Hidden Tokyo Breakfast Food Tour

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  1. Paolo fromTOKYO says:

    Check out my Toe-kyo Merch – https://teespring.com/stores/paolofromtokyo
    Discord – https://discord.gg/xX4Y2tw – Get ANSWERS to QUESTIONS about future JAPAN travels, etiquette, food, etc. and connect/share information about Japan on my Paolo from TOKYO Discord community site. Also, let me know here what type of videos you want to see next.

  2. france_paris10 says:

    Yes please! We are going to Tokyo next year and would love to know the best/affordable coffee spots in Tokyo 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼☕️ and iced coffee is my favorite too!

  3. The Chat Party says:

    I’d LOVE. a coffee shop video!! ☕️

  4. hhannahhmichelle says:

    Pleassse do a coffee shop video! Also, is it okay to mix wasabi with soy sauce?? Can’t wait to come in April, thanks for all your videos!

  5. Estrella Saucedo says:

    I don't think it ever hit me that Japanese I breakfast wasn't going to be American breakfast until now. 😂 I feel silly but I am really surprised that sushi is considered breakfast

  6. journeyfan12001 says:

    Add another vote for top coffee shops in Tokyo please!

  7. TheAnnaclarice says:

    Yessss, coffee is life😆

  8. Douglas Tanno says:

    I couldn’t stop thinking about Salmonella while watching you guys eating raw egg 😂 but it was very nice of you stressing that the eggs’ quality in Japan are good and safe. I’m gonna try some.

  9. Krisztyan says:

    Amazing video AGAIN!

  10. LazyTV says:

    How about a video of Maiko's picks?

  11. Hassan Shah says:

    Thank you for this video

  12. Michelle Lim says:

    Yes! To the coffee shops video please!

  13. Tsunghan Hsieh says:

    The second one is absolutely Taiwanese style @[email protected]

  14. Patrick Anderson says:

    Thank you for your videos! I am going back to Tokyo next year for the Olympics, but I love any hidden gem food and restaurant videos. Also if you go outside Tokyo for similar videos, I would appreciate anything near Kyoto or the suburbs of Tokyo since I'm staying in Kashiwa.

  15. sam.i.am says:

    Great video!

  16. phych says:

    +1000 for a coffee shop video

  17. Gominamification says:

    Yes, coffee shop video please. Need my caffeine fix morning, noon and night

  18. Tim Nkl says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Maiko , and Happy New Year as well. I hope you get all you wish for and more.
    Keep making great videos , you are awesome people.

  19. David Thai says:

    Slight mix up with the description timestamps. Alpha and Gransta swapped around:

    6:32 – 3. Alpha Beta Coffee Club

    – https://goo.gl/maps/JdjaPWt61Dw93fMs5

    8:55 – 4. Tsukiji Sushi Sei at Gransta Tokyo

    – https://goo.gl/maps/8w16898q93XaVJUN9

    Thanks for the video guide!

  20. Vanessa John says:

    thanks for all the suggestions, Paolo! I would love a coffee shop video (specifically, it would be nice to know which shops do NOT have smokers, as I am not used to being in enclosed areas w/ smokers). as an aside, I believe it is customary in japan not to mix wasabi and shoyu together and pour over the chirashi but rather to get a small amount of wasabi with your hashi and put that on top of the fish, then lightly dip the sashimi in the shoyu. However, to each their own! Looks delicious!

  21. Nai-Cheng Yang says:

    6:32 I'm pretty sure I heard GRANSTA is a BIG A$$ shopping area under Tokyo Station lolllllll

  22. adonis abdessemed says:

    Japan is the land of rising gastronomy.

  23. Henry Richard says:

    YES PLEASE TOKYO COFFEE SHOPSSSSS yes yes yes 😀 if you could include places that do good quality barista made lattes, cappuccinos, machiatos etc. that would be great.

  24. Ernest Kwok says:

    Rice is kinda heavy for me in the morning but I will prob do it when I'm in Japan the next round!

  25. Randy Little says:

    How is Mr. Donut not on the list. OMG Pom de Ring.

  26. Karina Palma says:

    Thanks for your video Paolo! It helps alot! ❤️

  27. Draggucci Arts says:

    Sweet vid. I'd be interested in the coffee spots vid. ✌️ Also, I am really liking the Sushi Girl hoodie I bought in your Merch shop.

