Hawaiian Pizza: Is It Pizza If There’s Fruit on It? || Really Dough?

– Are you a fan of Hawaiian pizza? – I owned my first
pizzeria for seven years before I even had a slice. And then once I tried it, I was hooked. – Serious, wait.
– You used to make it? – I made hundreds of
’em and hadn’t tried it. – Sounds something like I would do. – Sounds like you, yeah. – I’m Scott, and I eat all kinds of pizza. – I’m Mark, and I’m a pizza purist. – So we’re hitting the road to taste the craziest
concoctions claiming to be pizza. – But are they Really Dough? – Previously on “Really Dough?” – I know I didn’t get you
back in time to Lucali. – Scott, Scott, Scott, Scott,
it’s not that big a deal. – It was a big deal.
– It’s not a big deal, I said everything’s
fine at the restaurant. I just wanted to see you sweat a little. – Are you serious?
– Come on, open the door. – You are unreal!
– Scott, open the door. – You need to learn how
to be a good friend! – Wiener, come back! – Come on, Mark, get in the car. You didn’t really think
I was gonna leave you? – I actually found it kind of funny. – I had a feeling the restaurant
didn’t really need you. You would have been way more
on top of me if you really needed to get back.
– You had no clue, I’ve been watchin’ you
sweat for the last two days. I’m kind of glad you made a
left at the Holland Tunnel. – Really?
– Yep, I needed to get away. And I got to eat some good pizza. – Yeah, I know, right? – And not some pizza. – Doesn’t really matter to me if it was pizza or if it was not pizza, I’m glad you had fun, I was
really worried for a bit there. You think you would do
another pizza tour with me? Don’t worry about it. – Maybe one more slice before
we head back to Brooklyn. – Yeah?
– Yep. – One more pizzeria?
– Yep. – Well, let’s make it
something really interesting. – What did you have in mind? – You’ve been talkin’ about
it for the past couple days. I think we should go for Hawaiian pizza. – A pineapple pizza?
– Yes. – Let’s put ham on it? – Yeah.
– OK. – Oh yeah, it’s gotta have a fatty ham, it’s gonna pair really, really
well with the pineapple. So sometimes it’s done as a white pie, sometimes it’s done as a red pie. – Do they put cheese on it? – And cheese. – I just can’t imagine
pineapple, sauce, and ham. I’ve been wantin’ to make one myself, but… – Never even had it. – If you can get me a fresh one, I’m definitely down for that. – OK, I can do that, I can do that. – You know a spot?
– I know a spot. Well it’s called Fire
Engine Pizza, you up for it? – Let’s do it. – Ah, beautiful parking spot
for me right up in front. – Check out this handle. – Oh, sweet, look at that fire engine. -An ax. – I didn’t ax you. – How are we doing guys? Welcome to
Fire Engine Pizza, how are you today? – Mark.
– Mark, Marty. – Marty, nice to meet you. – Scott, Scott, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, Marty.
– Dude, this is a big oven. – Thank you, all the way from Italy. – It looks cool. – What’s up with all
the firemen memorabilia? – I was a fireman.
– Oh really? – Years ago. When I first opened this
we had a really bad fire, so we rebuilt and I found
an old firetruck online and built an oven in the
back of it and went mobile. – So you make pizza right out
of the back of a firetruck? – We make pizza out of
the back of a firetruck. – Using a wood fire.
– Same exact oven. – That’s so cool.
– That is pretty cool. – You guys hungry, can I
get ya somethin’ to eat? – Yeah, actually, Mark here
has never had Hawaiian pizza. – Come on. – Every time I go to the slice joint, it’s like sittin’ there
for like a couple hours and it’s all dried out lookin’ funky. – Well you can’t get
any fresher than mine. With the fresh pineapple
and we do a little twist, we use a spicy, hot gabagool. – Hot capocollo.
