anywhere. I think the flavor is going to be somewhat basic but good. I just know I would enjoy making it, Especially with my mom or friend

  15. Marrissa Miller says:


  16. Matthew Anderson says:

    Lol it was kinda sad when you ate a piece of him D: I love Gudetama

  17. Abra Cadaver says:

    I no that eggy

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