  28. Delicious Vegans says:

    why is this black guy telling me about breakfast in japan??

  29. Global Astral says:

    Aaliya in Shinjuku has the best French toast you’ll ever have!

  30. zenfone david says:

    your video quality is great, the beard though…..

  31. Jordan Skywalker says:

    ngiler slur 🤤

  32. Marian's Nook says:

    Yes please on the coffee shops! In particular, maybe those with huge seating areas / can accommodate large groups because we Filipinos normally travel with the whole family >.<

  33. Ignatius Grulgor says:

    do a video on coffee shops pls.

  34. not Jotaro says:

    Is Paolo Filipino? Sorry idk 🙂

  35. Kirstie Lush says:

    These all look great and seem way cheaper than I thought they'd be for what you get! Can't wait to try them when I move to Tokyo in two days!!!

  36. anthony meizer says:

    Tokio foods is the best! 😘

  37. Dian Sari says:

    Nothing unhealthy and not delicious food in Japan!!!

  38. Purvi Deshmukh says:

    Can u plz make a video on vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Japan.
    (if is there any😅)

  39. Stack Academy says:

    This guy is so likable, one of the reasons I like his videos.

  40. Andries du Plessis says:

    Its nite time here where I am and all of a sudden I want to join u guys for breakfast in Tokyo

  41. WolfWoot says:

    7:52 that effect is amazing and should never go away

  42. Spanking Fantasies says:

    Maiko needs to be more often on camera!

  43. Anthony Nguyen says:

    @13:31 Miko having her own little food reactions in the background

  44. Jasmine M says:

    YES PLEASE DO A COFFEE GUIDE. Im off to japan in March 2020 and I'm from Australia so definitely need to know where good coffee places are!

  45. cheetum00 says:

    I don't think eating raw egg is healthy … Is it prepared somehow ? i get that it's fresh and all but still.

  46. JÖYの貓 says:


  47. Moontess says:

    Great idea for a video! I've tried the Tsukiji Sushi Sei and it's wonderful. The order came within 1 min and I had the sea bream set too – perfect!

  48. Mark T says:

    Great video. I'd sooner stay out all night and crawl out of bed into a curry or Gyūdon joint.

  49. John Stevenson says:

    Coffee shop video please!

  50. JeVez says:

    Do a video on coffee shop pls ! Thank you

  51. 大阪Đức Anh says:

    Help osaka

  52. V. P says:

    Why you say i-ka-ra and not simply ikara

  53. 毎駒 says:

    Paolo オリジナルのパーカー
    T シャツ より good
    前 ファスナー付きの
    脱着型の パーカーに
    して欲しい 風通しも良い(笑)

  54. 毎駒 says:

    朝は ファストフードなら

  55. ChloeCanary says:

    Omg I dont know if I want to go to Hongwanji Cafe or Sushi Say when we're in Tsukiji 😨 decisions decisions

    P.S. Paolo, #3 in video is #4 description if you want to fix it! Tried to link my friend but got confused 😂

  56. 77sarahann says:

    Please do a coffee video! I’m visiting Tokyo in the spring and would love to know the best coffee spots. Also, thank you for all your amazing videos-my family and I are loving them!

  57. Cano says:

    prices are actually pretty good as well for tokyo
    ps more maiko please haha

  58. ReYo says:

    I'd be down to watch coffee shops in Tokyo, that sounds great! Planning a honeymoon in the future (once I'm married of course), and I likes my coffee shops, so that would be a great way to wake up in a new country. Please!

  59. Alex K says:

    Didnt you fear about salmonella when that egg wasnt even fully cooked?

  60. Gilvids says:

    Who needs bacon and eggs when you have this for breakfast

  61. TheloniusPoon says:

    these were all dope, the $5 breakfast looked not good though but you persevered hahaa good stuff as always paolo happiest youtuber on here

  62. PlayerVlogs says:

    stop writing acai, its Açaí the original way of writing it. respect the cultures behind the food,
    especially when it cames from a country (Brazil) that dosn't has much food explored around the world

  63. Karen Ng says:

    Fried dough sticks with soy milk

  64. Cynthia Green says:

    13:54 isn’t eating raw egg dangerous?

