Horse Meat Sashimi 馬刺しのお寿司 [UPD#43]

I’m off to the bank to do some transfers. Yay! Banks, my favorite place Sounds like some dogs are trying to kill each other over there Quick bite It’s just one of those days I’m so hungry Now I can edit I’m getting a lot of questions about the editing of the vlogs So I’m going to show you just a bit of that today Yesterday’s vlog consists of 260 clips And here you can see a clip And I start putting them together and the first thing I do is I make a rough cut So this is how it looks now There’s no real sense to it, it’s just clips that were selected I have a good memory of what I’m shooting So when I have 250 clips, and let’s say Kasia took 100 of these So 150 clips from yesterday, I just remember, I know what happened in each of them So when I have to put them together, it’s easier and faster for me The skill of editing fast, it’s more in your head And you have to have the right mental attitude From this point, what I have to do is obviously add music and post-production but most importantly, I have to put this together as a story for it to have a proper narrative We’re like 40 minutes later and it’s looking like this 3 minutes shorter but I’m going to make it even shorter and then fix the sound so it’s better Color grade it and it’s going to be done Ok, it’s done, it’s rendering I’m sure you guys have seen the final product already I have a lot more I want to do before the weekend so it’s dinner at the office today Thai curry I’m so tired after yesterday But if you’re doing daily vlogging, you can’t stop, so I’m going out Can I read something for you? Who needs masturbation if there are videos like that? This is about us? Yeah Ok I gotta go Bye Moments like that, you realize you live in the biggest metropolitan area in the world It’s a sea of people today I’m meeting the Metropolis crew again today for a gyoza party they’re organizing So I hope to get some nice quality gyoza I’ve been doing this vlog for like 45 days now and I haven’t been here on the vlog yet There are so many locations in Tokyo, like I get a new area everyday and I’m not even trying to do that Horse meat sashimi and horse ribs sashimi Saying goodbye to an intern that worked at their office for a few months, he’s from California The party’s going on but I have to leave for a little bit to pick up a yukata I just got a yukata from Jody Thank you! You’ll see me in this sometime soon This guy just took a barrel of sake in front of the bar Now I’m going to go walk around some shops Twenty bucks says if Iend up buying anything it’l ed up being from western stores like H&M or Bershka Nothing in there was going to work out on me so off to the next shop Heyyy! Hey, how are you? Fun fact about Shibuya 109, is that all of the clothes Itried o was only available in sizes small and medium I don’t know if that’s true for all stores at Shibuya 109 but that’s at least what I ran into It’s 10PM, I purchased nothing So I’m off to meet your guys’ favorite person When are you going to Poland to visit your fans? Bye bye! It’s midnight, and I’m going to go home and do something I’ve been excited about doing since we started these vlogs Now we’re switching places Look who’s here How everyone on YouTube who thinks I’m cute which I am not so you’re freaking me out Thank you very much They said we were probably doing drugs together Kids say no to drugs Dame Partying so long is not wise for the vlog but I’ll take the risk of having to edit that through the night or in the morning With that said, we’re going to karaoke now 3 beers please Pro tip- walk out of the room when you’re ordering I got to leave It’s five am, I’m going to edit the video now

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  1. Jakub DRA says:

    Pierwszy 😀 3 wyświetlenia 😉

  2. Brat Filipa says:

    205 !!!

  3. dragon00735 says:

    Przed 301 xD

  4. dragon00735 says:

    Przed 301 xD

  5. Kuba urban says:

    When you do timelapses do you use mechanical slow moving of the camera or do you use the magic of postproduction to create the effect of zooming timelapses?

  6. Sn4keW1thL3gs says:

    music fits perfectly

  7. Sunny Sunny says:

    Yay! Reading! <3

  8. mikser38 says:

    Will show some typical Japanese village instead of Tokyo and big city stuff ?

  9. NiebieskieGalaretki says:

    2:54 so cute

  10. Bananas Movie Studio says:

    Soo Kris, you don't sleep all night and then you make that daily vlog 😀
    Nice work  🙂

  11. Mariusz Techmański says:

    Amazing music 😀 and vlog obviously. 😛

  12. NiebieskieGalaretki says:

    I think they are together!

