Howdy folks hows it going welcome to my virgin
kitchen it’s Barry here and today we’re making a chocolate pizza it will blow your mind good
times. It looks amazing right and I promise you this
is sensationally naughty that is the best way of describing on the new my virgin kitchen
website there’s a chance where you can vote for my next recipe and obviously I get loads
of suggestions sent to me so I put two – sticky toffee pudding and the chocolate pizza in
there as my very first one and chocolate pizza won by a landslide it’s fair to say and this
is how I made mine hit pause and write all the ingredients down but it’s completely up
to you whatever you would put on yours it’s got an oreo and marshmallow fluff stuffed
crust check this out. So I already had my pizza dough rolled out
and to make the fluff and oreo stuffed crust I put a nice trail of the fluff around the
edge initially and then sprinkled bashed oreos on top I then worked my way around the pizza
folding the edges over and just sealing it with a little brush and dab of water.
Now with your stuffed crust there’s actually two ways of doing it so the way I did it of
just dabbing that water on there it will hold it initially to just get that arch on it but
if you want a proper stuff crust you need to double it over again just to prevent it
expanding out but I quite like that look because later on once it bakes it opens up a little
bit and our chocolate can go underneath it so good.
So whack your crust in the oven for ten minutes just to firm up. Meanwhile to make my chocolate
base I mixed together marscapone and nutella in a bowl until it was nice and smooth and
that on it’s own is stupendously kinky. Oh my goodness I still have some left over
in my bowl it is incredibly kinky like a real bum slapping kinky it’s good guys trust me.
With your pizza base out of the oven you’ll see those arches there we spread our chocolate
on top and the heat of the base will actually help you get it all over so work it until
it’s nice and evenly spread. All I did then was add on my toppings of choice
so the hazelnuts marshmallows chocolate chips fudge sauce and a little sprinkling of chopped
nuts to kind of represent parmesan. Whack it back in the oven for another 5 minutes
at the same temperature to brown the base off toast the marshmallows and melt the chocolate.
With it out of the oven you have got three choices you can have it still warm from the
oven which will be so gooey, you can have it at room temperature or you can whack it
in the fridge to chill and it will be a little more firm we’ve got our stuffed crust there
the gooeyness of the chocolate i’m just gonna go straight in.
Oh my goodness someone get me on the phone to the chocolate police because you are under
arrest check out that stuffed crust can you see that there so naughty!
That’s it then guys so don’t forget to check out the new website let
me know what you think of the whole site and of course get involved in voting for the next
video recipe if you are gonna try this which i’m sure you will I had this conversation
on facebook last night about different toppings which was a bad idea before going to sleep
let me know down below what you would put on your dream chocolate pizza and if you try
it send me a picture @myvirginkitchen if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it
a thumbs up share subscribe and comment and i’ll see you again next time – lets do something
healthy next time, lets do a giant one….


  1. wjsspilsbury says:

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    Saturday im going to make your rainbow hotdogs , cant wait to try them , good times !

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  11. Emily Broadgate says:

    Marshmallows are the only things i'm gutted about not being able to eat as a vegetarian.ย 
    I've tried so many recipes and none have worked, it's a never-ending task!

  12. wxmryan92 says:

    Amazing Barry thanks for this, I can officially say I like pizza now!

  13. Mandy Dalton says:

    looks great barry, great for a dessert one night!!

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    Heavy breathing…

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    You are so evil, I love it!!! Lol

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    Hey Barry!
    Love the chocolate pizza idea. I know all recipes can be modified according to taste yes? I'm not a fan of the stuffed crust pizza for regular or dessert pizza. Also, if I'm making a dessert pizza such as the chocolate, I'd prefer to have an uber thin crust that when you bite into it, has snap. What about a sweet crust? I can see taking a simple shortbread recipe and using that as the base, piling on all the goodies you like. Dried fruit such as the glace fruit used in fruitcake or trail mixes would be good. Shaved coconut, m&ms, various sundae toppings, warmed up fluff (to thin it out), crumbled cookies (nutter butter and Oreos would be good choices), etc would allow for every pizza to be different. If using the shortbread for the crust, I'd recommend scoring it first before putting in the oven and then keeping an eye on the slice marks as you build up the pizza. You might even ,"notch" the edges to show where to slice.

    Also, here's an idea that would make any chocoholic think they'd gone to heaven. Why not make the pizza base out of tempered chocolate and then decorate as desired using the marshmalloe fluff/nutella mixture as the glue to hold the toppings on (for this I would suggest any type of chocolate/-butterscotch,/peanut butter/etc chips, m&ms, reeses pieces, chopped nuts and candy bars, mini marshmallows, chopped pretzels,anything that typically goes into a candy bar would be good on this. Drizzle sundae toppings, melted chocolate, thinned out mardhmallow fluff, etc. This would be great as a gift or as an alternative to a birthday cake (small slices are in order here otherwise diabetic shock might be in oder for those who over-indulge!).

    Thanks for all the lovely cooking tips and recipes!
    Deanna Massengale

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