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– What does doms mean? D-O-M-S. – Doms? Oh yeah that’s what it
is, it’s what you do bro, but it’s like a cool way of saying it. Instead of saying “I
dominated the competition,” it’s like dude, doms. How’d it go? Doms.
– Obvi. – Obvi? I’m James Davis and I’m an
actor, comedian, and writer. I never thought much about eating healthy until my body let me know, hey sucka, it’s time to
think about eating healthy! I need to know recipes that
will help me perform at my best. Because it turns out
every job is like a sport and every meal counts. My guy Mat Fraser is the
Fittest Man on Earth. He’s won four consecutive CrossFit Games and all his victories have set records. His back squat is 485,
he deadlifts 500 pounds and his snatch is 315. His fiancée, Sammy, is more
than just his better half she keeps Mat on a rigorous schedule of nutrition and training. If it wasn’t for her, Mat would starve. ‘Cause Mat can’t cook! – [Mat] I’m gonna tell my truth. – You tell your truth, you share it. You share it, share your truth Mat. – I haven’t even turned
on the burner of a stove in like four years. – Four years? – Yeah So I’m gonna leave it up to Sammy. – Okay – She does all the– – Lets clap it up for Sammy everybody! Let’s clap it up for Sammy. Sammy break it down how are
you keeping this man going? – Well, lot of food. – Lot of food. – Lots of food, lots of rice mainly and mostly it’s just making sure that he’s eating enough
throughout the day. Which is like a part-time job I’d say. – You’re tracking the meals,
how much he eats, when he eats. – He’s on a pretty strict routine. So then we just kinda plug
meals in around there. – Okay ’cause I’ll be honest I’m not a expert cooker as well. – You’re an expert in anything? – Some people call me chef. First of all don’t talk that mess. You know I’m an expert
at what I’m an expert at. All right so yes, lead us Sammy. – Okay. – Break it down. – So today we’re gonna
make a beef fried rice. – A beef fried rice? – Beef fried rice. – [Mat] You’re gonna love it. – Yup.
– Okay. – This is one of Mat’s favorite meals. – Okay. – It makes a ton of food
um which is great also for meal prep throughout the week. – What do you want us to do right now? – So I’m gonna have you prep
us on some carrots over there. – All right. – [Sammy] Shredding the carrots
so that we can add those in. – Which coarseness? – You know, I’m gonna let you decide. – I don’t know if that’s a good idea. – Of coarseness of carrot? – Yeah! – First of all don’t talk to me. – Whoa whoa whoa. – About how to prepare a carrot. – Wavin’ carrots around all willy-nilly. – Yeah, I know my carrots! What’s Mat gonna do? Since Mat has all this time to talk to me. – I’m gonna have Mat take this
lovely pre-sliced flank steak we’ve got some olive oil and
then we’ve got some salt. – That is a powder of some sort. – Cornstarch my friend. – What’s this one? – We’ve got some hot water and then the last bit
will be the liquid aminos. I always really enjoyed cooking and I was working a nine to five and I was coming home late at night and using cooking as like a way to relax. I started paying attention
to what I was doing and writing stuff down and
researching different recipes and he’s got to eat all the time and I wanna learn how
to cook different foods it was a perfect experiment with all these different dishes and try to cook up some good stuff. – I had some testing done
probably two years ago now and they told me to aim
for 9,300 calories a day. – 9,300 Calories? – Yeah, that’s a lot of food. – Because you’re literally
burning all that every day. – Yeah I’m just training so much. So I wake up and I go
to bed thinking about training and competing. It’s not just a given
that if I show up I win. You don’t practice it
until you get it right. You practice it until
you can’t get it wrong. What’s a chipper? – A chipper? That’s a friendly old man. – So I’ll scramble the eggs and then I’m gonna move
the steak off of this pan and we’ll get the rice and the onions and the peas in there and your carrots. – I mean we’re here. – You wanna come over and put
the sauce together for us. – I’m no stranger to sauce. – Yeah. – Ooh, my pan is smoking a little bit. – Oh goodness it’s hot, it’s hot! – We good?
