How to Make Ceviche

Ich habe viele amerikanische Kunden. Mir gefällt ihr Lebensstil. Sie sind zum Beispiel
nicht so neugierig wie du. Du bist neugierig und dick. Hallo Freunde.
Mein Name ist Javier Wong. Ich lebe und arbeite in Lima, Peru.
Und meine Spezialität ist Ceviche. Hier nur ein paar
seiner Auszeichnungen. Bei Ceviche kannst du
Einfachheit echt perfektionieren. Ich mache mein Ceviche
mit immer weniger Zutaten. Noch eine Zutat weniger,
und ich könnte in Frieden sterben. Auf meinen Menüs findest du
nur Seezunge. Seezunge ist der einzige Fisch,
den ich benutze. Schönes Tier, oder? Ich verwende Tintenfisch,
weil der vielen schmeckt. Das Wichtigste ist aber Seezunge. Für Ceviche sind 5 Zutaten nötig.
5 wie die Anzahl der Finger an deiner Hand. Und zwar: Fisch, Salz,
Zwiebeln, Pfeffer… Limette und ganz viel Liebe.
So machst du das beste Ceviche der Welt. Ich mach jetzt ein Ceviche,
das jeder nachmachen kann, weil es das einfachste Gericht ist. Erzähl mir mehr über
die einzelnen Schritte. Du hast das doch schon gefilmt?
Kannst du das nicht schneiden? Du sollst aber vor der Kamera
die einzelnen Schritte erklären. Oh Mann, was für ein Trottel,
dieser Kerl hier. Du musst die äußersten Schichten
der Zwiebel schälen. So kriegst du einen süßlichen
und weniger strengen Geschmack. Der Fisch muss einfach nur
sehr frisch sein. Du musst ihn
mit dem nötigen Respekt filettieren. Denn noch gestern hat er heroisch
um sein Leben gekämpft. Dann mit Salz, Pfeffer und viel Liebe vermischen. Du musst die Balance
zwischen Salz und Limette finden. Es gibt also zwei Geheimnisse… Falsch! Und selbst wenn es die gäbe,
von mir erfährst du nichts, Gringo. Hier ist gar nichts geheim.
Ich sage nur die Wahrheit. Wenn Gringos nicht mal das können,
sind sie richtig dumm. Peruanisches Ceviche ist
etwas ganz Besonderes. In Peru gibt es kein schlechtes Ceviche. Jedes Ceviche schmeckt hier gut. Die Limetten von Chulucanas
sind außergewöhnlich. Sie wachsen nirgendwo sonst,
nicht mal in anderen Teilen Perus. Wie würdest du in den USA
Ceviche machen? Mit Fisch.
Womit auch sonst? – Und die Limette?
– Oh, da wird’s echt interessant. Hier ist nämlich
das richtige Maß an Säure nötig. Wieviel genau, werd ich dir nicht sagen.
Kannste dir abschminken.

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  1. Antonio Flores says:

    Chino huevon agrandado de mierda ,como si fuera mucho secreto arreglar el ácido del ceviche fuera del Perú ,chino huevon!!

  2. SS-180FanBoy By JMproductions says:

    2:53 Uncensored Swear!!!

  3. Greg Pal says:

    If I could dislike a video everyday for the rest of my life this would be it

  4. Mateo Campuzano says:

    El ecuatoriano es mejor

  5. Nadia Bartoshesky says:

    What a bad ass

  6. Curious Cat 77 says:

    He is getting upset and even calling Americans ignorant donkeys because the guy is aking him "what is the secret ingredient for ceviche" the secret ingredient is Ajinomoto or MSG everyone knows that.

  7. VAN GOGH says:

    Malcriado este payso que disque el mejor del mundo ta huevon y todas lasn tias del nrte de Peru donde quedan estan locos para ponerle tal adjetivo.


    Nada como un buen ceviche un domingo al mediodía.
    Simple. Delicioso. Fresco. Perfecto.

  9. ConfusedLeper says:

    Gringos are awful nosey. Love this guys responses to stupid questions.

  10. Don King says:

    try adding tiny chopped ginger

  11. Ramp Agent says:

    Que falton asi no se llega a ningun lado encima no hecha cilantro.

  12. Mila Canessa says:

    The photo at 1:15 😣😭 Tony 😚

  13. 李沐英 says:

    "With fish, How the fuck else?"

