Homemade Vegetarian Sushi in my PlanetBox – THAI “Pad See Ew”-inspired Sushi

morning guys it’s melissa here and today
i wanted to just quickly show you how i put together sushi rolls for my
four-year-olds lunchbox i posted something on Instagram the other day and
all of you guys kind of went crazy about the homemade sushi but it’s really so
easy I just keep three things in my pantry I keep short greened rice that I
cook in my rice cooker sheets of nori and I keep rice wine vinegar which I use
just to season a few dashes onto my rice today I’m using my leftovers so I have a
piece of broccolini leftover from last night I have some mint that was in the
house and then I just scrambled a little egg and made this guy and so this flavor
combination is almost like a pad see ew like the Thai noodle you would order
with broccoli and the egg and a little bit of mint makes it sort of a Thai
flavor combination and we’ll see how it goes today and the lunch after I roll
this for you I’m just gonna fill the rest of my Planetbox which is super easy and fast I have leftover carrot cake cupcakes which have no nuts so they’re fine for school
I do a “frost your own” so I put frosting on the side for my daughter
which she loves and I’ll probably tuck in some other leftover veggies some
salty snacks and we’re done this is really easy and I just wanted to encourage you
to give it a try and now I’m gonna spread this out and show you how I roll
up my sushi roll okay so this is a generous amount of
rice I probably could put a little less I’m just going to wet my fingers and Pat
it out into an even layer so that my roll rolls up smoothly and when you wet
your fingers the rice won’t stick to them and it helps those grains of rice
really pack in together to be like solid and smooth okay this is the leap of faith moment
but if you’ve rolled a burrito or any other food like that you can do this
when I roll I try to grip the edge closest to me and then with my fingers I
just kind of grab and hold on to the filling so it doesn’t shift and then I
try to get it as tight as possible and keep rolling I’m just dampening my fingers again and
sealing up that last edge there there’s a little bit of spillage out of the
sides and I just chop those off I’m gonna cut it in half and then in half
again on the each of the ends to get between six and eight pieces out of this
sushi roll and that’s it I can link below to some other types of sushi that
I’ve done for my daughter with purple rice we do all kinds of sushi here and I
hope to see you back here on my channel soon thanks so much bye-bye

3 comments on “Homemade Vegetarian Sushi in my PlanetBox – THAI “Pad See Ew”-inspired Sushi”

  1. Allie's Best says:

    Wow! You’d never think of sushi being an “easy” lunch… but you made it seem so easy to have to on hand! So fun!

  2. My Jewish Mommy Life says:

    Love this idea! We used to make sushi when we were young and kid free but you’ve inspired me to bring it back!

  3. Dinahsoar says:

    Vegetarian sushi is a favorite of mine and I do make it the traditional way. But for an easier version I make what I call scattered sushi. It makes a nice, quick lunch. I layer the components in a bowl and sprinkle with nori flakes or broken nori.

    Rice freezes beautifully and is easily refreshed with a bit of water and heating. I do it in the microwave for convenience. If you take left over rice, place it in a freezer bag and spread the rice out, freeze it flat, once frozen it won't stick together and it's easy to break off small amounts as needed for lunch.

    I keep nori in the pantry (I like the seasoned nori lavers (small sheets, 10 in each unit, they com in packages with 3 units so it stay fresh for a long time). The veg is whatever is in the fridge.

    I make a tuna version too: canned white tuna, a dab of wasabi, and some good mayo, stirred together. A tube of wasabi has a long shelf life, the powdered wasabi even longer I'd guess. And tuna and mayo are staples in my kitchen.

     I buy large bottles of soy sauce, which I sprinkle on my layered sushi, from the Asian grocery and find it more flavorful and much cheaper than the typical grocery store brands.

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