  13. SzokoOko says:

    Where did you find an idea to name your channel TheUwagaPies?

  14. DawidCule says:

    Gamma makes me laugh every time she's on the vlog :v

  15. Doffy says:

    For some reason I'm hooked on these vlogs. I like the story that's being told from day to day.

  16. Arise says:

    Kris respect to you for editing it like that, I am only productive in the morning after a good sleep, maybe for 4-6 hours.

  17. ELEMENOPEE says:

    When "Ask Barrel"?!?

  18. Łukasz Ziemnicki says:

    Are you a couple ?

  19. Amanti42069 says:

    Gamma kawaii desu ne XDD

  20. Bartek Wilemborek says:

    Are you living together, in one flat ?

  21. TheMrGoldin says:

    What is the name of that song in intro ?

  22. anusia612 says:

    I love that track from video's beginning. Grate vlog today!

  23. Suzuko Maru says:

    I think pretty much all stores in 109 have clothes in "one size", which is usually S. However, they usually use a lot of stretchy materials and shirring, so it's possible for someone a bit bigger to find somethings too. I'm size 38-40 but still about 85% of my clothes comes from 109 brands 🙂 Aaannddd I think Kasia might find something in her style in Resexxy, Rasvoa, Regalect or maybe Egoist.

  24. xoAyame says:

    I can see my drawing on the wall… :'D

    For those who are looking for the tracks from this vlog:
    00:03 BaQ Beatz – Dream On (this my favourite song from the entire vlog series :3)
    02:25 BaQ Beatz – Night Walk
    05:33 BaQ Beatz – More and More

  25. JacobSzlek says:

    Oh my god! Gamma is so hot <3

  26. JacobSzlek says:

    If they aren't a couple, they will be for sure.

  27. corbiac says:

    Smoking women… bleh…

  28. TheJajo321 says:

    Do you live in the same apartment , because often I see you together on vlogach in one apartment ?

  29. yewon says:

    Too bad there's so little variety to sizes, Japanese clothes are the cutest. Try buying in male section maybe? I myself usually buy male sweaters (even though I'm size M), they're of better quality.

  30. duunome says:

    Wooow, Lennon is alive! 6:38 Apparently hiding in Tokyo from Ono . Douhh

  31. DARK170 says:

    THIS IS ONE OF THESE DAYS ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

  32. UnnTHPS says:

    Well at first I was sort of forcing myself into watching these vlogs, but I guess I'm past that point in my life now. Really starting to enjoy these videos, and you better don't stop making these, y'all are a part of my daily routine now.

  33. kropecznikk says:

    Gamma looks so incredibly cute.

  34. kuba GGG says:

    4:20 When the Ask the Barrel??

  35. Tymniewkurzasz says:

    Kris! Party hard!

  36. kij ciwoko says:

    Im still thinking your Australian friend is cute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    As always, great vlog 😀

  37. Dziaduffication says:

    Im in love with that BaQ's song from ending…

  38. Dewols says:

    Gonciu! Which race are you playing?

  39. Łukasz Wróblewski says:

    Can You tell something about attitude of Japanese to II World War? Are They honoring memory of this or maybe trying to forget abou it?

  40. Ura1987 says:

    Wish the vlogs were longer, and more food!
    Anyway you're doing great job keep it up.

  41. Luu Hee says:

    Krzyś! Pilne pytanie! Jak nazywa się ta zupa z jajkiem którą jadłeś ostatnio? Przegladam filmy i nie mogę znaleźć! PLISSS HELP!!!!!!!!!

  42. JacobLukas says:

    6:55 – "It's 5 am and I'm going to edit the video now…" <Off Camera> "…and I'm So Wasted" 😀

  43. Damian Iłowiecki says:


  44. Jacek Neumann says:

    I can't even find a word to describe how cool your stuff is.

  45. Edgelord says:

    I thought Japanese are more closed, but they're okay to sing with others (karaoke? 😀 
    Could you talk about some of stereotypes about Japan/Japanese?

  46. KolokoSDK says:

    3:16 – "tax free shop" what is it about?

