How to Make a Vegan Pulled BBQ Mushroom Sandwich

I would sling a whole
pig over my shoulder, carry it to our pit and
throw it on the grill. And at that point, I
told everybody that they were not aloud to give
me shit for being vegan. [MUSIC] I’m Chris Rubinstein. I’m a chef at the Wild
Good Tavern in Costa Mesa, California with
The Culinary Militia. Today, I’m gonna show you
guys how to make a vegan pulled trumpet mushroom
barbecue sandwich. A lot of vegans miss
out on some good food. And you guys catch a lot
of flak because a lot of what you cook
isn’t very good. So, today I’m gonna show you how to
smoke the mushrooms. Pull them,
make the sandwich, and impress some of
your friends. So for this dish,
first thing you’re gonna need is about a pound
of trumpet mushrooms. They’re also called
king oyster mushrooms. Go to any Asian market, go to the mushroom
section, you’re gonna find them. Take your favorite
barbecue sauce, about a cup of that. One head of kale, you’re gonna need one
cup of vegan mayonnaise, a red onion. Half a cup of apple
cider vinegar, four tablespoons
of sugar. A tablespoon of
crushed red pepper, two carrots,
and four rolls. And to saute
the mushrooms we’re gonna need two
tablespoons of oil. Don’t use olive oil
because it has a low smoke point and
you’re gonna end up burning it and you really
don’t want that flavor. Just use vegetable oil,
soybean oil, canola, whatever
you’d like to use. And the last thing you’re
gonna need is about two cups of wood chips,
soaked in water for about half an hour. I like to use apple for this dish, cuz it’s
a little lighter when you’re gonna to
smoke vegetables. If you’re gonna
to smoke meat, you want to use
hickory or mesquite or things like that. So, apple or cherry is
what I like to use. So for the first
step in the process, we’re gonna to smoke
the mushrooms. So we’re gonna to go outside to the grill and
do that. So, depending upon what
kind of grill you have, you can do this a couple
of different ways. Today, we just have
a standard gas grill, so we’re gonna use
a smoking box. If you had
a charcoal grill, you could just take
these guys, and put them straight
on the coals, and smoke them that way. So, we’re gonna take the
chips, open up your box. Just spread them out
nice and evenly, just stick them in the hottest
part of the grill. And that’s gonna
take about ten, 15 minutes before
they start smoking. So you wanna crank the
grill up all the way to high, let it get to six, 700 degrees,
the hotter the better. Wood chips have to dry out first before
they start smoking, so we’re starting to get a
little bit of smoke now, and it should be ready
in about five minutes. I actually started cooking because
I went vegan. My mom is a phenomenal
cook, but when I decided to become
vegan I was about 17. I was still living at
home and she kind of gave up, so I started
cooking for myself. And when it came time
after high school to figure out what I want
to do with my life, I decided I wanted
to be a chef. All right, so
we’re about ready. We’re gonna check it. Getting a lot
of good smoke. The chips are nice and
brown. What I would do, is put them on the top
rack, if you have a, if you have a rack like
that on your grill. Just break them apart. Drop the lid,
and let it go for about 20 minutes or so. One thing you wanna
be careful of, when you’re doing
this on the grill, is not to burn
the mushrooms. Just keep an eye on them once you put
the mushrooms in. They’re gonna get dark,
they’re gonna get smoky, they’re gonna get cooked,
but don’t burn them. All right, so, while the mushrooms are
smoking we’re gonna come back inside and start
working on the kale slaw. First thing you do,
take your kale. I’ll show you a little
trick [SOUND] is just pull it
off like that. Now, what we’re
gonna do is a technique called
chiffonade. You’re gonna take your
green, roll it up. Take your knife, and
just really thin, just. [SOUND] As you’re going, just put your
kale in the bowl. So I’m gonna assume
everybody out there knows how
to peel a carrot. Use a peeler so
I already peeled these. Take a cheese grater. [SOUND] So I decided to
do a kale slaw just cuz. I love Kale. I think everyone
loves Kale. Just try different stuff. Don’t always use cabbage, just try to think
in different ways. It’s also very
healthy for you. And one thing to remember
when you’re cutting. Tuck your thumb in. I went ahead and sliced
my thumb this morning just to show you guys it
can happen to anyone. To Julienne onion,
cut it in half, I like to cut it in half
again just for size. All right so it’s been
about 20, 30 minutes, we’re gonna go check
on the mushrooms. All right,
these are looking good. We are going to go back
inside and shred them. All right, so
the mushrooms are ready, we are going to keep
making the slaw. So this is the dressing
for the slaw, we gonna to start with
our vegan mayonnaise. You are going to need one
cup of vegan mayonnaise, half a cup of apple
cider vinegar, and four table
spoons of sugar and a table spoon of
crushed red pepper. Take a whisk, and let’s get it all
together [SOUND]. We’re gonna take all
the vegetables that we chopped up, and just pour
the dressing right over. And the vinegar is
gonna help break down the kale and make it
nice and soft and edible. And then take your clean
hands, give it a toss. You can kind of crunch up
the kale too that’s gonna help break down
the fibers so you’re not gonna get a big mouth
full of just raw kale. That’s done.
We’re gonna let that sit on the side and let that
kind of marinate and break down a little bit. Now to shred
the mushrooms. Gonna take a mushroom. Take a regular
household fork. [MUSIC] And we’re gonna
just scrape them down like this. They look like
a little squids. And take your fork and
just mash the top part. So if you try to eat this
before we’re finished, it’s not gonna
be very good. It’s gonna taste like
you ate a campfire. Once we cook it with
the barbecue sauce, the smoke is gonna
mellow out and introduce itself
into the sauce, and it’s gonna be
really delicious. All right, so
we’re almost done. The next step is we’re gonna sauce
the mushrooms. Two tablespoons
of vegetable oil. [MUSIC] So our pan’s nice and
hot. I’ll grab the mushrooms. We’re gonna throw
right in the pan. [SOUND] That’s
an awesome sound. [SOUND] Then we’re gonna
grab our barbecue sauce. Then we just [SOUND]. Flip them around. Get it nice and coated. Heat it all
the way through. [SOUND] And if you don’t feel
comfortable sauteing. You don’t have
those skills yet? Use a spoon. Just move them around. Get it nice and coated. You want the barbecue
sauce to caramelize a little
bit and stick to the mushrooms
and not the pan. All right. So let’s assemble
the sandwich. I like to start with
the slaw on the bottom. Helps soak up
the barbecue sauce. Doesn’t get your
bun all soggy. And then, the barbecue
right on top of that. There we go. And that is your smoked,
pulled, trumpet mushroom
sandwich. [MUSIC] It’s messy, but
it’s pretty damn good. Thanks for joining me,
if you want to check out the recipe for my
barbecue pulled trumpet mushroom sandwich,
click on the link below. [SOUND]

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