How to Cook Minestrone Soup | Michela Chiappa

Hi, I’m Michela and I am gonna show you
the best recipe for minestrone soup for the family and even if you don’t
consider yourself to be a very good cook, or you get nervous in the kitchen
this is almost foolproof. It’s so simple that anyone should be able to do it. So I’ve picked some veggies that are going to roast well together with the same
amount of time, so all you need, just get a nice big roasting tray and you want to
set your oven at about 200 degrees Celsius. So we’re gonna start with our
onion. Peel it and top and tail it. Whole on the tray. A whole beef tomato. Two
celery sticks top, and tail in they go. Two carrots, top and tail. I told you this was
gonna be easy. Courgette, top and tail, in it goes. Nice sweet potato and I’m just gonna half that and put that in whole, and then the
final bit is a nice juicy butternut squash. Brilliant for soups. Make sure
your hands are nicely out of the way sharp knife and cut it in half. You want to
take the top off it as well. All these veggies are getting blitzed together the
skin can stay on it’s all full of goodness and then because this is gonna
take a bit longer to roast, we’re gonna have that lengthways. That goes straight
into your roasting tray. Just drizzle them with a good glug of olive oil and
into the oven they go, about 200 degrees celsius. Time to get our veggies. There you go. Fork goes through nicely, all of them are nice and soft. So all you need to do now
is blitz this up. We’ll start with those and I’m going to add a splash of boiling
water just to loosen it to get it going. You could use your stock but don’t forget
if you’re feeding this to a baby you want to really keep the salt content to a
minimum, if any, so we’ll just add a little bit of boiling water and the stock
and come for the adults. And this is going to be ready baby. So there we go
that hasn’t got any salt in it. Look at that look at the colour. Loads of goodness, veggies
for your little baby, ready done. So I’m gonna spoon some of that out now this is
gonna be for the little baby that’s being weaned. Onto the toddlers and the adults. This is now gonna go into a sauce pan and into that we’re gonna add about 500
milliliters of vegetable stock and for the adults I’m gonna season it with some
salt and pepper and now my tip grab some spaghetti or linguine and literally you
often get them at the bottom of a packet just to tear them off into like little
equal chunk sizes roughly. But you throw that in and that just gives a real
heartiness to this minestrone soup. This is just
gonna go on the heat now for that time, whatever the pasta cooking time, is
usually about 10 to 12 minutes on the heat and we’re ready to eat. It’s all cooked ready to serve. This smells absolutely divine. Now I’m gonna get some for toddlers and the kids which
has got the lovely pasta. This quantity is enough for a family of probably about
six, so obviously if you’ve got a smaller family it’s a brilliant one to freeze. You can’t do without that bit of parmesan cheese. I’m gonna keep this off
for baby but for me, a generous amount of parmesan on the top. Let’s have a taste. Mmm There is nothing better than a steaming
bowl of minestrone soup and especially for those kids who might be picky about
certain veggies they won’t really know what’s gone into this and they love it.

44 comments on “How to Cook Minestrone Soup | Michela Chiappa”

  1. Leon Strecker says:

    I am not even from Italy, but it really triggers me. This might be a really good vegetable soup, but please don't call it minestrone.

  2. stephania kazoun says:

    Too much veggie waste.🤔

  3. stephania kazoun says:

    This has nothing to do with Minestrone Soup.

  4. Matt Packer says:

    Looks nice but would call it a roasted veg soup x

  5. Obstsalat95 says:

    She seems like a great mom 🙂

  6. Hinterfragen! says:

    Ahahaha I love the amount of salty Italians in the comment section whenever somebody dares to alter their pride and joy.
    If I was a youtuber I'd be tempted to do it on purpose just to see them open their arrogance to the public 😀
    Best thing I've read in the comments so far "don't touch my culture" lol
    Loving it 🙂

  7. yosoyalbertico says:

    Is a lovely recipe too

  8. AliceinWonderland says:

    Veggie soup, yes but not a minestrone

  9. marie Savino says:

    This soup is lovely but I would call it a roasted vegetable soup. Not minestrone as I know it. Thank you.

