How to Make DIRESTA’S MEATLOVER PIZZA : Pepperoni, Sausage & Meatball !

*upbeat music* Hey guys, salut it’s Alex So today we are making a meat-lover’s special pizza with Italian sausage, pepperoni and meatballs *upbeat music* In the last episode of the New York City Food Blog or the Flog My friend Jimmy DiResta Salut made me a gift and it’s this bad boy a pizza cutter made of two saws welded together in the centre if you want to see the story behind this pizza cutter hit the link now To return the favour I offered the guy to make him a custom made pizza cause as my name , French Guy Cooking , doesn’t exactly suggest I am a pizza geek and this is what he wants Pepperoni, sausage and meatballs, cheese yes Spice? Yeah. Crust? Like this or thinner No vegetables to screw up the texture smooth… smooth sauce right. not me *laughter* No problem. Let’s make it and we do everything from scratch First, the dough that money the following measurements make for 4 large pizzas a kilo of flour, 600g of water 2 or 3 grams of fresh yeast and that amount of yeast is more than enough to make nice pizzas trust me, do not use 10 or 20 grams it’s useless In a bowl of a stand mixer add water, salt and 10% of the flour add fresh yeast by diluting it between your fingers mix that on slow and gradually add the rest of the flour let the machine work for 12min so if you don’t have a stand mixer No problem, just use the no-knead method it’s a very specific method in which you only need time to knead the dough it’s amazing. I’ve made an entire video just about it I’ll put the link in the description box let the dough prove for 2h covered with a damp cloth or with plastic wrap it will rise better in a warm environment around 25 degrees celsius or 77 degrees fahrenheit 77 degrees fahrenheit… ok no problem hmmm…. uhhhh no no there actually is a way to achieve this turn on the light of your oven without turning your oven on the light bulb and the closed oven door will get you around 25 to 30 degrees celsius and you know if that’s not possible just let it rise at room temperature but double the amount of time the dough should have at least doubled in size and be all bubbly get it out on the counter and divide it into 4 equal parts with each one try to form a ball with your hands I like to fold the dough back on itself use as little flour as you can otherwise you are just gonna screw up the water to flour ratio place them in a container and let them rise a second time for 4h and that’s the most difficult part done so now let’s tackle the toppings sauce *exaggerated* I mean it’s very complicated for me to say sauce (pronounced likes saws) usually i just say sauce (french pronunciation) but sauce (french pronunciation) doesn’t mean sauce (pronounced like saws) does it? in a saucepan add a can of crushed tomatoes a teaspoon of dried oregano a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper and a drizzle of olive oil and usually that’s where I stop but this time to make it more naughty and more intense we just want to add a drizzle of soy sauce a tablespoon of maple syrup and another one of hot sauce quickly cook that on medium heat just to get rid of the excess moisture then blitz it finely italian sausage *whispers* so i have found italian sausages yes *cheers* but if you can’t find it then no problem cause you can take any rustic sausage get the meat out and then add a few you know fennel seeds coarsely ground It’s not exactly the same… but it’s the same meatballs so i guess technically you can use minced beef shape it into balls and call that meat balls but there’s no way it’s a meatball in a bowl, soak 3 slices of bread in milk and then squeeze the liquid out add a hundred grams of bacon finely chopped 400g of beef mince 1 egg, salt, pepper a spring onion finely chopped a sprinkle of parmesan cheese a garlic clove grated mix that thoroughly I am doing it by hand because I am really enjoying it fetish let that sit, covered, in the fridge until you need it pepperoni ahhhh so i guess you guys in the US have no problem finding pepperoni sausage everywhere but here in France I couldn’t find it anywhere Do we give up? no never let’s make a cheats on pepperoni so my first idea was to use Spanish chorizo which is a red hot sausage and it ticks almost all the boxes of pepperoni except for one though the texture and there is no way i could grind it and shape it back to make it more uniform ahhhh no way but then i found Danish salami which ticks almost no boxes but the texture and thats all i need lay the salami slices flat and cut out smaller disks sprinkle them with a lot of paprika and a bit of smoked paprika let that sit in the fridge until you need that so the dough is rested the toppings are ready it’s time to bake that pie pa pa pa pa pizza use a baking tray or better a pizza stone or even better a baking steel *clang* oh putin so again if you need more details head over to the pizza series place it in a pizza oven on a high position and then preheat to the max on grill or broiler mode dust your counter top with a bit of flour flatten the dough ball gently with the pulp of your fingers you want to push the air on the outside make it wide and uniform about half a centimetre high or a fifth of an inch and a bit more on the edges transfer that disk onto parchment paper or even better onto a pizza peel which in my case is nothing but an old metal peg board but it works fine a ladel of tomato sauce not too much spread it in a spiral motion a great amount of grated mozzarella a good sprinkle of parmesan cheese some italian sausage bits a few meatballs and a few of our pepperoni copycats which should be soaked in water first otherwise they will just burn immediately and now drop that beauty in the oven giving it a shaking shimmy and let that bake for about 5 to 6 min *upbeat music* and now it’s time to cut that pie properly a thin but crispy crust a few umami slabs from tomato sauce and parmesan and bacon smoke and heat from pepperoni richness from sausages body from meatballs and of course of course pure pleasure from melted cheese this is no authentic neapolitan pizza however it’s a delicious pie it will make my friend happy and that’s the only thing i was looking for that’s for us cooks the most rewarding and satisfying thing to make people happy I mean what’s the point otherwise I am going take the pie and go hide myself into my ivory tower and eat it by myself *savouring* hahaha stupid so guys that’s it I hope you enjoyed this pizza recipe and if you did give it a like, thumbs up and share that over your social media instagram, twitter, facebook whatever you know the deal spread it like butter comment this video with your favourite topping your favourite pizza topping i reckon mine is more like maybe the margarita or like the marina I like very pure simple stuff last bit, click subscribe cause i make new videos on Sunday and Wednesday and it’s always about sharing my food adventures with you guys like for example the 5th episode of the New York City Flog where you will learn how we made that pizza cutter well Jimmy made that pizza cutter but anyway you can also see something completely different like for example this video where I made 11 creative recipes using only rice wrapper It’s really interesting There’s lots of inspiration in it in the mean time take care guys bye bye salut! *upbeat music*

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  1. jimmydiresta says:

    So GOOD!! thank you !!!!