– It’s got a little kick to it. – You didn’t tell me there was
hot gabagool on it. – Why are you… capocollo. – Gaba-gool. All right, let’s do it. – Have a seat guys and
I’ll get your pizza goin’. – I’m really excited about this. – I see it in your eyes, it’s like the clam
pizza, you were excited. – Yeah. I don’t know, I just
love pineapple and ham. – Do you eat that together normally? – Absolutely. – What situation? Like a luau? – My grandma, she used to
make ham with pineapple. – Like where the big ham
has little pineapple rings and the cherries. – Yep, she was my ya-ya. – What’s a ya-ya? – It’s my, my cousin’s Greek,
so grandma, Greek: ya-ya. – But she would never
eat a pizza like this? – I’m gonna have to bring her one. I’ve never had cooked gabagool before. – I never have either, I’m
honestly a little nervous. – What are you nervous about? – I’m just nervous, I never experienced it and I feel like this whole thing’s been a tour that I’ve been leading and now, I’m gonna be
discovering something new. It’s our tour. – Sauce, cheese, dough, that’s it. A pizza should look as good as it taste. – What about, you have a rule about how like a pizzeria should smell good? – Yes, the smell should
punch you in the face. – OK, so what about- – Scott, do you have any pizza rules? – Not really.
– Why not, why not, why not? – I’m just excited about it, I don’t know. – Public notice:
Fire Engine Pizza Co. is now using pineapple. – This pizza’s always a hot topic. – All toppings must go at the first-ever fire sale
at Fire Engine Pizza Co. – Let’s slice this up. Nice, juicy, and delicious. – I feel like we took it to another level, fresh ingredients and a spicy meat. – Don’t let
your bromance road trip end without a Hawaiian slice
at Fire Engine Pizza Co. One bite and it’s mahal-over. Hot, hot, hot! – To the great debate, I don’t know how anyone could
think this is not a pizza. – Fire Engine Pizza Co. – Salty meat, sweat pineapple,
perfect flavor combination. – You don’t have time to not make time to
try this Hawaiian pizza. – Set your watch,
two and a half minutes. – You’ll never find
juicier pineapple, tastier ham, or meltier cheese
than the back-to-Lucali sale at Fire Engine Pizza Co.
Hot, hot, hot. – There we have it. Let’s see what the guys think. – Fire Engine Pizza Co., just take a left at the Holland Tunnel, drive to Main, make a U-turn
and drive 255 miles south. – All right gentlemen, the Hawaiian pizza. – Oh, wow.
– Look at that. – What do ya think? – I mean it looks great, I
think it looks a lot better than one of those pies in
the cases at the slice shop. – It does. My mouth is watering. – All of this honestly looks better than 99% of the
Hawaiian pizzas I’ve ever had. – I can smell the pecorino,
it’s phenomenal. – Yeah, right? – I’m a little nervous about the sauce, but I thought it was gonna be a white pie. – No, it’s got tomato underneath. How come your side has
more capocollo than mine? – I think he’s a little
more Italian than you. You guys should get into it,
I gotta get back to work. – Thank you.
– Thanks Marty. – Enjoy guys. – Wow, I’m goin’ in. – Go, go for it, this is your big moment. – Ready?
– Yeah. It’s juicy, but it’s not like
the pineapple is too sweet. – This is really, really good. – It’s also not overpowering. You know like pineapple can be
really sharp and acidic? I don’t wanna say mellow, but it’s more mellow than I would expect. – Yeah, definitely getting
more of the gabagool. – Yeah, it’s a great plan. But this is a polarizing pizza. You know like, a lot of people hate it and a lot of people love it. There’s no middle ground. You don’t like kind of like pineapple. – I think it’s fantastic. – It has capocollo, mozzarella,
tomato sauce, and pineapple. Is it a pizza? – What are the rules? – Dough, cheese, sauce. – Pineapple and gabagool topping. – But pineapple seems to give a different
reaction to people. Why do you think people get into so many
arguments about pineapple? – It’s ’cause it’s just not
a traditional topping. – Yeah, but there’s a lot of toppings that are not traditional. You know, pepperoni only landed on
pizzas like 100 years ago. – Only 100 years ago? – Yeah, so dough, sauce,
cheese, plus infinity. – No, toppings. – Would you put peaches on a pizza? – I might. – Would you put raisins on a pizza? – Maybe. – Would you put banana on a pizza? – I’d put it on a Nutella pie. – OK, is that a pizza? – I don’t have an argument
here. It’s a pizza. – So whatever goes on
top of it, it’s cool? – Topping-wise? Yeah.