  10. Daniel Park says:

    You’re not Jaime!!! You’re not Jaime!!! You’re not Jaime!!! You’re not Jaime!!! You’re not Jaime!!! You’re not Jaime!!! You’re not Jaime!!! You’re not Jaime!!! You’re not Jaime!!!

    They are called zucchini!! ZUCCHINI!!!!! Baby’s need salt!!! What is milliliter 😂

    We want Jamie back!!!! We want Jamie back!!!! We want Jamie back!!!! We want Jamie back!!!! We want Jamie back!!!! We want Jamie back!!!!

    Babies like parm cheese you witch!!!

  11. lalos says:

    another annoinng pregnant women

  12. Ekaterina Kuznetsova says:

    I really appreciate you uploading recipes on your channel! Ive already tried so many and all of them work great!

  13. ICESK8TE says:

    She's always pregnant?

  14. Vicki Dewi says:

    Tried to enjoy this without reading all those bitter comments. As long as the recipe is good, who cares 😚😚😚.

  15. James Mulvale Sound says:

    *roasted vegetable soup

  16. Jaina Maden says:

    Grazie #michaelachiappa . I so like your receipes and you always seem so nice and cheerful.

  17. Shikhar Chauksay says:

    This is not minestrone soup. I actually tried this and everyone hated it.

  18. Steve Eric Jordan says:

    ready 4 baby

  19. presst moded says:

    Some birds feed their chicks with puke, why would you do the same?

  20. Thomas Rogozik says:

    Ohhh goodness. I wouldn't give this to my children. Good for the baby’s.

  21. Сергей Хрулев says:

    Really Great! Awesome!

  22. SweetStar1908 says:

    I did this yesterday and it bubbled over and it’s now all over my kitchen….

  23. Mario De Luca says:

    Gosh!It's linguinE with E!

  24. J M says:

    no herbs or nothing?

  25. Yonn MD says:

    As i perfectly remember, miniestrone 1: is not creme soup, 2: veggies are saute not cooked in the oven. Mama mia, ragatzo, del piero!!

  26. emy4ro says:

    that may be as divine as you want, but it's definitely not minestrone. eddai Miché…

  27. inflightexpert says:

    So simple and easy – I'm def going to make this! Love it

  28. Ghani Akkad says:

    Baby's can't eat salt??????

  29. Vary Kul says:

    Hey! Can anyone please tell me what are the sticky, caramelised bits of meat or vegetables left in the pan when they are roasted called? Great recipe, by the way! I'll try this tonight!

  30. Shadespeare says:

    This looks like a basic veggie soup, but it's hardly minestrone. Maybe "garden soup for baby".

  31. Brian C says:

    So is the stock seasoned or not ? You can't not add the stock to the baby food because it's seasoned, then add it to the adult food and then season it.

  32. Marie BL says:

    Tried your recipe today and it’s awesome 🙂

  33. jashna kapadia says:

    it's actually BLEND.

  34. junwei low says:

    Why is she always pregnant? 😂

  35. noyeahno says:

    Aaaand we have got WW3 over what should be in Minestrone. Cmon people it´s just a meal to be enjoyed not a political debate.

  36. Dishant Sipani says:

    The Italians are coming for you.

  37. John Girvan says:

    Slop with pasta

  38. R J says:

    Interesting take… I dont think Ive seen a minestrone with the veggies blended before. But it looks tasty and really thats all that matters!

  39. 최철준 says:

    It is a veggie soup not at all of minestrone soup.

  40. Agustin C. says:

    Might try this out. My sister got her braces adjusted.

  41. A Dream says:

    Basically spaghetti and baked veggie sauce

  42. Marie J says:

    i do the same every single day in toilet

  43. Offizieller Kanal von Doggen - Tee ™ says:

    I prefer Jamie Oliver vids over Gordon Ramsay's.

  44. fibreoptik says:

    This is not minestrone. How disappointing.

  45. Julia M says:

    thats faaaaar away from minestrone.

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