HEAVENLY RAW VEGAN SUSHI | How to make sushi rolls

hello because I’m nuts it’s Robin of Gambier victim kahani I am so excited to be here with you today because I will be showing you one of my favorite per second for raw vegan sushi [Music] [Music] [Music] for this recipe you are going to need one cauliflower big cauliflower two cloves of garlic one to two avocados between 1/2 cup to one half of sun-dried tomatoes yellow bell pepper zucchini cut there and also green onion shredded carrots and lay very fresh chopped basil also we are going to need organic mushrooms sushi nori seaweed sushi roller waves food [Music] beats stack preparation time let’s start with our flavoring rice [Music] now we are going to plan our cauliflower or right remember to make smaller pieces to make it easier to blend or processor [Music] and also you wanna add two cloves [Music] I like it let’s check this out oh and it’s more blending so this is going to be our rice you want to add more flour [Music] so like I mentioned before I am happy with this food processor Hamilton Beach blender but unfortunately that container is not big enough for me I would love to have much bigger one to fit everything perfectly [Music] smell is really good you want to make sure to not to get any big chunks oh I found one you don’t want this don’t be afraid to make a mess in your kitchen who are you preparing the food choices because that’s why see how pleased that works by the minute right [Music] now we are putting our rice on the ceiling you wanna make sure to make it stick much as possible now the cauliflower is starting with Lois [Music] [Applause] we are putting our ingredients carrots [Music] and onions red pepper yellow ones as well you can put some mushrooms and of course sun-dried tomatoes to make taste more flavor [Music] now it’s time to roll the sushi wrap it around try to wrap your sushi very tight [Music] I usually help myself with the second silly noise what helps to reach very the sushi roll use your lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to glue everything together great job and I am creating a few more sushi rolls and your sushi roll is ready and I will be good night [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] have you been searching ever by yourself [Music] give it a thumbs up if you like my bra Nvidia especially subscribe to my channel if you want to be one of my covers and nice and read about to be happy also I would love to share with you guys my news feed which is already available to download more information in the description below bye [Music] [Music] [Music]

10 comments on “HEAVENLY RAW VEGAN SUSHI | How to make sushi rolls”

  1. Steve Sacra says:

    Oh my gosh" it's like you read my mind🌈girl " I simply love vegan sushi🐲

  2. RAW420Living says:

    Wow that's looks delicious 👽 you be making some very very good videos you so creative

  3. B Czekaj says:

    Ach jaki specjał 😋. Wygląda niesamowicie pysznie😘

  4. Andrew Hancock says:

    I'm hungry now! Looks divine 😇

  5. Magda C says:

    Uwielbiam sushi! 😍😋

  6. Wojtass AUDIO says:

    Que bueno Magia :))

  7. Raw CoCoNut GirL says:

    What do you think about my Raw Vegan Sushi??🍱🌱let me know in the comment section below ☺️💚🤗

  8. Tiegan Smith says:

    this sushi looks amazing! another grate video!

  9. Ben Reiz says:

    I love sushi! Would love to try this one👍🏽

  10. The Incredible Beast says:

    I've never made sushi before, this looks pretty good.

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