How to Make A California Sushi Roll : Adding Salmon Roe to California Sushi Roll

Hello this is Hils’on nice to meet you right
here, I’m really happy to make you a video for Expert Village and I’m going to do California
for you right now. Okay, then we have to grab some salmon which is kind of a fish roll.
It is orange and we woill place roe on the rice.

11 comments on “How to Make A California Sushi Roll : Adding Salmon Roe to California Sushi Roll”

  1. Jessie Silver says:

    thats flying fish roe
    not salmon XD

  2. MychalMonstrousity says:


  3. tpaperplane says:

    ahahahahah FAIL

  4. therealAQ says:

    yeah… right now

  5. Louis Moore says:

    lol he said smelt roe…not salmon roe, epic fail on the part of expertvillage

  6. nat154 says:

    Salmon fish roe are the big ones, this is flying fish roe..

  7. swaracaroline says:

    terrible….what a mess. there are better ways!!!

  8. uberbigbread says:

    wtf fake salmon roe?

  9. Sugahbabie says:

    Cuz he's saying SMELT roe and not salmon roe. The person that wrote the captions doesn't know what they're doing.

  10. TIFFANY MORGUE says:

    There IS such a thing as smelt roe, it's flying fish roe, Pariah.

  11. hyman99 says:

    LOL, A Chinese guy trying to teach ppl making Japanese sushi.
    Real professional tutorial, don't even know to use a spoon to spread out the roe.
    And the piece de resistance, Fake salmon roe. Haha

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