How human activity impacts the planet’s ecology and leads to viral outbreaks

I’m going to step back and take a larger
picture about it, because I’m very interested in one health and climate and planetary health. And I know we’re all obsessed about this
virus, but I think we have to think about what some of the activities that have happened
in this Anthropocene, where men have impacted the planet. We have changed the ecology of how we live
with animals, so that if you look at most of the emerging viruses and the emerging diseases
that have happened over the last hundred years, they’ve been what we call zoonoses. And zoonoses are spillover from animals. This particular coronavirus was noted first
in a seafood market in Hunan, and it has to do with the fact that there probably — even
though this is a bat coronavirus, we do not know whether there’s an amplifier animal
in SARS1, which also started in a seafood market in an area in China. It’s the intimate living with humans and
animals and spillover. In SARS 1, it was probably a civet cat that
was being sold. For a while, SARS2, this particular virus,
was thought to be an amplifier with a pangolin, a highly trafficked animal. We know now that that’s probably not true,
and we don’t know exactly how it actually began in the seafood market. But I want to bring us back to this idea that
we need to be doing better surveillance in our animals and doing a better job with our
planet. The large Nipah virus epidemic had a lot to
do with deforestation and movement of bats closer to other animals, and another novel
virus emerged. So I want to bring people back to some of
the larger issues, when we think about these emerging viruses that happen in the world. And a connection to climate change, to the
climate crisis? Yeah. Well, that is important. Climate change, deforestation and changing
ecology is crucial for how we have animal and human ecology change.

57 comments on “How human activity impacts the planet’s ecology and leads to viral outbreaks”

  1. Colonel Angus says:

    This isn't a climate fueled virus.

  2. Chicken Little Syndrome says:

    Hopefully, remaining primary voters really consider voting for Senator Bernie Sanders, the only candidate with a consistent record appropriate to deal with the current paradigm-changing crisis.

    Joe Biden is wrong about Medicare For All. The COVID-19 Crisis would be less of a problem if the U.S. had Medicare For All. If more people used the medical system to maintain health, there would be less severe cases. Many do not use the healthcare system as they should because they cannot afford to.
    Italy is hit hard by this in part because of the horrible hospital infrastructure. Italy has what is described as a "crumbling" hospital system.

  3. Johannes Bekker says:

    Antidote has been found anti malaria drug : cloroqunine ?

  4. WE ARE 99 WE ARE BERNIE ! says:

    The media (MSM AND Progressives) is now pitting the young against the elderly and vice versa.The voting machines are programmed to favor the richest of the rich. Any person that thinks Biden's delegate lead is the fault of the elderly vote or the young not showing up to vote is fooled by disinformation. Both parties stink of bribery and must be removed.

  5. J Tulley says:

    You both are such an inspiration , in your work and how you convey it . THank you very much for your service

  6. Peace Dove says:

    For the sake of HUMANITY 🌐
    2🔥2🔥 MEDICARE for ALL 🏥
    Green New Deal 🌏🌎🌍

  7. Xante Carroll says:

    That was valuable information but i don't understand why the scientist doesn't point to the horrifying conditions that we keep billions of animals in for our convenience .. factory farming etc…calling it animal human 'intimacy' gives an impression that it is due to the closeness we have with other animals rather than the abuse we commit. Doesn't this pandemic present the opportunity to openly discuss the consequences of that abuse and the changes that need to make immediately to our human behaviour towards other animals?

  8. MALCHAAMAH says:

    All lies the Chinese and Asian markets have had wet markets as they call them for over a millennium and no virus is broke out as a result of them that went around the whole world, these viruses that are running rampant are man made, mostly from the CDC right here in America, who has a history of biochemical Warfare and attacks. As a matter of fact America's very Inception started with biowarfare against the native population.

  9. Pj 3 says:

    Umm…and umm…animals…ummm…and umm we dont know axtaully… but ummm.but ummm deforestation….and crucial….umm…ecology change!….yes!!!!…

  10. Pj 3 says:

    Wtf did she even say ?? Who watches this crap!!…*flips channel *

  11. poofendorf says:

    They no longer think the seafood market was the place this virus originated. The earliest cases identified had no links to it.

  12. WE ARE 99 WE ARE BERNIE ! says:

    Take from the rich – Give to the poor – Now!

  13. Bitchnutz McGee says:

    Whether wild or domestic, confining, exploiting, and killing animals on the enormous scale needed to satisfy humanity’s bloodlust for animal flesh is a terrible idea. If we keep it up, we will continue to suffer the grave consequences. It’s a no-brainer.

  14. Vance H says:

    Sharing, Justice and Peace for All

  15. Thought Challenger says:

    Carona agendas from all angles pushed by dictatorship now.

  16. Marvin Gershowitz says:

    YEP… I was thinking about this back in DECEMBER when the Pandemic Started (the gov knew) — It's a Discussion that has been spoken about for Decades where the CLIMATE around the world changes what can Grow and Develop.

