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We have arrived Ulsoor Fish Market in Bangalore [GREETINGS] Q: When do we get fish eggs in India? It’ll be usually available between June to August. And, fish eggs will be available in almost all types of fish including small fishes. People buy fish eggs separately too! Q: Are the fish names Sheela, Vanjaram, Neimeen, Ooli indicate same fish? No, Vanjaram & Sheela are different fishes. This fish is called Sheela. It is called by another name as well – Ooli. This is Vanjaram. It is also called as Neimeen, Anjal, Seer fish. This is called Paarameen. Some people deceive and sell Paarameen as Sheela Q: Which is Chaalameen? This is Chaalameen or Maththi (Sardine). This comes in 2 sizes – small and medium. This is Ayila or Bangada fish Q: What is this red colored fish? This is called as Sankara fish (Pink Perch) This is a fresh fish Q: Oh, How do you say this is fresh? Because this has fresh red colored gills Also the fish flesh should be strong Q: What is the difference between small and big Seer fish? Both the fishes are different. This is big Neimeen / Seer fish This is small Neimeen / Seer fish. Big fish comes in cut pieces while small comes as a whole. Also big fish costs 800 INR while small fish costs 450 INR per KG. Big fish is more suitable for fry while small fish can be fried or be made into curry. Q: What types of prawns are these? This is White prawns from sea This is medium sized prawns with 70 count. What are the types of crabs you have? This is male blue crab And, this is female! Q: Which will be very good? Both will be very good as they are export quality crabs. These are red crabs. This too will have both male and female varieties. And, this is blue crab. How to buy crabs? [INTERRUPTS OUR QUESTION] This is 3rd type – 3 dots crab. This crab don’t have much flesh and is low quality Blue and Red crabs are medicine for back pain. Q: How to buy crabs? Crabs are evaluated mainly by its weight. And, you can trust sellers while buying crabs [LAUGHS] Q: What is this lengthy fish? This is Green Sheela. Q: Do you sell this as a whole fish? Yes. And, everything including eyes and teeth are green in color. It is suitable for both curry and fry. Yes, teeth is green in color. Q: Which is Pomfret fish? This is Black Pomfret and this is smaller version of that. Q: Is this Karimeen? No, this is Karimeen (Green Chromide) Pomfret is called as Vavval meen in Tamil These are Nethili fishes (Anchovy). These are also caught from sea. Q: From where you get these wide varieties of fishes? Fishes are coming from Chennai, Thoothukudi, Mangalore, Kerala and Orissa. What are the famous fishes in those localities? We get best fishes from everywhere This is called Thengaappara There are 4 varieties of Paaraimeen – Thengappaara, Manjappaara, (Normal) Paara, Kannadippaara These are tasty fishes and suitable for both curry and fry Q: Is Nethili (Anchovy) coming from Chennai? Anchovy’s major source is Thoothukudi. This is Anchovy in English. This is Madavai meen. This is called Mullet Fish in English. This is Kodava meen. It is called as See Bass fish. This is Sathka meen or Paiya. We get these (Paiya) from Tamilnadu. But, I feel I get more varieties in Bangalore as you’re importing from multiple cities. These are called Lady Fish alias Kilangaan meen. These are proxy fishes for Kilangaan fish. But these are actually Arnaa meen (lizard fish). And some may cheat by selling lizard fish as lady fish. Lady fish is costly while its duplicate Lizard fish is cheap. Lady fish will be very tasty. And, those are good to consume for healthy eyes. Q: What are the healthy aspects of fishes? Fish is full of proteins and rarely contains fat. And, fish fats are usually very healthy. Doctors prescribe heart patients to take Indian Salmon fish. But it should not be deep fried. Q: Which fishes have less amount of thorns? Sardine (Chaalameen) is the fish which have lot of thorns (But it’s extremely tasty and healthy) Pomfret, Vanjaram & Sheela are easy to consume as it has less thorns. These freshwater fishes have more number of thorns. These are called Katla fish. These are called Rahumeen or Kendai meen. This is Basha fish. Some sellers cheat by selling this as NeiVanjaram. This is full of fats. That fish is proxy for Pomfret fishes. But they are freshwater fishes. Fishes on this side are from freshwater This is the original Pomfret from seawater That is freshwater duplicate of Pomfret This fish has lot of fats [NOT CLEARLY AUDIBLE] Some people cheat by selling this as NeiVanjaram Cut pieces of this Basha fish looks very similar to cut pieces of sea fish – Vanjaram. But this contains a lot of fats. But this is duplicate. We need to clean prawns by taking off thick thread in its back. You need to remove this thick dark thread from the back of prawns. Q: Do you clean this here itself? Yes, but it is always safe to check this before cooking. Else it may result in stomach pain. Thanks for explaining how to clean prawns. Okay, I’ve bought small Seer fish today and he is going to slice it now. Usually, when we cut it straight, you’ll get small round pieces from small seer fish unlike big seer fish. But we can make big slices out of this by cutting it slant. Watch this! This is a fresh fish. You’ll get big slices by cutting this way If we cut straight, we will get only small round pieces. I want small pieces for curry and lengthy pieces for fry. I’ll cut tail side for curry pieces and I’ll make big slices for fry. By cutting this way, one could easily make big slices out of small fishes. Same fish can be cut in 2 different ways – one for curry and one for fry. Use these small tail pieces for curry Bombay Fish Stall Q: Thanks for explaining so well. What’s your name? Azad. And, this is Bombay Fish Stall. Q: Your name? I’m Alex. As he explained, this is lengthy piece because it was a slant cut. If you can notice bone is not in the center. This will make good looking fry pieces. Before Cooking After Cooking

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