How to Make Chicago Deep Dish Pizza | Gebardi™

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, made easy with Gebardi
Deep Dish Chicago Pizza Crust Mix and Gebardi Deep Dish Chicago Pizza Sauce
First follow the instructions on the package of Gebardi Deep Dish Chicago Pizza Crust Mix,
making your dough ball.Then work in a full stick of butter, kneading
it into the dough. After rolling your dough, place it in a deep
dish pan that’s already been buttered or greased. Work the dough in to fit the pan, pinching
the edges of the sides as you turn. Cut squares of whole milk mozzarella cheese,
layering it in the bottom of the pan, just on top of the dough. Next, layer some of your favorite ingredients.
We like spinach, ground turkey sausage, but you can add just about anything your heart
desires…it’s your pizza. Add another layer of whole milk mozzarella
cheese. Top with Gebardi Deep Dish Chicago Pizza Sauce.Then all that’s left is to douse the outer
ring of exposed pizza dough with a little bit of olive oil. Then stick it in the oven.
The results? Your pie now rivals the top pizzerias in Chicago.

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