  17. Gemini Sun says:

    Smh 😳😣😞

  18. Adel Void says:

    when this mass hysteria will be over, it's gonna be back to business like usual. Until some ancient virus from the frosted land will wipe most of us.

  19. SuperVeganWhat says:

    Stop eating animals. If we weren't eating animals swine flu this flu influenza Ebola and mad cow disease just to name a few would not exist. Even by the most conservative estimate animal agriculture contribute to climate change more than all forms of transportation combine and that's the most conservative estimate. Because of all the plants we have to grow to feed to animals to eat we only get one calorie of animal-based food for every9 calories of plant-based food and that's with the most efficient factory farming method which are the most likely to cause viruses!!! not to mention antibiotic-resistant bacterian which will one day kill more people than all cancers combined! Leading causes of death around the world are all linked to eating animals! If we stopped eating animals we will have more food for people we would be healthier spend less on Healthcare and if the majority of the planet stopped eating animals we would meet all goals for stopping climate change!!!

  20. Rebecca Brown says:

    Since it was lab created, perhaps we should be focusing our energies on shutting down the bi0weap0ns programs around the world.

  21. Matt Erbst says:

    Latest genomic data shows that SARS-COV-2 was not originated at the seafood market!

  22. Norbert Rosendahl says:

    Were is the evidence that the virus is originated in china. It may have been first reported there but that doesn’t mean that is originated there. Studies from different virological institutes claim something different.

  23. Robbin Papalucas says:

    I not obsessed with this fake virus. Study cellular biology 101 the facts are there for all to learn about.😎🐯

  24. sk8queen says:

    Civilization IS a plague.

  25. Erick Erick705 says:

    The consumption of animals (wild or not) puts us at high risk of disease. Veganism is a no brainer, but here you got people in the west getting offended because vegans call out their bullshit. Regardless of how bad eating animals is for our health, it is more important to look at the way we treat the most vulnerable beings of this planet for pure egocentric palate pleasure. We should be the ones leading by example so that other nations start moving towards a pure plant based agricultural system.

  26. JE Hoyes says:

    China, just like every other country, needs to go intensely vegan.

  27. mike smith says:

    the human population is about 7 billion greater the earth's carrying capacity, this means that one way or another human population will collapse. the infectious disease will not cause that alone, but when it's combined with crop failures, floods, forest fires, civil unrest, war, and resulting collapse of civilization we will get there. …to the sweet oblivion with no suffering and no sorrow.

  28. Science Junkie 5 by 5 says:

    Humans have Absolutely ZERO respect for our fellow lifeforms that we HAVE to share this planet with.
    This is the result!

  29. lady lovelace says:

    I really don’t believe that the virus started in Wuhan.

  30. Elsje Massyn says:

    Its not intimate living with these animals causing the problem stop lying. Its the consuming of the flesh of animals – bush meat that is the problem. Wake up and tell the truth. Stop telling half truths

  31. Old Mechanic says:

    I noticed that the cities that sprayed the streets with bleach water mix have killed the coronavirus

  32. Yabundu Tarawali says:

    Liar,Liar,Liar pants on fire! You people lie with a fold face…Smdh

  33. amanja deshanti says:

    Are "white supremacist/white nationalist/nazi" exempt from the virus? Just wondering. The last I checked, caucasians consider themselves the "superior race who owns everything. You reckon they can own up to the virus as well.

  34. Yabundu Tarawali says:

    You people know exactly those that are responsible for all the bullsh*t going on in the world but,you choose to put the blame on everybody else except the, guilty. How pathetic!

  35. Octocyclospirogyro Exo says:

    Coherent Radiation will transmit keeping its frequency and Order. The "animals " incoherently tryna block the transmission with clouds knew that the Radiation wouldn't change its frequency so here's the disorder….

  36. amanja deshanti says:

    Nothing has been said about the "Hong Kong Flu" pandemic of 1968. "The Hong Kong Flu was a category 2 flu pandemic whose outbreak in 1968 and 1969 killed an estimated one million people all over the world."….HELLO!!!

  37. BluesdesJours says:

    you're full of shit. people have been living in rainforests and jungles for thousands of years, hunting and gathering…never got ebola, hiv, lymes zika….nothing. I think these all could well be man made bio/genetically engineered organisms that got loose. smarten up, you think they haven't been developing engineering and weaponizing highly contagious pathenogens ? of course they have, and for a very long time. don't be so naïve. stop spreading propaganda and lies. climate change is also an enormous con job. aviation pollution has a much greater impact on climate than all your stupid greenhouse gasses combined. educate yourselves and believe what you want, but i'm not buying it for a second. you call your channel democracy now, but it's more of a lefty and very unliberal liberal thing, nothing democratic about it. anyway how can we have a real democracy or even free markets when the people have zero privacy and the gov't and corps are not transparent. we have the opposite of what is necessary for democracy. I know i'm not the only one that thinks you guys are delusional. fortunately your propaganda only works on the weak minded, unfortunately there are way too many weak minded people who will mindlessly chant your slogans…democracy now ! and I sincerely hope you fruit bars lose the election.

  38. Veronica Vasquez says:

    All anchors have that Sept 2001 look. Like they ran over the neighbors' dog.

