So today we’ll talk about food and it’s not a regular food. We’ll talk about sushi. As everyone knows, it’s generally made of rice and fish. Those 2 ingredients should not get you extra weight But eating sushi can get you fat and I’ll tell you why. It is because we put a lot of sugar inside the sushi rice and sugar makes you gain some weight. But today, like a valiant knight that I am, today, I’ll challenge myself to teach you how to make sushi without gaining weight, but as tasty as a “normal sushi”. But before letting you watch the tutorial, don’t forget to like, to share with your friends, but especially don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel


  1. kimie368 says:

    First XD
    Je testerai ça un jour, ça m'a l'air trop bon

  2. Cey ley says:

    Ça à l'air trop bon moi qui aime les sushi. Je vais tester un jour.

  3. Choi neb says:

    C’est la première fois que je prend le temps de regarder une vidéo de cuisine de sushi puisque je ne suis pas du tout fan de cet aliment… 😂 Mais ça a l’air tellement appétissant ! Tu les fais super bien 😍

  4. Chloe Biko says:

    Je dois absolument essayer ça. Ça a l’air d’être très délicieux ❤️

  5. Jafri Zubda says:

    Je vis pour la musique de fond <3 et ses sushis ont l air delicieux! 😉

  6. Wilmor Abejero Jr. says:

    Very Informative, everyone with weight issues will benefit in this specially those who loves and cannot stop eating sushi rolls

  7. nila sari says:

    Sushi… I like it so much

  8. Dustin Mckay says:

    Great introduction good food

  9. dimas aditya says:

    I love healty food good job sis

  10. Lulu La Gymnaste says:

    Tu m’a donné trop faim 😋 mais j’ai pas les ingrédients pour le faire 😭

  11. Mani Raj says:


  12. Yusuf khoirul Mustofa says:

    I like your cook. Nice good

  13. Enrique Velázquez says:

    I love sushi! Cant wait to try this!

  14. Afraheem Khan says:

    thanks for sharing such a like video let me try the same way as you done

  15. Ignacio Díaz says:

    Now i wanna taste! 😀 😀 ;D ;D

  16. About nature and environment Home tv says:

    nice vlog. good cooking video.

  17. EviL DoN says:

    it sounds good thanks !!!

  18. Gerson Pereira Torres says:

    I like this video…..!!!!

  19. Michelle Alonzo says:

    it is so nice to watch not just giving the ideas of making sushi rolls but also the idea that it has something to do with low-calories.

  20. Franshesk Moyetones says:

    I don't like sushi but nice

  21. sidali benslimane says:

    Very good yes ………….

  22. ERNA GUCCI says:

    I love it! Feeling hungry now.

  23. Jerome Villamor says:

    Wow nice tutorial. but better put a substitle to this video

  24. AF YouTube says:

    great video!! keep it up!

  25. Dedi Rosadi says:

    good luck and i like this video

  26. 92 xcii says:

    bts – mic drop. lol love the sushi rolls looks delicious.

  27. Tri Nguyen Minh says:

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  28. Tyo Cilik says:

    Nice video and thank you for tutorial

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