  14. ALEX Galarza says:

    Y el aji!????

  15. Eduardo Sanchez says:

    Qué huevón no sabe hacer ceviche ya le falta aprender al huevón ese

  16. Aaron Hrinda says:

    I love this guy.

  17. Xhunter gatokoX says:

    Ese wong la kagada xD

  18. Joel Rivera says:


  19. WAG says:

    Kind of a cunt isn’t he

  20. MrPepe360 says:

    That Asian hermit blood didn’t mix well huh?

  21. Carlos Adolfo OMAR Gómez Saba says:

    Les deseo un feliz día del ceviche a todos!

  22. Ronny G CH says:

    Grande javier wong y ase el mejor cebiche del perú y el mundo.

  23. Jonathan Quioco says:

    The bad guy from BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA

  24. Jordan Mansel says:

    Peruvian ceviche chef 1million – pinche gringo interviewer 0 lol. Shit was entertaining lol

  25. Jose Castro says:

    Esa made no es ceviche

  26. qzniel says:

    I don't know what induces more cringe:
    -This unknown shithead chef from some backwoods armpit of an area acting like a pretentious dickhead with his 15 seconds of "fame"
    -How depressingly simple and uninspired his recipe is
    -How uneducated autists on the internet find it endearing

  27. Jiminy Lummox says:

    accepts interview to explain recipe

    "What? You want me to explain the recipe? Idiot."

  28. Christian Caldas says:

    una cagada total

  29. jmazzitelli says:

    Este cabron, me hizo la noche con su espontaneidad. Como se hace el ceviche, con pescado huevon

  30. CooManTunes says:

    Simple-minded people in this comments section. No class, or sophistication, whatsoever. This chef belongs in Peru. :'D He'd get tossed to the gutter in any civilized country, with that disrespectful bullshit coming out of his mouth. Imagine calling a customer an idiot. What a fucking idiot. I'll be slapping a dislike on this video and unsubscribing from this channel, since they want to publicize this asshole.

  31. GERRY BARDALES says:

    This Chef is pretty much my mom…

  32. raw rhythm says:

    Dude was a dick, but cool

  33. dattack1970 says:

    How come on tripadviser most people claim this place is a total ripoff and overrated like Chez Wong?

  34. PILI MILI says:

    Pronto iré a tu cevichería con un gringo huevon 😜.

  35. 911dannys says:

    Nothing worse than a old frail tough guy. I know one thing if another man keeps insulting me while I’m helping promote his ass. I’m not gonna wish him well. The fuck is wrong with y’all. Guy is a cheese ball

  36. Victor Soriano says:

    Esta re pendejo este, me pregunta como lo hago.

  37. andrew redd says:

    This stupid Asian only can make ceviche from only one fish “flounder” he cook with bare hands and using a bandage in the finger

  38. Kodi Te Hira says:

    Who gave this video the thumbs down
    This dude is the asian south american gordan ramsey haha

  39. Martin Montes says:


  40. Wilfredo Colunga says:

    Stupid americans xd

  41. Red Jhon says:

    Tf dude?? Rude af

  42. Keven Dominguez says:

    That’s not even ceviche wtf, in the Mexican culture they would tose his plate to the ground and tell him that’s not how you make ceviche cabron! ceviche need a lot more ingredients he’s right on the give it a lot of love but other than that he got it all wrong.

  43. Black Pill Yellow says:

    Looks like a trip to Peru is on the menu

  44. Bryan Bello says:

    “They’re not nosy.” I hope it’s sarcasm…

  45. Khamseng Vang says:

    Man, I bet I can make better and more flavorful ceviche than him.

  46. Max Planck says:

    Pesao de mierda.

  47. Beurre Blanc says:

    Genius, genius, genius !!

  48. Jay Jay says:

    I love this dude. So much sass

  49. Hugo Alvarez says:

    This dude's food is WAAAAY overrated. Nothing special. The food was good, but I wasn't mind blowing. I had some street ceviche just as good of not better.

  50. Juan Manuel Olivera says:

    3l balance de acidez se corrige con azucar, a chuparla kamikaze.

  51. CHICHI816 says:

    His ceviche is so good that he’s only open for 2 1/2 hours a day and you need a reservation

  52. Sbl Inventory says:

  53. Edgar Luna says:

    It looks ok nothing special

  54. Alejandro Perez says:

    oe ese tío, sabe hacer ceviche de verdad?

