How to Make Fresh Wakame Seaweed Soup (Recipe) 生わかめスープの作り方 (レシピ)

[Music] hi everyone I’m going to show you how to make the galaxy lipstick which I received many requests obviously this is a very popular soup in Japan it goes great with any kind of dish especially in the rice dish I hope enjoyed this video and I will begin try it out just in case you forgot how to I will show you how to precook fresh wakame first wash and separate the leaves and the stems for example leaves can be used for salad or soup and the stems can be used for a similar dish or stir-fried dish [Music] and also you can enjoy leaves changing color in hot water and eat responses sauce like shabu shabu [Music] okay so to precook blanch the fresh wakame leaves in boiling water wash in cold water and drain thank cutting bite-sized pieces you do the same for the wacom stems [Music] [Music] then you can freeze up to a year and use for any kind of dish so let’s make welcome asleep using frozen welcoming leaves place water in a pot and chicken stock powder vegetarian people can use kombu – powder then bring to a boil then that rose and fresh guacamole and cook until hot yes of course you can use dried wakame but some products you have to rehydrate so please follow the instructions on its package place chop long onion in serving balls toasted white sesame seeds and a dash of sesame oil this is a must if you know ladle the soup into the balls and now it’s done thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this tutorial you know comedy top it again this is what they come to don’t you know we’re supposed to tell American icon saying I would feel what it is [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Виталий Дорошин says:

    вкусно и быстро

  2. Tara Golchin says:

    so simple yet it looks like it would taste amazing XD

  3. Genta says:

    Had this in a restaurant before & really liked it so I will have to try it out ^_^

  4. rokaya boucherabine says:

    just a question is wakame seaweed the same as nori sheet?? @ochikeron 

  5. AussiePierogi says:

    In korea we fry the wakame in sesame oil 1st ex leave enough moisture on the wakame the fry for a few min in sesame oil akobg with garlic then add water or kombu and kombu soaking water boil add soup soy sauce/국간장/usukuchi and salt.

    if u want to use beef fry it with the eakame in the begin8ng but if u use mussles 홍합 or shrimp새우 put them in closer to the end.

  6. lollypokemon says:

    looks simple and delicious, thanks for sharing!

  7. 김도영 says:


  8. Christian groenendijk says:

    so simple recipe^_^

  9. 박선영 says:

    Wow!!!! Look so good♥ I like 미역국! 한국음식 사랑해주세요!♥

  10. JapanLoverRoss says:

    this looks really good

  11. 石井青空 says:


  12. Nushgala says:

    I love wakame!!!

  13. 뚜비 says:

    와 미역국!!!

  14. 김도영 says:

    How it is different! Wow !in korea we cook raw beef and raw wakme in low heat with sesame oil till they change their color then pour water . Different ways similar ingredients!

  15. amaterasu48 says:


  16. [su] says:

    Hi ochikeron,

    Please make a wideo about your kitchen. 😉 What do you like and dislike in your kithen… and why? 😉

    Have a nice day 😉

  17. hikkipedia says:

    I love your earrings, @ochikeron !! I love wakame soup, thanks for the recipe, as usual~!

  18. Ghufran says:

    Looks so delicious , thank you for sharing :3

  19. Manabinbe says:

    It's interesting to see different versions of korean food!
    미역국 and 자체 are eaten on every birthday in korea

  20. Mina Shen says:

    Is chicken stock powder high in sodium and msg? I always try to avoid them. 

  21. S S says:

    FIRST you must scan it for radiation contamination.

  22. Olivier de Sillègue says:

    I've been looking for a recipe like this for ages!!! Thank you so much for sharing! 😀 Now all I have to do is find Wakame seaweed at my local asian supermarket. Although, I'm thinking I'll probably use miso instead of chicken stock.

  23. 제이재현JeyJaehyoun says:

    미역국 맜있겠네 ㅋㅋ

  24. Ami Savyn says:

    Mm! Hoishi!

  25. IHeartYetis says:

    If someone doesn't like onion, could you just leave that part out of the recipe? Or is there something you could substitute instead? (My boyfriend even reads packages on food at the grocery store to make sure there's no onions…)

  26. Jennifer Venkat says:

    Looks really yummy yet healthy at the same time!

  27. 어ᅥᅥ엌 says:


  28. 고로로롱 says:

    ?!??why you writed 미역국? This is japanese food. Korea has other food which named 미역국. I ask to change to 일본식 미역냉국 or delete this word.
    Please comprehend I can't English very well.

  29. 송사랑 says:

    Oh, you say korea?

  30. 밤하늘 says:

    LOL! ur supposed to stirfry wakames first and pour some water and boil. 
    and a little pince of salt later to taste.. but this look good too 

  31. sachi tan says:

    こんにちゎ(^^)ワカメスープ大好き 💕
    生ワカメでやってみよ ❀.(´▽`)❀.

  32. sachi tan says:

    こんにちゎ(^^)ワカメスープ大好き 💕
    生ワカメでやってみよ ❀.(´▽`)❀.