– Yeah. I think you’d be on my side with this one, I’m goin’ in for a second slice. – You know what?
– What? – I would really like to
hear you verdict on this. – My verdict?
– Mhm. You wanna hear my thoughts?
– Yeah. Is it a pizza or is it not a pizza? – Well, it’s a dough, that
is topped and then baked. And for me, I don’t
care what you top on it as long as it holds down
the dough during the bake. I don’t care if it’s
an Italian ingredient, Ukrainian ingredient, or
an Australian ingredient. I think people decided
that there were rules because they thought that
there was some kind of sacred characteristic of pizza, when in reality, pizza is anything. Just because there’s pineapple on a pizza, does not disqualify it from anything. I think people who don’t like it, I think that they’re afraid of liking it. And I think most people will say, “Oh, I would never try it
because it’s so ridiculous.” Well, once you have pineapple
on pizza and you like it, you realize both things are great. This is 100%, absolutely pizza. – You did good.
– Thanks. You did good, you ate three
slices, I’m proud of you. I think we’re fueled up and ready to rock. Wanna get out of here? – Back to Brooklyn. – He’s got the truck.
– There ya go. – Oh my God, Marty, this is so cool. – It’s like you own the restaurant. – Maybe I’ll get one of these?
– Maybe you should. – Maybe I’ll set up on your corner. – Change your mind about
pineapple on a pizza? – I love it. – I didn’t think that was
possible, but you did it. Thanks again.
– Converted. – Yeah, seriously. – Thanks man, I really appreciate it. – Oh, I wanna beep that horn. – There’s only a few people I’d let kidnap me and get away
with it, you’re one of them. – And I fed you good pizza,
I did all the driving. I think I’m finally ready
to take my road test. Needed to have an adult in the
car while I have my permit, so thanks. I’m really glad you joined me. – Listen, great road trip. – What was the weirdest
pizza of the whole trip? – It’s probably it was between the Frankford Ave. Taco and the Pizza Pizza. – No way, the mustard
pizza was the weirdest? – Yeah.
– Come on. – Oh, you know what was really like the biggest surprise of all? – What’s that? – You’ve been bringing
me all these pizzas. It was finally nice to get out and meet the people who make ’em. – Yeah, good people. – Yeah. – Pizza people are like all great people. That’s kind of my favorite part about bringing you weird pizzas
is when I get to go out, you know, visit, hang out, and chat. – I can’t wait for my next pizza trip. – Really?
– Yeah, Scott. – You mean it?
– Yeah, Scott. Don’t start gettin’ all
like mushy on me now. – This is really happy. – Pretty cool truck. – Yo, where is the ladder?
– Need to get you a helmet. – Is it open?
– Yeah, dude, it’s open. – Why don’t ya’ go play with the horn? Marty, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. – I’m gonna make this my new doorbell. We need a double extra large
pineapple pizza ASAP squat. Bye baby, you’re fired! – Look at him, look at him. – Hey Mark, hey Mark, I’m a fireman! I said I put out fires.
– You need a helmet. – I’m saving lives! I’m a firemen! Let’s go! We got people to save, there’s
a cat in a tree somewhere. This is the adventure of lifetime. – OK Captain Scott! What are some of your pizza rules? Thanks for watchin’ this
season of “Really Dough?” Don’t forget to like, comment, and share. – And if you’re hungry for more, check out our other episodes, like the last one where
I went to Zuppardi’s with Mark and we ate that clam pizza, you loved it. You ate the whole thing. – I did. – Hey, you wanna go on another road trip? Hey, hey, I don’t know
how to get down from here. Mark, seriously, I don’t know
how to get down from here. I guess I’m just here now. I like Connecticut. Is something burning? Does anybody else smell something burning?

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