29 comments on “Homemade Bounty Bar Recipe”

  1. Dash PNG says:

    I've heard the majority of bag pipes music in my life through James's appearances

  2. Molly Mayor says:

    Damn now I want bounty I'm not sure I'd go to all that trouble yummy though

  3. BeardedDanishViking says:

    This is so much better with dark chocolate. Dark mint chocolate 😀

  4. Samara-Marie Cueto says:

    I would lei Mike anyday😏😅🌺

  5. Samara-Marie Cueto says:

    I didnt realize Ben was so hairy🙄

  6. Da AnzzMeister says:

    But I thought Barry was Ben's best friend!

  7. Hans Tun says:

    Why bother if you are not going to make them better than a bounty bar? To spend all that time and end up with an exact copy that is more expensive seems a little odd. So many improvements that can be made to a Bounty bar starting with turning that condensed milk into Dulce de Leche for starters.

  8. miss Grace Jones says:

    Mars are out of business

  9. the gaming boy madyan says:

    That video was awesome,can I see more

  10. Angela Cheng says:

    getting drunk and making candy…. wheres the job app

  11. Roflthe 8th says:

    I don't know why I'm watching this I don't even like coconut

  12. Epileptic Spudmonkey says:

    sounds like "maggots"…

  13. Alicia Phillips says:

    Why don’t you cover the bottom of the chocolate bar first let sit and then cover the top?

  14. Jessica Ringdahl says:

    Looks really good! Is there any way I can veganize this recipe? Already has some dairy-free chocolate but I need a good replacement for the milk? Would be really grateful for tips, Sorted food 🙂 x Jessica

  15. m7md8D says:


  16. Bouvardia says:

    Mike, that was the best joke ever.

  17. Waqas Bashir says:

    James is a twat gey rid of him lads you 4 make sorted hes just an extra annoying twat who thinks hes better than anyone else

  18. B uppy says:

    WHY remove the extra chocolate,? Why settle for the same when you can have better ?

    Crumpets must be toated properly and the holes filled with butter.

  19. Thoughts from the Dryer says:

    so a mars ripoff of a mounds?

  20. Mbali Dubs says:


  21. Youngster Joey says:

    “Tastes like petrol that one” is possibly the best reaction to anything ever

  22. Adam Broussard says:

    Scotland the Brave? srsly?

  23. Shay Slayer says:

    *english muffin

  24. Tales From The Grotto says:

    Grew up in Hawaii and this is the first time I've ever heard of Bounty bars… Parents have done explaining to do

  25. Sim M says:

    Hi love the recipe just made them tasted amazing the only thing I had problem with was my melting chocolate it wouldn’t spread quick enough what did I I do wrong please advice

  26. Kyaiaia Kyaiaia says:

    I had a dream I was making bounty at home and it looked the same as the original.

  27. JanTheNan says:

    The only sweet I like.

  28. Jeramy Mayfield says:

    It's basically an almond joy without the almond or milk chocolate mounds

  29. Diana Davidian says:

    Hello from Greece 🇬🇷!!! Your videos are so interesting and 😋 delicious!!! I just subbed to you! Keep going such a good job.

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