100 comments on “How to make ”Gotcha” Tonkotsu Ramen”

  1. goga schnitzel says:

    hey runnyrunny999, are you okay?

  2. Phil H says:

    Arigatoo Runny-san. I love your channel and have tried so many recipes and have enjoyed them all!

  3. arm4life87 says:

    does anyone know what runny's profession in japan is? besides being an awesome youtube content creator.

  4. nimay13 says:

    Can I substitute sake for something else? I cant consume any alcohol.

  5. Club Soda says:

    Wow. Looks very clever. Runny is a genius.

  6. ironhide 08 says:

    brilliant men soy milk! i dont wanna boil my soup 20 hrs 5 hrs is enough and add the soy milk. thanks alot i will do this

  7. i wanna see u bust up says:

    Hmm where's your cooking chopsticks?

  8. i wanna see u bust up says:

    It's supposed to be red inside and you need to use beef,chicken,or pork far

  9. unapieza25 says:

    Your wig kills me man….. lol

  10. Marjon Chua says:

    is this from anime

  11. Jesus Christ is the only way says:

    runnyrunny999 thank you

  12. Tom Foolery says:

    Wow! I just noticed you have an amazing camera. 4k with autofocus.

  13. Derlim Sandres says:

    UGH! That looks so damn good!

  14. あーーいうえおー says:

    おいおい、めっちゃ美味しそうだな 笑

  15. sperez95814 says:

    Ur the best!!!!!!

  16. sanbariki says:

    豆乳で白濁豚骨スープとは、目から鱗・・ポロポロ・・ 天才じゃねぇの?

  17. Jason Kang says:

    I love your Japanese portions!!!!

  18. Lily hani says:

    when to use "oishiin da"? or i heard it wrong?

  19. ryan li says:

    Dank meme

  20. sleepy says:

    Good stuff!

  21. Swathi siva says:

    Runny runny please do a Q and A video !!!!

  22. Sofura Sarah says:

    wow wow i love this ramen noodles

  23. Veronica Vinegar says:

    Im hungry

  24. Pamela Idontknowyou says:

    If you're having guests from another country, don't cook their food. They are visiting you for something different. You're not being thoughtful or nice and you'll probably mess it up and they'll have to pretend to like it.

  25. HidetoraToujou says:

    do you think the flavor can be better if you sauteed all the garlic and ginger first in the sesame oil then added all the liquids???

  26. Silent Streamer says:

    can't eat pork at all..
    doctor order.. what can I use to change it ?

  27. Jeff Gao says:

    he said tonkutsu like romen? like tonkutsu but is not? ginger garlic and soso spread bar? ( whats that?)

  28. bertie botts says:

    Is it really necessary to use soy milk?

  29. GuilleBiochemist says:

    How would the flavour profile change if I were to add some miso towards the end of the cooking?

  30. naliarts TM says:

    Hey runnyrunny999, have you ever thought of doing a muk-bang video?

  31. Meme Dealer says:

    Sadly in my religion it forbids the consumption of pork. It's a damn shame!

  32. ShaddyCrunchum says:

    Oh those thinks are fish cakes, I always wondered what they were

  33. Mary caorsa says:

    Riquísimo! 👌 So delicious. I just cooked it :3 hello from México

  34. Calvin CXV says:

    How many servings?

  35. bertie botts says:

    ooooh! This was my first official meal when I went to Japan. So soymilk was the crucial ingredient eh..
    How about Hakata Ramen?

  36. Amber Woy says:


  37. Anahí Flores says:

    Hahahaha. What do you mean by "if it looks/is easy, you are doing it wrong (in kitchen)"? Not fair at all. I don't agree but it was a funny statement. It has been always easy for me to make daily meal for example. I'm in charge of the house since I was 12 years old and it's a fact for me that cooking IS easy and I would totally say so to someone who is willing to start. Of course, I am talking about everyday preparations. Nothing like making sushi or whatever. But it would mean that I have been doing everything wrong since I consider (everyday) cooking isn't that complicated? c'mon.
    I don't think is something fair to say, sir. Hahahahaha.
    It's just a comment to your comment, I want to point that aut and make it clear. I do not mean to start World War III, I just found it crazy. Hahahahaha.

  38. kyle7412 says:

    what are those yellow things @ 3:26 right next to the meat? mushrooms?

  39. Jassius Clay says:

    Looks shit I think tests also shit

  40. IamMi says:

    Runnyrunny999 did you use soy milk or unsweetened soy milk ?

  41. The Blorp says:

    Just tried the recipe and it was great! The soup was a bit darker, though… must have spilled a bit of soy sauce. 😛

  42. daniel h guerrero says:

    WOW,,, Runny,,, I now need to get some Ramen in me,,, I'll have to make this, looks so easy yet so amazingly delicious… Thanks for sharing… 🍥🍲🍜🍶🖒

  43. Oishii Banana! says:

    can i use chicken?

