How Di Fara Became A New York Pizza Institution | Legendary Eats

– Narrator: Ask anyone in New York City what their favorite pizza place is, and the results might overwhelm you. With thousands of options in this city, crowning the absolute
best is highly subjective and nearly impossible. But no matter who you ask, there’s one place that consistently ranks at the top of the list. Di Fara Pizza was opened in
1965 by Domenico DeMarco, an Italian immigrant and known workaholic who’s barely taken a day
off in over 50 years. Today, his kids handle
most of the business, but Dom is still there in the background keeping an eye on things. – Michael: I’ve been here since I was 7. That was when I started hanging around with my father here. I mean, you know, hanging
around, you’re not really taught, you just see everything,
you just start doing it, and that’s kinda what happened. – Margaret: My dad started
the business in 1965 and basically worked seven days a week to support the family. He just worked hard. He just loved what he did. He’s
very passionate about work, and he doesn’t take any shortcuts, which in the modern world now, I think all of us are. We work very hard at sourcing
the proper ingredients, and he, to this day, was
always trying to find the best of everything: the best olive
oil, the freshest basil. – Narrator: Dom’s pies
are made with all imported Italian ingredients and
cooked at an extreme heat until they blister. Most people argue the
secret is in the olive oil, which they generously
drizzle over the entire pie both before and after
it goes into the oven. To give it that signature Di Fara look, every pie is finished with
some freshly cut basil. Of course, using all imported ingredients doesn’t come cheap, but with fans like Leonardo DiCaprio and the late Anthony Bourdain, it’s worth the $5 slice and
infamously long wait times. – This is the best pizza because it’s just the
way the cookie crumbles. It’s the best pizza. – It’s the olive oil, the technique. I mean, it’s all awesome. – We came from Oklahoma to get this pizza. – Narrator: A Di Fara
pie is packed with flavor and best eaten fresh out of the oven. – Spencer: Ahh! It smells unreal. Mmmm. Mhmmmmm. Right off the bat, you
get that tomato sauce. You can tell instantly that is
a high-quality tomato sauce. It tastes like they just
squished a beautiful tomato fresh off the farm and
put it on this pizza and then cooked it up. D—, that’s good. – Margaret: It turned into being like the best local pizzeria, and then we got recognitions,
best in New York, and then best in America,
and then best in the world. So I feel extremely grateful because my dad did
sacrifice his whole life. You know, he’s in his 80s
now and slowin’ down a bit, but my goal would be to expand the brand as long as we do not compromise quality, change the recipe in any way, and keep his legacy going.

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