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Hey there, this is Lacey Baier with A Sweet
Pea Chef, and today I’m going to show you how to make an easy cauliflower crust that
is just as good, if not better, than your typical flour-based crust. Also, congrats
to Phillip Murad, who requested that I make a healthy cauliflower pizza crust. Because
we chose your awesome recipe idea, Phillip, you’ve won yourself a sweet Sweet Pea Chef
T-shirt so we can totally be twinzies. All right, now let’s get started. First, preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Next,
we need to prepare the cauliflower. To do this, we need to first turn the cauliflower
into cauliflower rice. You can either use a kitchen grater and grate the cauliflower,
just like you would cheese to make the rice, or you can use a food processor. While the
food processor makes quick work of the cauliflower and creates more of an even size, the kitchen
grater is much easier to clean and adds a little bit more texture. Either way will do,
so it’s up to your preference. Once we have three packed cups of the cauliflower
rice, we are going to lay it out evenly on a rimmed baking sheet lined with tin foil
or parchment paper. We need to first roast the cauliflower to soften it before creating
our crust. So place the cauliflower into the oven and roast for about 10 to 15 minutes,
tossing every so often. There are many different ways you can cook
cauliflower rice, like steaming it, sauteing it, or microwaving it. But I like to roast
it for this recipe because it makes it removes the most amount of moisture which works really
well for the crust. Once the rice is tender and beginning to turn golden brown, remove
the rice from the oven and transfer into a clean, thin dish towel. Wrap up the rice and
twist the towel to squeeze out any excess moisture. Be careful not to burn your hands.
Believe it or not, this step makes a really big difference in the final texture of your
crust and is totally worth that little small extra effort. Now, place the drained cauliflower rice into
a mixing bowl along with one egg, a quarter teaspoon dried oregano, a quarter teaspoon
kosher salt, an eighth of a teaspoon garlic powder, two tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese,
and three ounces crumpled goat cheese. Mix this together until it’s fully incorporated. On a new sheet of parchment paper or tin foil,
pour the rice mixture out and form it into a small rectangle. Keep the dough about a
third of an inch thick and try to mold it to be as even and as flat as possible. I also
like to make the edges stand up a little bit to mimic a crust. Once the crust is fully
formed, place back into the oven and bake for about 20 minutes or until the crust is
firm and golden brown. So at this point you can top with any normal pizza toppings you
prefer. Today, I’m just drizzling with a little bit
of olive oil and then adding once diced chicken breast which I cooked in about one tablespoon
olive oil with a quarter teaspoon of salt and pepper followed by a handful of baby spinach
and two to three ounces of sliced mozzarella cheese. Once you have your toppings on, place
the whole pizza back into the oven and bake until the cheese is melted and spinach is
wilted, about 6 to 8 minutes. Remove from the oven and allow to set for five minutes
before slicing into quarters. And now you can eat pizza and still follow
your healthy lifestyle. Congrats again to Philip for winning your sweet T-shirt. Make
sure to send any video ideas our way if you want to be like Phillip and win a T-shirt
for yourself too. To get my free beginner’s guide to eating clean, click the link in the
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see you next time.

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  1. Mac B Bakes The Cakes says:

    This looks very good 🙂

  2. Philip Murad says:

    I got mentioned by a famous YouTube chef!! Thank you!!

  3. Philip Murad says:

    I can TOTALLY do this!!

  4. Jeffery Green says:

    Looks great, I have used cauliflower as bread for a grilled cheese sandwich. Got to try this one.

  5. Khulood AL - Rawi says:

    Looks awesome and sounds amazing.Thank's for sharing.

  6. bebefly says:

    FYI, Trader Joe's sells frozen cauliflower rice now! They're having a hard time keeping it in stock though, so you might want to call first. They'll even reserve some for you. 🙂

  7. Travis Bergsgaard says:

    Looks delicious!! I never would have thought of using goat cheese.

  8. Nada Fitt says:

    I usually make with oat flour, but I will try and this one with cheese! 🙂

  9. Khalilah Taylor says:

    just tried to click to get my free beginner guide to eating clean. I wasn't able can you tell me how I can get it.

  10. Anouk Groenewegen says:

    Great recipe, I really want to try this one! For how many people is this amount that you've made?

  11. Chrissy D says:

    Hi Lacey! I'm so grateful to have found your channel! It makes healthy eating so much easier! I was wondering if there is a way for me to make the crust dairy free. Thanks!

  12. Rae warrior says:

    amazing. i am definitely doing this. thanks for sharing.

  13. google one says:

    These ways to incorporate more brassica/cruciferous veg into the diet are awesome!
    So glad to have discovered such a rich channel, many thanks!!!
    Lovely presentation, you particularly 🙂 clear and congenial

  14. Patricia-Maria Romano says:

    Do I have to add the cheese to the crust?

  15. Angie Ngalura says:

    Just discovered your channel :). The pizza look delicious. Thanks for sharing

  16. Dwight Leverett says:

    Cauliflower Bosco sticks 🙌

  17. Renu Ke Vyanjan says:

    Nice pizza unique recipe

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