Hell Ramen Level 5 도전!! & 음식 주문이 가능한 영화관?? | KUSSUPMAN EP 7

(waiting for kussupman) there he is do the intro idk what im doing today though just do it yo kussup people we’re gonna dont know what im doing today first, we gonna eat but we ain’t telling you where lets go where we going we going to ian’s pizza for real? ya (some korean joke) (walks past ian’s pizza) wait, we not going to ian’s? nope today’s spot is strings? yup one of the best ramen places in madison we’ll be trying the hell ramen level 5 challenge today it gonna hurt your throat this kinda like Korea’s death tonkatsu challenge if you finish level 5 in 20 minutes you get a tshirt 50$gift card and the meal for free yo who challenged me to this thing your challenge is accepted yea so have to finish this in 20 minutes don’t think im gonna be able to finish this this isnt even red bro it black hurts my eyes for real it hurting my eye balls come close its kinda like doing an nbc training ill try a bit of everything lets get it kinda spicy not gonna lie cant even talk cause it’s too spicy this kinda tastes like not that spicy but it hurts your nose at first it’s like eating a scoop of wasabi then it hurts your tongue ya thats it for today is the meat spicy no it does not hurt your throat(????) cant even hear properly its not like other spicy food tastes like mustard doesnt taste good either tastes not good yer mout hgoes numb can you not talk yuh… if you try the challenge they give you free mochi ice cream so well be trying the mochi ramen(??) mochi ice cream** o its macha flavour it’s so good this the s… instead of the hell ramen we’ll be trying an actual ramen *tonkotsu ramen* string ramen tastes pretty good cause its the most expensive ramen place in madison so we tried the hell ramen and regular tongochu ramen today iz good have this going to our second destination we goin there a cafe? a movie theater o what we watching frozen? was it “frozen”? or was it “iced”? frozen? ( you can order food while watching the movie ) lets go watch frozen yo they got forks and napkins in the theater pullable table menu underneath* (order by writing the dish you want on a piece of paper) (pay when the movie ends) so today we watched a movie and had strings ramen ramen

3 comments on “Hell Ramen Level 5 도전!! & 음식 주문이 가능한 영화관?? | KUSSUPMAN EP 7”

  1. Taekyung Kim says:

    마지막으로 볼 쿠썹맨 영상이겠군요 ㅜㅜ 귀여워요 쿠썹맨씨😆 담학기도 화이팅..

  2. Seok Hyeon Byun says:

    와 음식주문 영화관은 진짜 부럽다

  3. cho jstio says:

    뭔제대로된 첫편같아

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