  44. Kip Ng says:

    is it ok if we dont add the garlic runnyrunny999?

  45. Carla Margarita says:

    Yesterday I made two Ramens, it was very good! I love it.

  46. littlestbroccoli says:

    Miss you, Runny!! 🙂

  47. George Mouanetry says:

    Looks dope

  48. Jadduck says:

    You're not supposed to cut cooked meat on wooden chopping boards because the juices seep into the wood and contaminate it.

  49. Angelo Ting Ho says:

    i made this ramen a few months back..it was really good!thank you so much for this upload..i love the soup..its easy and its real ramen soup!

  50. Marquis Charlemagne says:

    Tonkotsu is made of 12h boiled ground up pork bones. Don't tell me i am mistaken. It literally translates to that. This is BS.

  51. katlady5000 says:

    No Egg :O It does look yummy but I need my ramen egg.

  52. Madd Studios Worldwide says:

    haha, love this dish I'm going to make it!

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  54. longest boards says:

    accent is majestic

  55. Chanfroni says:

    parabéns pelo canal

  56. BushidoKi says:

    Ginger and Garic

  57. Carla Margarita says:

    I have question, this ingridients Ramen is just for one person?

  58. Em Sh says:

    Great video 🙂

  59. Boquan Erwin Chen says:

    What is the bamboo like topping?

  60. irampage says:

    what's the topping in between the narutomaki and the pork? thanks

  61. TuffKat says:

    so! it's the soymilk that makes it creamy!!

  62. Dwaynedamane says:


  63. dagangbukid says:

    Holy shit, it looks so good. Wish I could actually make it ;—;

  64. Maureen Fronda says:

    Whats the substitute for sakw

  65. Kim Goteza says:

    Hello,im living now in kurume fukuoka,,enjoy watching your video😊😊

  66. Lygar X says:

    that explains a lot. i should have cut the naruto fish cake i bought diagonally

  67. Gim Bolwari says:

    This is so wrong ….Tokotsu is made of Pork bones .

  68. Yumi Ougra says:

    I like Japanese food

  69. ichigeri says:

    Hey runny . Is that basically a tonteki setup on the pork?

  70. Joseph Hernandez says:

    I tried making the old fashioned way with the pork bone. Sadly it did not turn out the way I want it. I had it for 8 hrs cooking and it was not as milky as I have seen and did not have that much flavor. Have any tips on how u would make the broth more milky or I have to leave it cooking for longer.

  71. Rosco says:

    This channel always will have a special place in my heart – I've watched these videos for as long as I can remember!!

  72. Danny Devito says:

    No wonder there dicks are so small if you drink soja like it's water

  73. Vitali says:

    What about the one made from pork bones?

  74. Poseidon99Jeus says:

    soy milk, unsweetened one?

  75. IEatModels says:

    i like the music that went with this! i am wondering why every video is for the easy way. i want to learn the real 8-16 hour way 🙁

  76. 밥상매일Every table says:

    맛나겠어요 ~~
    제가 좋아하는 요리에요 ….

  77. King Feliciano says:

    Can fish sauce be a replacement for dashi?

  78. The Interim Belt says:

    Ohhh garick i ruvv garick

  79. Joe C. says:


  80. Ace Trainer says:

    Great recipe. Very creamy

  81. Sappy-Seaman says:

    Fuluoka was alot of fun, but so hot in the summer. I visited a castle out that way.

  82. Davide Martalo says:

    Tried tonight, was delicious. Thanks!

  83. Tenshi Chan says:

    Runny, if we use heavy cream instead of soy milk to make it similar in consistency to tonkotsu, will it still work?

  84. Space for all says:

    0:00 el niño polla

  85. sentino68 says:

    What kind of ramen noodles are those? Did u buy fresh like that? Or were they par-boiled from before??

  86. Jerome b williams says:

    Ur white be white

  87. RollyRyno says:


  88. conker3425 says:

    Made this for my friends tonight. Tasted great! Thanks mate 🙂

  89. hydrocodone TM says:

    The true weaboo.

  90. Pure Ironn says:


  91. savageultd says:

    Runny what happened to your first nikujaga video? I made nikujaga from watching your video

  92. Lemon Ice says:

    Thanks for the great recipe I subscribed!!

  93. Porknappa says:

    this is a strange recipe…. soy milk? really?

  94. sarasorosuru says:

    Can I substitute soy milk to cashew milk?

  95. S.Dwidya Bahar says:

    Dude…..i love your head

  96. BigTymin says:

    i wonder if this white boy knows hes not korean

  97. wy yw says:

    How many servings does this make?:)

  98. Kimmy P says:

    I had high hopes 🙁 and mine came out bad

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