  33. 이세린 says:


  34. simplicity63 says:

    Is seaweed save at all in Japan?
    Fukushima is poisoning the world as we know it with 300 tons radioactive water per day.The biggest nuclear disaster ever.
    And the Japanese gouverment acts as if nothing is wrong.
    The Japanese people are acting like puppets, with no voice, while there children are at risk.
    How scary it that?

  35. きらら says:


  36. frenaloveschocolate says:

    Hey guys beside ochikeron there's also a really great cooking channel on desserts and many more its called joy of baking . Oh and while we are on there , go check out my new vid on squishies see you guys there

  37. Jinju Kim says:


  38. Dimy Ssg says:

    To those of you that have such diverse opinions, this young girl has made an effort to show something the way she makes it… some of us like it :)) healthy too.

  39. joshvin straightup says:

    I've found runnirunni99's girlfriend lol

  40. Cotton Candy Tommy says:


  41. Maksim hs says:

    Doesnt those seaweed loose their vitamins if you wash to much

  42. BunnyGini says:

    Can you suggest or make any recipe videos that are low in calorie but still delicious? I think a lot of people like me that are on a diet would love that! 🙂

  43. kaochan07 says:

    但馬わかめというのをたくさんもらったので、作ってみたら、わかめがたっぷりすぎになりました(笑) わかめスープ、美味しいですね♪

  44. Hee Choi says:

    This is a korean dish!!!!!!

  45. Francisco Fernandes says:

    Delicious recipe!

  46. Barry Lewis says:

    Great video

  47. 이정아 says:

    Your recipe is wrong i'm from korea

  48. ochikeron says:

    this is japanese-style… nothing is wrong for japanese

  49. LaLaish says:

    so simple!!! I love it 🙂

  50. ochikeron says:

    thank you 🙂

  51. Kadek Dwiguna says:

    It's a good

  52. ochikeron says:

    YES 🙂

  53. Nercy Hanty says:

    Can you make oriental chicken recipes?

  54. poephila says:

    Oh nice! I didn't know how to eat seaweed when I am out of miso 🙂 I have so many ideas now!

  55. Ena Sim says:

    Ooo yum 😀 I would love to try this butI don't know where to buy wakame from :/. Wakame (seaweed) is very good for you it is high in minerals and vitamins 🙂 this soup would be great when you are sick lol

  56. ochikeron says:

    i think you can get the dried one at asian grocery stores, or sometimes at regular local supermarkets 🙂

  57. Suli MetalHead says:

    I really respect the Asian culture. I never liked any kind of Asian food, whether if it's soup, Sushi, or fried Chicken. I love to watch how recipes are made, but i might not like the food that's have been made!
    I like your show but with all of my respect i don't like your food. 🙂  

  58. ノ里千 says:


  59. Y Pk says:

    This cooking method is so different from the Korean seaweed soup cooking method. Interesting~


    Sooo easy! Man I wish we could find fresh wakame in the U.S… 🙁


    Sooo easy! Man I wish we could find fresh wakame in the U.S… 🙁

  62. 畳山親父の助 says:


  63. ochikeron says:

    +畳山親父の助 いや、逆にたくさんリクエストがあったので作りました (~~;;; もっと視聴されてもいいと思うのにw

  64. srlkngl says:

    wait!!!  did you just put a  whole piece in your mouht?  LOL !!  funneee…

  65. Andrea Quadrati says:

    That must be awesome during winter days

  66. Qy Amelia says:

    I really like wakame

  67. Rowan Oscar R. says:

    I could eat seaweed forever

  68. Saku ku T says:

    It's super simple and looks soooo so good. Definitely something I need to do one day.

  69. bertie botts says:

    if you don't have wakame, what can you use? We only have dried nori here.

  70. Betty Sanjaya says:

    Do you live in japan or other country?

  71. sassa sutakora says:

    I love Japanese wakame soup.

  72. hiroki ichijo says:


  73. Jenna no Manga says:

    I did not know about the fresh wakame being frozen!

  74. omsnaga says:

    I just made this for breakfast, it was tastier than i thought! 🙂 love it!
    Greetings from Sweden

  75. Kylie Eats says:

    I just got dried wakame seaweed, I guess I'll be making this soon!!!!!

  76. Vijay Kumar Mehta says:

    I make wakame soup tonight verygood testing. thank-you

  77. Janelle payne says:

    Thankyou for your video. I have been looking for a recipe that uses fresh seaweed. I have access to unpolluted waters and different seaweed varieties. Now I am excited to try your recipe.

  78. Vegan Perspective says:

    Kombu Dashi isn't vegetarian you dumb basic bitch.

  79. Ник Ник says:

    Great! Thank you!

  80. Dead On Arrival says:

    Fantastic quality guide, thank you so much. I just moved to the coast in Australia and there is seaweed everywhere! I can't wait to prepare and eat this. So healthy!

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