  55. Chungus Supreme ™️ says:

    He wouldn’t talk shit if he got slapped around. Racist fuck.

  56. Emiliano Verástegui Guida says:

    The best ceviche is street ceviche not that pussy fancy-ass ceviche served on restaurants

  57. Tarsis Alvarado says:

    That's a bold statement that also ceviche in Peru are good. By the looks of it I don't think his is any different from just lime salt and pepper

  58. Ange Guti says:

    Este primo de fujimori que pedo

  59. senju molii says:

    Jaajajajajajau idolo papa que maestro

  60. Ed ChF says:

    Gringo Huevon hahahaha

  61. snakecharmer2011 says:


  62. JOZMB says:

    ”A ver Pendejos”

  63. JOZMB says:

    Jajajaja Gringo wevon

  64. Ray D says:

    He’s a douchebag

  65. Humberto Flores says:

    Javier Wong is an extraordinary cook.. but he is a lousy host..! No manners and not politeness.. he uses some words like a guy from the hood. Sounds funny actually but it's because he is very practical guy.

  66. Jose Mojica says:

    I have a layover in Lima; how can I eat there

  67. S L says:

    This is so insulting and disrespectful and impolite. I love it.

  68. Hakim Bunawar says:

    This cunts cooked.

  69. leonard ferrer says:


  70. Marko Lukic says:

    Ain't nothing but a g thing

  71. Yarmox says:

    Hes a bit racist but cool video.

  72. alanespaguetiis says:


  73. Suriel Morales says:

    Más achori el tío!

  74. Axel Esteban says:

    Come to mx, where the real ceviche is cerved ! 👌🏼

  75. Sergio Saldana says:

    Ceviche is my favorite food 10/10

  76. Dat Niggy says:

    Amo a este aweonao sksndns

  77. Mario F. says:

    pinche viejo pendejo muy abusivo lol

  78. Cali Casting says:

    That's what's up Javier wong

  79. Daniel Caudillo says:

    A true Chef, thru and true, haha

  80. Michael Trevino says:

    He's not playin round

  81. Freddy H says:

    After hearing this guy talk. I like him more.

  82. Jaylen Taylor says:

    for me this is the best recipe for make a good ceviche is simple and delicious.

  83. Jaylen Taylor says:

    "la perfeccion de lo simple " me encanto la frase. …

  84. l3loodyLove says:

    True craftsman’s . Bravo 👏

  85. C K says:

    El ceviche es Peruano,
    El ceviche nació en Perú 🇵🇪🇵🇪CSM

  86. Hamad Hadi says:

    The most disrespectful chef in the world….. just kill yourself javier. do it i dare you, you piece of shit.

  87. roger konopasek says:

    the guy is a classic! Here 3 fishermen making ceviche on a desert beach

  88. Thomas Pickens says:

    He's kind of a piece of shit.

  89. Ricardo Navarro says:

    Sin duda en el Perú no existe ningún Ceviche malo, pero putas el viejo Conchazumadre pesado!!, me cago en tu ceviche CTM!!

  90. Jason Ochoa says:

    Pinche perro Viejo pendejo Cree que le estoy pidiendo su puts receta pinche chafa a la verga … Muera con su perra receta pinche Viejo cagon

  91. miguel alex peña gañindo says:

    gringo huevon jajajaja buena

  92. Ariel Regalado says:

    Pendejo Boss Javier Wong you are philosophy

  93. Ariel Regalado says:

    Konyo bonana Boss Javier wong

  94. Samuel gems says:

    se hace ceviche con pescado gringo huevon lol

  95. lovely littlegirl says:

    The food looks good but his quirky personality is even better💕

  96. Adam Pittman says:

    Halibut is definitely the fish of best tasting choice all the years I been eating it all the different ways I’ve eaten it that’s the way .

  97. Slowbro says:

    This is the type of man I strive to sell fish 2. He has respect for fish and understands how to treat it. Id be happy to be his fishmonger any day. Im so done with idiot's that treat my fish like trash

  98. Robby Ralston says:

    His restaurant is just an old (not antique: old!) house at a mid-low class neighborhood. No fancy decoration. His cebiche is a luxury… very expensive! But its worth every penny: is magic! Tastiest dish in the world according to Chowzter
    He is being very friendly with his slang. You only talk/joke like that when you are among your buddies.

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