– Yup. And then you’re gonna– – Let’s go. – It’s not gonna splash. – It’s eggs man! It’s not bacon. – So I just took all the steak off and there’s all these little
brown bits from the steak that’s good leave ’em in there. – Okay. – You can turn it off
your eggs look great. Good job. – Hey man I know it’s been a while. – It’s like riding a bike, you know? – [James] She killed that. – I can still scramble an egg. – Way to come out of retirement one time. – Wanna toss those peas in there? We got to get your carrots in there. – [James] Bam! – [Mat] Looking like Halloween in there. – [Sammy] We got some veggies. All right we need that rice. – Okay. – Yeah. – Now is this all the rice
we need for big old swole Mat and me ’cause I got muscles too? – This is true, this is true. – [James] Don’t just feed Mat’s muscles. – Right, right, right. – I got some on the way my muscles, my muscles
drop early, early spring. Next year. Yup, you wanna come to my muscle premiere? – Yeah, I’m in. – It’s gonna be dope. It’s gonna be me, my shoulders, my back– My chest. – Featuring all the hit characters. – My tris are for sure gonna be there. – The horseshoes? – Yeah I got the horses in the back. You feel me? You know, I’m out here! Abs baby. Abs. I got the back of an old man. Yeah there’s that one. We can break down hip-hop
lyrics anytime you want guys. – Okay. – That’s what I do when
I’m not working out. – And when you’re not saucing this dish. – Is this what you need right now? – Yeah! – Some sauce? I like that it’s not like
too, too much sauce, you know? It’s not like overly sauced. – [Sammy] Just a little. – [James] Make some noise for the eggs. – Woo! We’re gonna add that steak back in now. – Gentle, okay. – Woo, very nice. – [James] Juice. – [Sammy] All the juices. – By the way, we never named this. – [Sammy] Do we call this the keeper then? Because it keeps well? – [James] The keeper? I kind of like that. You know why? Because… Let me get deep real quick. – A tangent, let’s go. – It’s a keeper because it lasts, right? – Yeah that’s literally
what Sammy just said. – And it’s made by Sammy, who’s a keeper. – Zoom in, you see it. – Keeper. – You lonely. Oh yeah. – Feel stronger already don’t you? – It’s for the horses in the back. – [James] Was there anything
that happened in your journey as an athlete that really got you focused on a certain way of eating? – One moment that changed a lot for me you know in terms of training and just basically
every routine in my life I actually lost the world
championships two years in a row. And after the second time
that’s when I was like okay and you know before I thought
I could out-train a bad diet I thought I could out-train
a bad sleep schedule and so that’s when I just
pushed all the chips in I said, you know, I don’t
want any what-ifs, you know? In the last like couple of weeks last month before the big competition that’s when I cut out any
desserts or anything like that. But I’m not doing it for looks I’m not doing it for
any, anything like that. It’s purely performance-wise. – You’ve said before like
there’s two decisions there’s the decision that will
lead you towards your goal or away from your goal. It’s either good for
you or not good for you. – [Mat] Oh James! – James, where you at? – I’m having a conference call with God. – [Mat] Come on, we’re all fueled up! – [James] What in the– – Come on, get up! Let’s go! – I’m inspired I think,
people don’t understand that everything’s so linked up. That’s what I feel like. Fitness helps you upgrade
other parts of your life. Then if you’re upgrading your nutrition, you’re practicing that
discipline with your nutrition that too feeds into other parts of life – Yeah. – It’s all just like building. You guys work together great. So I expect more success. – Thank you. – In the future. – We’re not done. – What do you mean? We ate, we cooked, we did it. – We’re gonna go work out. – First of all where do
you get a tire like this? – It was in the kitchen! – Okay. Just show me how easily you make it look. – See flat back, get that knee into it. Oh, I see that knee! – Ohh! – Faster, stronger, better, let’s do it. Three, two, one, just do it! Two, one. Any day, be explosive! – [Mat] Almost back
flat let’s go, come on! See, don’t you feel better? – Get off me, get off me, get off me! We did it! – Yeah you burned, you
earned that fried rice. – Guess what? It’s a wrap, we are done. – Chest to bar. – Chest to bar. Oh that’s the city next to Agrabah. – Yeah.
– In Aladdin. – That’s the answer I was looking for. – Yup, when the genie became a full dude. – He got the final wish. – And he moved to chest to
bar ’cause all that stuff that happened in Agrabah, – Gotta get out.
– Yeah he got to get out. Just how you went to Tennessee,
he went to chest to bar. – Yup. – Yeah, it’s in part two.

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    For the beef:
    12 oz. flank steak, thinly sliced
    ¼ tsp. salt
    1 tbsp. water
    Pinch of baking soda 
    1 tsp. liquid aminos
    1 tsp. cornstarch
    1 tsp. olive oil

    For the rest: 
    1 tbsp. hot water
    ¼ tsp. sugar
    ½ tsp. sesame oil
    3 tbsp. liquid aminos
    2 eggs, beaten
    1 tbsp. olive oil
    1 tsp. minced garlic 1 medium onion, diced
    2 cups cooked white rice
    ¾ cup peas (frozen and thawed or canned)
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