Since I love to eat any kind of noodles soup like Vietnam Pho and Jjampong of Korea I tried this time the noodles soup of japan, the Japanese ramen I was intrigued how to make it That’s why I did a reasearch in Youtube and this is how I came up So for those wo don’t know how to cook Japanese ramen, Here are the procedures and ingredients For 4 servings 10 green onions 2 bulbs of garlic 1 ginger corn The most important thing in Japanese ramen is the broth First is, boil 10 cups of water in a casserole with the pork bones, green onions, garlic ginger dried mushrooms, dried seaweeds and lastly the chicken broth cube put two tablespoons of salt two tablespoons of soy sauce and one tablespoon of sesame oil boil everything up to 3 hours in low medium heat dont cover the lid while it’s boiling turn heat to low Simmer for 3 hours Don’t forget the noodles, the anger hair pasta is also important So boil 6 cups of water with the angel hair pasta Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to make it a bit sticky so to make the noodles look like authentic careful not to overcook as this would spoil the noodles prepare 2 or 3 boiled eggs or up to you You’re already big. You know what is right thing to do, right? After 2 hours of simmering, put the half kilo of pork belly continue simmering to 1 more hour After 3 hours, drain the broth to a separate container set the broth aside Now everything’s ready Prepare the garnishes, the bean sprouts, chili peppers and other condiments for an authentic Japanese ramen in the Philippines This is how to serve my favorite Japanese Ramen noddles, Pinoy style Hooowaaaah!!


  1. Mister Pogi says:

    FIRST. ASTIG brod ah hehehe..

  2. punye says:

    ginutom mo ako sir. astig

  3. PyroRomancer says:

    This is all wrong, "Filipino style" means adding sugar.

  4. Jm Gonzales says:

    alryt!!! ayos ba tau jan???

  5. sats. cebu says:

    dalawang itlog pero tatlo ang pinakita 1:12

  6. Irwin Corazon says:

    Sarap nang misua.😂😂😂 joke✌✌

  7. Ragie Yamashita says:

    Sir masyadong malambot ang noodle s pagkkaluto s gnwa nyo haaahaaa

  8. mission xxx says:

    SABLAY!!!!!!!!!!! Sa 30 petot ma pares nlang ako kn sa kanto

  9. RougeNinja Sharx says:

    ramen o batchoy?

  10. Allan Agapay says:

    Hinaan ang apoy sa LOW HEAT hhahha

  11. Allan Agapay says:

    Para san yung Dried Sea weed ? Ah hhaahahhh

  12. ZEN RAKAY says:

    The bones / pork in japanese ramen is cooked for about 10 to 12 hours so that the broth will become milky. that's the essence of ramen: in the way the broth is prepared. try nio sir sa authentic japanese restaurant like sa loob ng NAIA makikita nio real ramen, kaya lang medio costly the spicy one costs P410 at least per bowl. The "tonkutso" ramen is about P390.00 per bowl. Madami kasi mga kung anu ano ingredients kaya cguro mahal. 🙂

  13. Reinkushi :3 says:

    chicken cubes…

  14. Emmanuel Code says:

    magulo presentation . gamit kayo chopsticks

  15. vXAcromatics YT says:

    N O O D O U S

  16. Jossie Mae Lomo says:

    Ang galing mo po magluto kuya….. Walang hiwa hiwa. 😂

  17. NorthWest Firefighter says:

    Why,put the title in English but that it? 😳

  18. Monika Villanueva Sajo says:

    Has anyone here tried the Kylie Jenner ramen? I tried making it on my vlog and i like it. 🍜

  19. SuperMarioBasti says:

    This is literally all wrong! Filipino style means adding some sugar. + I hate Filipino styled Japanese ramen. It is my least favorite ramen.

  20. Kang Pelaez says:

    Thank you sir. Madame akong nakuhang idea

  21. Jennifer Basa says:

    Muka kang baliw haha

  22. giacono castro casanova says:

    spaghetti ramen

  23. mhej bacay says:

    ang sarap naman nito?
    bagay ngayon tag ulan!

  24. Baby Tube says:

    Testingan nako ni kol kung lame ba

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