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Hi, I’m Randy with i’ve got
the cold smoker hooked up on my Traeger and I’m going to show you how to cold smoke
some salmon, then we are going to turn that into some nice salmon stacks. Let’s get smokin! So my good buddy Rigs had the opportunity
to go up to Alaska to do some fishing and was able to bring me back some beautiful salmon
fillets. I’ve been excited to try out this cold smoker,
so I set aside two big fillets to fill this bad boy up! Start off by getting a good rinse on your
fish. Then we want to pat it dry, because the goal
of this salt curing stage is to pull out as much moisture as possible. The salmon needs to be completely covered
with salt, so make sure to choose a pan big enough to achieve this. I’ll go ahead and lay down a bed of salt
for the fish to sit on. Salt is cheap, so don’t be shy.. Just pile it on! I’ll smooth this top layer out.. and repeat
the same with the second fillet. For best results with the curing process,
I’ll place them in the fridge for 48 hours before smoking. Ok, it’s been two days.. After curing, you’ll notice the fish has
richened in color & firmed up a good bit. Go ahead & rinse off the salt & pat the fillets
dry. Time to load the hopper with our pellets. I chose Alder wood, because it really compliments
fish. I’ll kick on the Traeger & set it to smoke
mode for this cook. Since we are down south, where it’s warm.. I am going to set an ice tray on the bottom
rack of the cold smoker to help keep our temperatures as low as possible. Once the smoke starts rolling through, i’ll
go ahead & lay in the fillets. Now these only need to smoke for about an
hour and a half, and you’ll be surprised how much smokey flavor you can get in that
amount of time! For cold smoking, you’ll want to keep the
temperature from reaching any higher than 80 degrees. If you find yourself needing to lower the
temperature, there is a bottom vent on the cold smoke chamber, this will allow more air
to flow through…. lowering the temperature. Alright.. The salmon is done smoking. I’m really pleased with the amount of smoke
this setup produced. Let’s go ahead and pull these off. Once off the grill, it’s important to wrap
the fillets in plastic wrap to help seal in that smoky flavor. We’ll chill these in the fridge while we
gather the ingredients for the salmon stacks. For the cream cheese topping, we’ll mix
in some poppy seeds…. Followed by a little lemon zest. I like the contrast of color this adds to
the dish. Next up, slice some heirloom tomatoes.. and
some avocado. Once everything is gathered for the stacks,
it’s time to slice this salmon! For our stacks, i’ll slice about a quarter
portion from the fillet & remove it from the skin. You’ll want to have a sharp knife on hand
for this, because we will be slicing it thin. Our curing process really helped preserve
the fish & gave it some beautiful texture. I’ll go ahead and slice this whole portion
so I have plenty to build my stacks. With a nice multigrain cracker being our base,
i’ll layer the tomato, followed by a slice of avocado… I’m using two slices of salmon for evenness
of our stack. Then a small dollop of our poppy cream cheese
mix.. For garnish we’ll add a few rosemary leaves..
and some citrus zest. This dish is best served cold, so it’s a
good idea to chill all of your ingredients while the salmon smokes… this makes for
a really refreshing appetizer or mid day snack. Before serving this up.. I’ll add a touch of lime zest as well. For as simple as this dish is, it sure is
quite elegant when plated. Let’s give this a try! Really refreshing with those chilled ingredients
and that lemon zest, and the smoky flavor from the salmon really came through. Thanks for watching today guys, and remember..
at, we smoke the competition.

8 comments on “How to Cold Smoke Salmon | Smoked Salmon Crackers Recipe | | Traeger Pellet Grill”

  1. ripjohnnyc says:

    Doesn't this turn out really salty?

  2. Carmen Dawn Allan says:

    Looks Phenomenal. Alaska Salmon,is A Great Feed. Txs for this,I Will be trying this Recipe 😊.👍

  3. Be Bold says:

    Yummy! Great job bbqguys

  4. Pretty Noona says:

    Yummy!…. the cold smoked salmon sure looks very delicious. =)

  5. Catboy Cooks says:

    Wishing I had a pellet grill right now! 😔

  6. Matt Wernecke says:

    I like how you just used salt to cure the salmon!
    I also liked your wood choice!

  7. Alex T says:

    I'm gathering information to cold smoke salmon for the first time and I really liked your vid, but I was really surprised with the smoking time of only 1~1:30 hour (most recipes go as long as 24h). Is there any reason for that? What am I missing?

    Keep up the outstanding work!

  8. Andrew R says:

    I've been needing something like this, but it looks like you have to eliminate the grease bucket?

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