  39. LESSER LIGHT says:

    So much crap, it smells like 911 Georgia guidestones population control all sponsors by the not so free United States, United with the Roman Catholic Church RCC. Satan as the head. Stay tuned. Church and state will make it a hell of a lot worse. Super pope Francis will step in with his encyclical LAUDATO SI disguised as climate change, smokescreen. Sun devil stadium worship enforcement. Goodbye freedom, goodbye free thinking, hello common hell, fascism. Welcome to dictator Pope Francis telling you what to do.this is all in the King James Bible God Jesus holy word that the pope hates. The dark ages will tell you why. Here is what Jesus says it will be like before he returns Matthew 24 Mark 13 Luke 21 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 Psalms 50 22 Romans 6 23 SIN is the reason for the coming season sin.

  40. lemmyliquor says:

    Communism just lost its 7 billion slaves to Donald Trump… And I couldnt be happier.

  41. Prime Sterling says:

    Mother Nature is the great equalizer…
    There’s going to be
    Less travel
    Less commuting
    More Restrictions on meat (from other countries especially)
    The planet wants us gone (or at least the fucks who are actively and consciously ruining 🌍)
    This may save us from climate change / global warming.
    Or it may be the 1st symptom/sign of more natural disasters to come if we don’t change & unite and evolve into a one world community

  42. Ernesto Ybarra says:

    Greta (special needs child self-serving) Thunberg's family memoir sends urgent message not especially needed by this irrelevant cause to us all

  43. Be Nice says:

    GO VEGAN!!!

  44. Judy Cee says:

    Mother Earth is defending herself against a parasite – us. She does it every hundred years or so.

  45. Elena Serrato says:

    When we abuse and exploit others there are consecuences, animals are others, we need to stop slaving them, we need compation, justice and empathy, pigs flue, chicken flu, lost of biodiversity ,etc, use of land ,water,grains, polution of water, land and air, heart desises, high colesterol, diabetes, etc….cames becouse we want to eat animals. We should stop using them as a food. Animals are here with us not for us.

  46. Al Demir says:

    So we are destroying yourself knowing or unknowingly. Well than let's get get over with it.

  47. He Who Is says:

    She referred to them as SEAFOOD markets however they are known as WET markets and sell any animal you can think of.

  48. M Al says:


  49. Richard Garza says:

    Listening to the lie's then reading the comments…"we're doomed."
    Damn fools.

  50. K L says:

    Time to create a new paradigm that works for all the people and the EARTH! Abolish corporations that dont act responsabley, hold boards of directors accountable for crimes agains humanity and the Earth. Tax everyone, including religious institutions, abolish the banks and FED. No more control systems, people wake up to your power in light and love.

  51. Jill Cummings says:

    The Pangolin was valued for their scales. Ground up, they are believed to help arthritis and inflammation. (No know pier group studies I’m aware of)

  52. alternate868 says:

    This viral outbreak was caused by a chinese bio weapon, stop trying to bullshit us.

  53. Alex M says:

    Viruses are not diseases and never have been in the course of humanity. More people died last year than the 10, 000 or do worldwide. That’s not an outbreak or a pandemic. It’s life.
    Corona virus is a fake yo destroys world economy and usher in NWO. If you sheeple can’t see this it’s time to wake up. What better way to drop coach than to claim a world pandemic. Viruses do not travel from person to person like a common cold . Do the fucking research

  54. Meme Mine says:

    We can't stop a virus but we can stop the weather from changing? Are you libs insane?
    How's that open borders thing going by the way?
    Still don't like pharmaceuticals?
    Still don't like vaccines?

  55. T.R. Plume says:

    The US grows by 1.5 million people a year. Half of those people are immigrants, most of them illegally in the US. Every immigrant destroys 1.5 acres of needed land to make way for housing, colonias, subdivisions etc. The idea of Unrestrained Immigration is ten fold more destructive than any of the rapacious things Republicans do. That means that both Republicans AND Democrats are responsible for destroying our land, polluting our air, poisoning our water. Our US population is growing meteorically having doubled since the late 1960s. Uncontrolled immigration is responsible for tens of millions of acres of desertification. The US is now well into Ecological Overshoot where we are consuming faster than we can replace our resources. The level of Population Pressure is reaching critical levels. We MUST seal our Borders if we care about our environment; if we care about our country.

  56. Reagh Network says:

    The story about the bat has been completely debunked why are you still talking about it

  57. Nj Osborne says:

    Can’t be anything other than mans effecting Our environment.
    The latest I’ve heard is that it was Serval Cat
    Who was driven from its habitat into caves!
    They were captured and butchered in that fish market.
    Once again, here’s the Rule
    Monocultures are impossible to maintain over time!
    They simply poison and burn Themselves,
    With their Environments, out of existence.
    Our home is on Fire!
    Please, put it out 🔥
    Drink no poisoned water,
    Eat no poisoned food and
    Breathe no poisoned air!
    It’s not good for you,
    Your family and neighbors,
    Plants and animals too

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