Homemade XO Sauce Recipe (Seafood Chili Sauce)

Hi guys it’s Jessie at Ice or Rice. Today I’m super excited to introduce this gourmet XO sauce to you. it was invented in the 1980s in Hong Kong, China. you can find the sauce at most Asian markets. It usually costs about $20 for 7.8 oz because of high quality seafood ingredients I’m going to show you how to make this at home It’s insanely addictive once you try it! For this recipe, we need four key
ingredients, dry scallops, dried shrimps dried cured ham and Thai chili peppers They bring lots of umami and salty flavors For the ham, I recommend the dry
cured ham from the city of Jin Hua. So let’s get started! First I soaked the
scallops and shrimps in warm water for two hours. Chop the ham using a food
processor. Now put the ham and scallops in a steamer for 15 minutes over high heat. this is to soften the scallops and the ham. Chop the shrimps, garlic and
shallots separately in a food processor after 15 minutes, the scallops and ham
are ready. Let the scallops cool down. Now we can shred the scallops into threads by breaking them apart with your fingers or you can put them in the zip top bag
and break them apart okay once all the ingredients are
chopped heat the saucepan over medium high with 4-5 cups of vegetable
oil. To test the temperature dip a wooden chopstick into the oil Once you see small bubbles floating up about 240 Fahrenheit degrees Add the shrimps and fry for 1 to 2 minutes. then add ham and scallops, and fry for 4 to 5 minutes then transfer everything with the oil to
a plate, add two cups of vegetable oil to the saucepan and heat it over medium
high to 240 degrees add the shallots and garlic once you see it lightly turn golden add the rest of the ingredients back to the saucepan and mix well if you like it spicy you can add the Thai chili peppers now since I have kids at home, I only added just a little bit chili pepper in this video once everything is incorporated let’s add oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, fish sauce, shaoxing wine and sugars then give it a stir and cook for 1-2 minutes. the sauce is ready. so you might wonder, how do I use this sauce. well I often add it to stir-fry rice and noodles. and sometimes we just eat it
with rice along with other dishes It makes everything tastes 10X better. if you enjoy and try the recipe, please give us a thumbs up share it so that other people can enjoy it also, check out our youtube channel or follow us on Facebook. Until we eat again!

7 comments on “Homemade XO Sauce Recipe (Seafood Chili Sauce)”

  1. Sweet Rehab says:

    Awesome video!

  2. risquecat says:

    I think I will try this, minus the ham.

  3. Roselle Lau says:

    How long can you keep this?

  4. Thuy Nguyen says:

    Omg thank you am going to try making this

  5. An Gel says:

    I just had this tonight, my pharmacist gave me some to try, and I was blown away how good it is! so I searched on youtube how to make it. Thank you for sharing

  6. Trina Tang says:

    Hii! Thanks for sharing❤👍. I'm just wondering where would I find the Chinese cured ham? In the dried, freezer, refrigerated section at the asian grocery store?

  7. John S. Nathan says:

    Strem shrim an scalop for what? Need to Know for cooking

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