How To Cook Ramen Gnocchi

Hey Hack Reactor! I’m Edwin Brower and today I’m going to teach
you how to cook one of my favorite recipes. Now I know many of us hope to soon embark
on coding bootcamps so money might be tight and if you’re anything like me that means
a lot of Top Ramen. But I’m here to teach you how to spice it
up with a simple recipe for ramen gnocchi. That’s right Hack Reactor, with only a few
ingredients, you too can make ramen gnocchi from scratch. First you’re going to get 1 packet of ramen,
2 egg yolks, and 1 cup of milk. Other optional ingredients include butter,
herbs, and parmesan cheese. Next, simmer your milk and add the ramen. Oh, it’s ready! Now add your milk and ramen and your two egg
yolks to the blender. Blend until the mixture becomes thick and
you’re ready to move to a ziplock bag for piping. After putting the blended mixture into a ziplock
bag and cutting off the corner, begin piping the dough into a pot of boiling water, cutting
your desired sizes. You’ll know the gnocchi’s ready when it rises
to the top. Once your gnocchi’s floating, remove it from
the water and add it to a buttered frying pan. Sear until it’s golden brown on each side
and you’ll be ready to serve. I like to top mine with herbs and parmesan. Yum!

2 comments on “How To Cook Ramen Gnocchi”

  1. Sam Driks says:

    Great video, Edwin! Do you make this dish often?

  2. ραѕυтєяυ says:

    Looks good!

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