  2. MolsonMuscle says:

    This is the correct pronunciation of "sauce".

  3. Guy Friedman says:

    I've just got fresh Oregano in my garden and it tastes so much better than the dried version

  4. Cara Jenkins says:

    ummm… I like Hawaiian

  5. Anna Reed says:

    A life without pepperoni is no life 😱

  6. Raff says:

    The way you say sauce (french pronunciation) is the same way we say it in Australia.

  7. Cancer says:

    grams of water. ye ok cant u say liters

  8. Toni Krvavica says:

    Wait I can't believe. I have been watching your channel for few days now, but Jimmy DIRESTA?!! I have spent half of my high school watching Jimmy's videos, trying to recreate and invent new things using my improvised workshop. Awesome!!!!

  9. Juan Tavera says:

    Back when I worked in a pizza place, my fav pizza was pineapple, bacon on top and a few drips of soy sauce. I'd let it caramelise in the oven for a little more that usual and it was effing delicious.

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    Spread it like butter…thick and as often as possible?

  12. Sonja Spackenberger says:

    I would pay to listen to your voice even if you were reading the phone book.

  13. Jon C says:


  14. Paul Mason says:

    Fry some thin potato slices in butter and a touch of rosemary. Top a pizza with potato slices, tomato sauce, mozza and knobs of Roquefort (or Stilton or Gorgonzola or something like that).

  15. Blair Lee says:

    I've been having a problem with my pizza having great difficulty getting off my pizza peel when trying to put it on my stone. Peel is well floured, any advice?

  16. Derian le Breton says:

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  22. Warlord1981NL says:

    My favorite pizza would have to be this:
    A nice tradionally thin pizza dough crust covered in creme fraise. I prefer mine a bit more savory so I like Emmentaler instead of mozzarella. For toppings I like red onion, paprika (bell pepper), jalapenos, pepperoni, bacon. Finally sprinkle powered garlic on top and hit the oven. That is ABSOLUTELY divine!

  23. Ashok Chakravarthi says:

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    Im italian and it is a damn perfect roman style pizza, for doing it in a normal oven is impressive

  25. Walter La Ganga says:

    we make pizza like this in italy, it's really perfect, gj

  26. NaNaNaNa says:

    best toppings – pineapple and banana

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    Starting to change my mind about the French. Lol ivory tower.

  28. Ahdoyyyyy says:

    Love your videos,It’s refreshing to see a cook that actually has talent

  29. PinkPonyOfPrey says:

    I think I finally nailed the dough!!! Something happened and I realized I didn't measure the water to 600gr so it was a little more but the kitchen machine was already spinning. I looked at the dough and though why not, let's see what happens. Yes, I'm nowhere near pro and more chef than baker, how could you tell? The dough came out very soft and almost too sticky but I decided to go with it. I put it in the fridge overnight and the following day, happen to be yesterday, I made the first pizza. The most wonderfully stretchy elastic soft supple dough I've ever seen in my life!!! It wad also perfect for lifting up on your folded fingers and stretch it in the air. It's like there is no table for the dough to get stuck on and it stretches more evenly. The pizza came out nothing short of spectacular, just like in a cooking show, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Now I feel I'm there. I know how I want my pizzas to be! So … as moist dough as possible, rise overnight in fridge, stretch over your hands and bake on a pizza stone … I might want try a pizza steel some day, but I'm not sure how much difference it would be at this point! I'm just exited to make much better pizzas than what I can buy at any pizzeria around here! 😀

  30. Alamda Ali says:

    I dont understand MEAT with pizza… that's just yeachHH😫….

  31. tyronebiggums3 says:

    Here is what I don't understand about multi-day proofing. After creating the initial dough, how long should it proof/rise at room temperature, before placing it in the refrigerator? And after placing it in the refrigerator, should you mess with at all?

  32. Marie c says:

    Pesto pizza, I have converted my children to loving it as well. When I make pizza its always pesto, glad they see the beauty in that lovely fresh sauce.

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    That look @2:51. Adorable.♥

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    did the paprika and smoked paprika fall off when you soaked them in water?

  39. Kevin Tuttle says:

    Something that Alex didn't immediately mention in his video that I thought I'd highlight is the nature of the flour that he used!

    He's using a Type "00" flour, one that's extremely light in comparison to all-purpose or plain bread flour. It produces a much lighter crumb on the inside of the pizza, and allows for a crispier, almost cracker-thin crunchy crust on the outside. It can also produce crusts that can handle temperatures in excess of 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Happy cooking!!

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    >No! Never!

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    I understand that there are certain members of the Icelandic parliament that want to make Hawaiian pizza (ham + pineapple) illegible and prohibited in that country.

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    my favorite pizza is the 12 fromages :D)

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    Best topping for pizza is fresh basil and SALT, nothing over a nice fresh salty pizza

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