100 comments on “Homemade Vs. Fast Food: Fried Chicken Biscuit • Tasty”

  1. Toni Odejimi says:

    at the MOST you wait 30-45 minutes for your food, not HOURS. just say this is a boujee homemade version, not that it’s a time saver

  2. Odett Háfra says:

    Újra gondolt rántott húsos szendvics😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Sam says:

    Wouldn’t know what to do with the excess oil so I think I’ll leave that up to Chik fil a

  4. Merrill George says:

    Fried chicken biscuit

    ah yes, helth

  5. Maryam Syed says:

    Her chicken biscuit: what fast food restaurants advertise their's to look like.

    Fast food chicken biscuit: what it actually looks like.

  6. Maryam Syed says:

    Her: "If you've got a little bit of extra time, I really recommend you guys trying this."

    A little bit of extra time…it takes over a day to make…

  7. Ketki Deshmukh says:

    How difficult is it to cook without creating a mess on the counter????

  8. Antonio Capra says:

    Maybe you could try it with arepas witch is a Venezuelan food

  9. Christian Green says:

    Or you can always order DoorDash..
    Get $5 off your first three orders with this link https://drd.sh/BP4T5X/

  10. Boba Tea Japanese says:

    I watched this while eating a number 1 combo from Chickfila, lolol

  11. Ploppy JR says:

    I don’t know if she is 11 or 20

  12. Forest hoe says:


  13. Forest hoe says:


  14. fredrick thompson says:

    Did she volunteer or did tasty ask a black woman to make FRIED FUCKING CHICKEN

  15. Dom Lloyd says:

    Why’d she put gloves on to only touch salt and pepper with her hands? Used the tongs to pick up the chicken

  16. I do Not know says:

    Can you bring back making it big

  17. jgw246 says:

    Anyone else thinking "nugget in a biscuit"?

  18. Saharsh Atra says:

    Did not realize that the guy was blind at all!!

  19. Depression is a hobby mum says:

    Ok ok. Me being British, I thought they made it out of an actual biscuit/ cookie. It took me a good minute to figure it out.

  20. A M says:

    I love her! And she’s super gorgeous too! Great job guys 🙂

  21. Kaitlynn Cole says:

    Can you try making fazolis tortellini alfredo for a video?

  22. Victoria Wise says:

    seventeen on seventeen was the only thing I wanted and I got it yessss

  23. Bailey Akre says:

    Did they steal this from Joshua W

  24. Kimberly N'da says:

    I like my chicken flavourful

    Proceeds to season with only salt and pepper

  25. TeamVision says:

    The amount of times I heard incorporated

  26. Cook. Bake. Eat. With Ashh says:

    Can’t wait to post my chicken sandwich recipe!! I think people are going to LOVE IT 💕💕

  27. Rene13831 says:

    I like the crust on the homemade chicken. But I don't like a thick biscuit or thick chicken so I would prefer the fast food over the homemade. The fast food just need that crust like the homemade.

  28. Christian Waronsky says:

    Seems a little inspired by Joshua Weissman

  29. Shelise B says:

    What kind of seasoning was that 😑😐

  30. Victor Himura says:

    That home made chicken biscuit looks delicious, and that crunch sounded awesome.

  31. Adam Kendall says:

    Definitely making this. :] tyty

  32. Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes says:

    When I do this, I’m going to cook the chicken sous vide and fry it for less time. The orange / brown breading doesn’t look good.

  33. afiqah says:

    I like nichi

  34. Arielle L says:

    After showing this video to my husband my grocery list now has "big jar of pickles" on it. What kind of oil did you fry the chicken in?

  35. СТЕЙКИ СТЕЙК says:

    Homemade ♥️✌️

  36. naved khan says:

    wont it get too dry without any gravy

  37. zachary holoway says:

    she sounds like patrick mahomes

  38. GrandFunkyGamer says:

    Is she Ghanaian ?

  39. Wajeehaasghar Rindbaloch says:


    no flour was harmed during the making of this is video

  40. Duck Butters says:

    So much salt.

  41. Niree Marie says:

    Just salt and pepper? I’m sorry but that’s nothing flavorful

  42. Giulio Ferrari says:

    the fact that the judge were clearly told which was which,,,,,,,,,, chile they look near identical

  43. Infurnus 21 says:

    People who call burgers "sandwiches" are so Annoying

  44. Ramy Mounir says:

    does it make sense to put salt and pepper on chicken then put them in a bath of liquids? in my mind It makes more sense to season after marinade

  45. Del Ruas says:

    Is there an option for people that can't eat fried chicken?

  46. Maria Kenworthy says:

    Is the biscuit part what us brits call scones? Looks extremely similar

  47. Mr Duck says:

    Nugget biscuit nugget in a biscuit

  48. Ashlin Francis says:

    M i the only one or she actually sounds like Shakira ?

  49. Lily Stephens says:

    I think you'll find that it's not a biscuit, it's a scone 😂

  50. Kalysta Leary says:

    Her voice is fucking annoying

  51. Ayo-Ola says:

    Stop hating on the only black woman on tasty!

  52. smhchill Malina Rene says:

    Hello YouTubers ! SWEET I got your attention. Where the real opinion matters.
    I would like to see an updated video! Preferably on meatballs. 😃 I would really love to see a video based on a Mexican dish called albondigas soup. It’s amazing and I know everyone would really appreciate it.
    100 thumbs up if you all agree. !