  65. Cynthia Green says:

    15:27 ohh you answered my question. 😄

  66. Julio Pizzachef says:


  67. Kellee Takeshita says:

    Awesome video as always! Happy New Year to you and Maiko!

  68. Nick Budesa says:

    I’m shocked how reasonable the prices are! In California for that first place especially it would be at least 25 dollars.

  69. Aligatorxx3 says:

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate how great Paulo is at food reviews?? Way more detailed and relatable than many of the famous traveling food reviewers! 🙌🏻✨

  70. Tyler Brooks says:

    when will he dislike something. This is why I cant take videos like this seriously. Japanese food vlogs be like: "WOW OMG this cold ham is like ham but cold best cold ham i have ever had🙃". Just doesn't feel genuine.

  71. funkmonkey06 says:

    Looks disgusting

  72. Bluebadsquishy says:

    We could have used this on our first trip! It seriously was a hunt to try and find breakfast every day.

  73. Nitish Sharma says:

    Paolo hii, you are doing so good, i always follow your channel, its quite informative. I have a one request , can you please show some information about ODAIBA some kind of day tour.

  74. Jessica Regonini says:

    Pleaseeee do a coffee shop episode!!!!!!

  75. Guang Sussman says:

    Just coffee shops please

  76. Muppio says:

    Dude is just so excited about everything! ^_^

  77. Jason Derrick says:

    Do make a coffee shop tour,bro!

  78. Ruzielle Ganuelas says:

    Can you do a vegetarian friendly restaurant tour? Thank you! 😊

  79. Omar Gepiga says:

    Hi Paolo! What about the best tempura restos in Shinjuku and Shibuya? Also, best breakfast places in these areas. Thanks!

  80. Angelo says:

    Incredible video! Appreciated so much!

  81. Ewabound57 says:

    Paolo, Please do a coffee video on where to get the best coffee in Tokyo. Hot, iced, fancy lattes… expresso places.

  82. Derek Koltunovich says:

    We're are going to Japan soon and we are really enjoying your videos. Thanks for being our guide! 🇯🇵

  83. Reenie Sunshine Kai says:

    Please do a cofftvee shop in tokyo video!! Thank you!!

  84. Lu Meizhen says:

    Yes Yes!! Do a Tokyo coffee shop guide.

  85. nolls888 says:

    I got diarrhea just from watching you eat all these different types of foods lol

  86. a j l says:

    Yes please I would love to see a show all about coffee shops in Tokyo thank u !! I love your program. : )

  87. Weng RM says:

    Hi paolo from tokyo we’ll be in shibuya this March hope to see you and have a souvenir photo🥳🙏🏻🌸 thanks from the Philippines🙏🏻

  88. DS says:

    Hi! does anyone know whats the price of the 18 course breakfast of the first place?

  89. Vanessa martinez says:

    Everything was good except the raw egg.

  90. Suriya Stoltzfus says:

    Great foods and great place Japan

  91. Manue Ramirez says:

    yes we love coffeeee!!!

  92. cherriesonapples says:

    please please please do a video about top coffee shops!!!

  93. X-4014fan says:

    These food videos in Japan make me so hungry. All the food there looks and tastes incredible!!

  94. Melissa Lucas says:

    Yes please do a video for coffee shops! Actually do more than one! I love going to local coffee shops in any city I visit

  95. Maxamed Maxamed says:

    I can’t raw fish and 🤗

  96. Jules Dourlens says:

    Hello Paolo! I loved your places recommendations and made a list people can use on a map: https://dokomaps.com/map/536/hidden-tokyo-awesome-breakfast-by-paolo

  97. Lee Wilson says:

    Hey, Yes if you could make a video-based on coffee shops it will be great! btw love your video! cheers

  98. James Lee says:

    love this food video, please make more

  99. ramzzrulezz says:

    Besides the coffee place and the first place I don't think any of the places you showed were that good.

  100. mosindesire says:

    Do coffee places for sure. Typically in your videos I can find at least one food place I'd go but really didn't see anything that was a must for me. The last place, probably be good as long as I can get my egg fried. Any thoughts on the potato as a breakfast item, like hash browns?

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