  47. Piotr Quell says:

    Zawsze mnie zastanawiało jak montujesz swój materiał. A tak przy okazji, ile zamierzasz nakręcić jeszcze codziennych vlogów ?

  48. Pol Coolguy says:

    Why all your friends have nose rings?

  49. velfisadri says:

    hello Kasia and Kriss 😀

  50. MateLord says:

    Oh my … At 5am, after cups of alc, and he still want to edit video. Amazing!

  51. Constantin says:

    Gamma c'mon go to Poland with Chris and Kasia!! We wait for you!!

  52. Duke of Bugland says:

    is dat easy to move around Tokyo by bicycle?

  53. MeandmyCupofTea says:

    I enjoy your vlogs very much 🙂 as I will be moving abroad soon, I also find them encouraging – if you are living in Japan without speaking the language, I will be fine in Europe 😉 thanks &keep up the amazing work! PS: I love the dance you're doing after Kasia finds her phone for the second time! GIF please 😊👯

  54. donio855 says:

    Kris which camera do you use to shoot Vlogs. Regards from Gdynia. Michal

  55. Joke says:

    Jak sie nazywa ta pani w blond wlosach pod koniec filmiku? :> normalnie kolczykowy gang.

  56. D.SZKA says:

    Kasia celebrated Independence Day, so Kris should celebrate Warsaw Uprising.

  57. Skeletor Messiah says:


  58. Bartłomiej Kuchnowski says:

    Big thanks Kris for the post-production part! It was really interesting to get a sneak peek inside it and I'm still waiting for the next parts of your Adobe Premiere tutorial, though I'm aware that you're currently quite busy with Tokyo Daily…. Anyway, great job as always! ^^

  59. hubert2804 says:


  60. Radoslaw Kozicki says:

    I just watch 6 episodes in a row, backwards…. drunk. You guys make me hungry! I really want to try Japan Sushi 😛 Greetings from Warsaw

  61. Michal Borecki says:

    Everything is cool but how u can eat the horse?

  62. The Spokotokot says:

    In my humble opinion your best vlog so far ^_^

    Nice to see Kris finally rock out with his c*ck out, but futsukayoi editing?
    Level Zen Master, if the next one will even better after you finish putting it together Kris (-;
    Will Kasia just jam out with her [email protected] out to rise the bar even higher?
    Wow, I am truly impressed by your vlogs, keep up the good work (-;

  63. The Spokotokot says:

    "Can't say no to drugs, dame'' that says it all, thank you ^_^

  64. rvre gods says:

    Haha Chris have gps with editing 😀 Same as me when being super drunk getting back to my flat !

  65. marektln says:

    100% positive comments,!!! best vlog from japan ive seen so far . good job guys

  66. Magdalena Ryba says:

    hello, i would like to ask what edito do You use to making vlog?

  67. Ribs Sleep says:

    Propsy Krzysiu. Nie padnij nam tam z przepracowania

  68. Bartosz T says:

    Kris uses his backup topic
    ..but no problem man, you're justified this time 🙂

  69. stefix says:

    Kris so wasted after karaoke 🙂 hehe gj!!

  70. Maku says:

    we are couple with kasia ?

  71. Givemejpy says:

    Duuuudee! I am reading Wind up bird chronicles now! and it comes up on vlog! Murakami Rocks!

  72. Olga Dygresja hrabina Dalekodolwowa says:

    Kris, you impress me even more. God of edit 😮

  73. Polish-NY says:

    Do you ever plan to come to New York? I recently started vloging from NYC (weekly), and we could do some filming together. I would love to meet you guys. The Vlog is outstanding. First thing I watch in the morning, Keep up with the great work!

  74. Kams Kamzo says:

    she make me hot

  75. DaVi0PL says:

    5:33 wiemy, że nie jesteś słodka. Słodka może być koleżanka Kasi, której imienia nie pamiętam 🙂

  76. crazypaco says:

    2:37 … this bowl looks like japanese toilet. Anyway enjoy your meal 🙂

  77. rafał Albecki says:

    wy tam w tym tokio chyba tylko jecie cały czas .

  78. Marcin Banak says:

    Thumbs up for editing at 5 a.m. 😀

  79. Roo23th says:

    2:46 best moment <3

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