  53. Fireblaze351 says:

    Das a chiscuit right there Boi

  54. MichelleK says:

    I'm so ashamed of that CFA biscuit! I do biscuits at CFA where I live and I go MILE HIGH! all the way and I'm the only one who can do them.None of my other co workers can I get them high,buttery,flakey,and delicious.I've never had chick fil a before but I heard everyone! loves my biscuits. <3 <3

  55. Melate Kebede says:

    ik she did not season that with salt and pepper

  56. Timid Typhlosion says:

    Are there usually this many trolls, or is it the Christians being jerks because she put Chik-Fil-A to shame?

  57. JonO387 says:

    Lost me at pickle "juice". Fail.

  58. Sarah Kholaif says:

    Doesn’t want to wait in line while she has to wait at least 3 days !!!!!?????🤯😱

  59. Melanie Baxter says:

    No no no not dill pickle juice, sweet pickle juice is the way to go. Not only that but who had to "wait in line for hours" at chikfile? So much easier to make overnight marinated fried chicken and homemade biscuits… This is just a lame video…

  60. fries and sundae says:

    I dont mund waiting in line tho. I don't have the ingredients coz im broke

  61. fries and sundae says:

    I dont mind waiting in line tho. I don't have the ingredients and equipment coz im broke

  62. Jaden Nguyen says:

    To make your life simplier just get a chicken biscuit at chick-fil-a and put honey on it and eat it it'll make your day and that's fax.

  63. T L says:

    gotta perform some post editing magic otherwise it's just plain obvious someone has poor cooking skills

  64. Haley Faragalli says:

    The ones from Chick Fil A are so good

  65. PineappleBoi says:

    Needs more seasoning and at least some kind of sauce

  66. King Dave says:

    says " see u guys tmr" but comes back wearing exact same clothes

  67. EricAtTheBeach says:

    Where in the world are you going, waiting hours for a chicken sandwich!?!? You ordering takeout from a different state?

  68. Shisui Tomoya says:

    She doesn't roll her sleeve.. Gross..

  69. PillA says:

    오늘도 맘스터치가 뿌듯한 한국인

  70. Javan Butler says:

    She scared of the chicken

  71. IWalkAlone247 says:

    Wait…Tasty actually has black people in their videos? Attractive sister by the way…..and I'm definitely gonna try this recipe

  72. Huda Huda says:

    I clicked cuz I thought she was Freddie

  73. Daniella Ohlman says:

    U have to try making a pizza from dimanos or Pizza Hut

  74. David Alin says:

    i prefer medium rare chicken

  75. Cel Karlo Capati says:

    I feel like she’s only 15 years old. Lol

  76. Everything Videos says:

    Bojangles, has the best chicken biscuit in my opinion they're always packed when it's breakfast tims where I live.

  77. Meme Man says:

    Excuse me.

    That’s called a fucking scone

  78. JopieJopie Games says:

    She talks like how shakira sings

  79. deleon Prince says:

    Did she bathe?

  80. Alfred F Jones says:

    who waits in line for "hours" it's called fast food

  81. Lavender Bloom says:

    Homemade: Expectations
    Fast food: Reality

    It’s like a commercial

  82. jermaine brown says:

    “So we’re gonna start by seasoning our chicken”
    Her: uses salt and pepper 😐

  83. Mirabelle Scheuerle says:

    Did tasty just replace all their producers and get rid of all their normal shows? I am not enjoying new tasty. I want eating your feed and fish out of water making it big ect. Very disappointed

  84. Shannon J says:

    Next time can u do Noodles & CO’s Parmesan Crusted Chicken & Buttered Noodles?? 😋 I need it! My town does not have a Noodles & Co and it’s killing me!

  85. Nimra Jamal says:

    https://youtu.be/oIpPOtC7Paw subscribe please

  86. Mr. Xearro says:

    Not wait hours in line

  87. zanaya jackson says:

    homemad takes more time

  88. Twine Twiddler says:

    We used this in the air fryer. 20 minutes at 350 and used breasts. Omgosh! So juicy and amazing! They didnt really brown, so we finished them off by frying them in a bit of olive oil. Mainly because that was the only oil I had, lol. It browned them up nicely. My husband said that was the best fried chicken he had ever had! Better than KFC and even better than his own mother's! Now that's huge!!!

  89. Rosa Reyes says:

    Hotn spicy

  90. Dushant Robinson says:

    That man's jacket is a little too small. Extra medium is not his size.

  91. Snickers Biscuit says:

    "Lemme get a fuckin' uhhhh Chicken Biscuit"

  92. J M says:

    Umph… Everything in this video was a miss for me. I think I'll stick to BA and Epicurious for my cooking videos, this one reminded me of why I stopped watching Buzzfeed.

  93. Nether Warrior says:

    Don’t want to wait a few hours in line?
    Ok, where the fuck do you go.
    Also 2, this recipe takes more than a day?

    Than I remembered this is part of buzzfeed so it makes sense stupidity is coming out of it.

  94. Aniket Shendage says:

    try making "Vada Pao"

  95. Ifti_006 says:

    A black person making the chicken and a black person tasting it huh

  96. Cody asmr says:

    Obviously she’s black

  97. Billy B says:

    Make food for Matt Stoney like to agree

  98. I need Almond milk says:

    Girl if I want my Biscuit with fried chicken how you gonna tell me to wait overnight

  99. Jana Ghazi says:

    We want to see more of Nichi and david !!

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